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“The Lone Woman on Wall Street”

By: Blair Hall

Graduating from Kennesaw State something that she wanted to continue

University in 2016, “The Lone at a higher level. She received a minor

Woman on Wall Street”, Lauren in statistics because she has always

Simmons, is the youngest and only

full-time equity trader for Rosenblatt

Securities at, and is the second

African-American women in history

to have this accomplishment. She has had a love for numbers. Networking

a bachelor’s degree in genetics and a had led her to meet the CEO of

minor in statistics. Rosenblatt Securities, Richard

Rosenblatt, who took Lauren under

his wing and started teaching her the

ways as an equity trader. Before she

could earn her badge on the floor, she

had to take and pass her Series 19

For a while, she has always wanted to
exam, which is a requirement for all
move to New York, so that’s what she
future floor brokers. Lauren took the
did. As soon as she got there, she
Series 19 exam that has a 20% pass rate
started networking. Even though she
and passed it despite all of the doubts
had a degree in genetics, it was not
surrounding her, and officially making a name for myself at a young

became the youngest trader on the age just like her. I wouldn’t do

floor at the New York Stock anything differently because it seems

Exchange. like everything fell into place for her

when she moved to New York and

started networking. I don’t plan to

move to New York in the future, but I

want to be able to network like she did

and be able to meet CEO’s of

companies and firms, and one day be

There is now a movie in the works
the CEO of my own company.
about Lauren starting Kiersey

Clemons. Lauren currently is taking

tours, giving speeches about her

journey, and hopes to continue to

inspire women in finance, and release

a book later in the year.

Lauren is an inspiration to me

because she is a young women in

finance. Although I don’t see myself

at the New York Stock Exchange, I do

see myself starting my career and