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Code: R7100106 R07

B.Tech I Year (R07) Supplementary Examinations June 2016

(Common to CE, EEE, ECE, CSE, EIE, IT, E.Con.E, CSS, ECC & BT)
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

1 (a) What is Pseudo code? How it is used as problem solving tool?
(b) Write the important use of printf( ) function in ‘C’ language.
(c) Design and implement ‘C’ program to reverse of an integer number NUM and check whether it

2 (a) What is function parameter? Explain different types of parameters in ‘C’ functions.
(b) Explain any five string manipulation library functions with examples.
(c) Explain storage classes.

3 (a) What is an array? Explain declaration and initialization of one and two dimensional arrays with
(b) What is dynamic memory allocation? Write and explain the different dynamic allocation
functions in ‘C’.

4 (a) Explain: (i) Nested structures. (ii) Array of structures.

(b) Define bit fields.
(c) Write a ‘C’ program by using pointers to structures.

5 (a) Explain stream functions for text files along with their prototypes.
(b) What is a file? Explain how the file open and file close functions handled in ‘C’.

6 (a) Define sorting. Mention the different types of sorting. Give some examples and explain any one
in detail.
(b) Explain quick sort with example.

7 (a) Define data structure. How stack is a data structure? Write a ‘C’ program to construct a stack of
integers and to perform all necessary operation on it.
(b) List any two applications of linked list and any two advantages of doubly linked lists over single
linked lists.
(c) What is a circular queue? Write implementation of circular queue using array in C.

8 (a) Write an algorithm to find the Kth element of list represented by binary tree.
(b) What is threaded binary tree? Explain right in and left in threaded binary trees.
(c) Explain directed graph with example.