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Direct download, faster updates, help, etc. at Discord: https://discord.


This release is for people who want to:

a) download less
b) play with only some DLCs or no DLCs at all

No matter where you got your game from, you can use this installer to get a new

What to download?
"_setup-*.exe", obviously.

"I want the base game"

Download "base-files.xbin", "no-origin-fix-*.rar" and "patch-*.xbin".

"I want to just update the game"

Download "no-origin-fix-*.rar" and "patch-*.xbin".

"I want to install DLC"

Download "dlc-*.xbin" for that DLC; if it's not showing on main menu screen
download "no-origin-fix-*.rar" and "patch-*.xbin".

"I want to install everything"

Then download everything!

Note: "no-origin-fix-*.rar" is a crack from CODEX! Password is "origin-fix". Just

in case your anti-virus deletes it and you have to extract it manually.

Just run "_setup-*.exe".

What if I have original base game?
Download "dlc-*.xbin" files you want + "no-origin-fix-*.rar" from my repack and
"ts4-origin-dlc-installer.exe" from

Put downloaded files in one folder and run "ts4-origin-dlc-installer.exe".

Incremental patches
At first I wanted to make Sims-3-like incremental patches (updating from version x
to y) but CODEX does a great job already. The only thing they are missing are
language files for all 17 languages.
I'll provide those here:

Thanks to Razor12911 for pZlib and XTool!