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6/11/2019 Workshop on Blockchain Technology and Theory

  Workshop on Blockchain Technology and Theory
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The schedule includes time for questions and discussions.
Venue > 8:30 Welcome
    Ittai Abraham, VMWare Research, Israel and Ittay Eyal, Technion, Israel
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8:30­9:05 Bitcoin's Privacy Problem, and How to Fix it
    Alessandro Chiesa, UC Berkeley, USA
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9:05­9:40 Privacy­Preserving Auditing for Distributed Ledgers
  Neha Narula, MIT Digital Currency Initiative, USA
  9:40­10:15 Efficient MPC meets Blockchains
  Bernardo David, Tokyo Institute of Technology and IOHK, Japan
10:15­10:45 Break
10:45­11:20 PHANTOM and GHOSTDAG: A Generalization of Satoshi's Longest Chain Rule
  Yonatan Sompolinsky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
11:20­11:55 Analyzing Blockchain Consistency
  abhi shelat, Northeastern University
11:55­12:30 Spacemesh
  Iddo Bentov, Cornell Tech, USA
12:30­13:45 Lunch
13:45­14:20 Byzantine Protocols on a Good Day
  Dahlia Malkhi, VMWare Research, USA
14:20­14:55 Betting on Blockchain Consensus with Fantomette
  Sarah Meiklejohn, University College London (UCL), UK
14:55­15:10 Break
15:10­15:45 Service Discovery for Hyperledger Fabric

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6/11/2019 Workshop on Blockchain Technology and Theory
  Artem Barger, IBM Research ­ Haifa, Israel
15:45­16:20 Game of Coins
  Alexander Spiegelman, Technion, Israel
16:20­16:55 Formalizing and Implementing Distributed Ledger Objects
  Chryssis Georgiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
16:55­17:00 Conclusion

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