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Pre-Employment Costs

for New Employees



Pre-Employment Requirements

o Pre-employment tests, screenings, and trainings are required for most

TUSD classified positions. These items include:
• Physicals
• Lift Tests
• Drug Tests
• IVP Fingerprint Cards
• Background Checks
• CPR/First Aide Training
Pre-Employment Costs
oTUSD currently requires employees to cover the cost of these pre-
employment tests, screenings, and trainings.
oDue to the cost of becoming an employee:
• Candidates turn down job offers because they cannot afford or do not want to pay the pre-
employment costs.
• Sites are experiencing long wait times for their new hires to start because the employees cannot
afford to complete the pre-employment testing in a timely manner.
• Mission critical positions such as Campus Monitors are sitting vacant for longer periods.
Pre-Employment Costs
oThe projected annual cost to cover pre-employment tests/screenings:
• Physicals
• Lift Tests
• Drug Screens

$35,000 per year

*Based on the TUSD contracted rates @ $134 per person average

Recouping Our Costs
o In an effort to retain employees after the pre-employment costs have been
• Employees will need to complete 6-months of service with the District.

oIf the employee separates prior to the completion of the 6-month period:
• We will deduct the pro-rated amount of the pre-employment costs from the employees
final paycheck.
Additional Costs
oAt the informational presentation for this item, a Governing Board member
expressed interest in adding additional items to the employer paid list of
pre-employment costs such as:
• Background checks
• Fingerprint Clearance Cards
• First Aid/CPR Training
oThe projected cost to add these items would be approximately $40,000 per
year based on an average of approximately 900 classified hires annually.
Additional Considerations
•Additional Considerations on background checks, fingerprint clearance cards
and First Aid/CPR Training:
o These are much harder cost to recoup
o Employees who do not pass a background check are not offered employment.
• Industry practice is that employees cover these costs on their own
• Very few employers cover the cost of a background check, IVP Card, or First Aide/CPR Training
• Time to process new hires may be extended
• Currently prints are sent to DPS regularly with the employee money order. HR would need to submit a
requisition and wait for a check run to submit prints.
• Equality - certified employees would not be covered
• Certified staff must have their IVP card to obtain an Arizona credential.
• First Aide/CPR renewals
• If we cover the initial cost, are we also picking up renewals?
Requested Action
oAllow the District to cover the following pre-employment costs that are not currently covered:
• Pre-employment Physical
• Pre-employment Drug Screen
• Pre-employment Lift Test
oAllow the District to recoup the cost of these tests, at a pro-rated amount, from the
employees final paycheck if the employee does not complete 6-months of service with the
oAllow the District to further study the potential benefits and risks of covering additional
employee costs and bring recommendations for the following items to a future meeting:
• Background checks
• Fingerprint Clearance Cards
• First Aid/CPR Training

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