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Name : Nenden Sri Fujiya

Class : 2A

NIM : 1808042052

Subject : Quantitative Research Methodology


Research refers to the systematic study and investigation of sources to establish new

theories and conclusions. It refers to a constant process of evolution. While carrying out

research it is also important to know and understand the differences between research

approach and research method. By knowing them, the researcher who conduct research will

easy to carry out the research. In this case, I got much information regarding to the power

point that I have read in Quantitative Research Methodology course. The fisrt information, it

is about the differences among approaches, methods, and technique, the second one it is

about the differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches, the last one it is about

the strengths and the weaknesses both of qualitative and quantitative approach. By knowing

these aspects, the researcher expects to be able to conduct research in a good way.

(1) The differences between approaches, methods and techniques

Regarding to the slide, approach is starting point to view a particular problem; *from a

teacher perspective— teacher approach, *from communication point of view—

communicative approach, *from linguistic aspect—linguistics approach. While, method is

procedure for accomplishing or conducting something in a systematic way. Further,

technique is a specific way to solve the problem found in conducting the procedure by

referring to the method used.

So, I have an opinion that the differences among approach, method,and technique are

approaches discuss about assumption, paradigm or theory and it has a very general scope,

methods discuss the way in implementing something (theory, assumption,etc), while

technique is one of ways to solving problem within the same method and it is very specific.

(2) The differences between Quantitative and Qualitative approaches

According to Creswell (Creswell, 2014, p.32), quantitative approach is an approach

for testing objective theories by examining the relationship among variables. In my opinion,

Quantitative approach is research that focuses more on the quantity of things and their

statistical patterns. It is using the number it comes to an analysis so as to come to a

conclusion. In general, the quantitative approach has a large sample. While Qualitative

approach is more focused on exploring the issues, understanding the actual problem and

enabling oneself to answer all the questions. According to Creswell (Creswell, 2014, p.32),

qualitative approach is an approach for exploring and understanding the meaning individual

or group ascribe to a social or human problem. As far as we know that the data in qualitative

approach describes the qualities or characterisctics of something. So, it can provide us with

detail about human behaviour, emotion, and personality characteristics that quantitative

approach can not match.

In the simple way, I draw the differences between qualitative and quantitative

approach on the following table.

Quantitatvie and Qualitative Approaches

Quantitative Qualitative

Simple numeric data Complex rich data

Measurement Meaning

Representative population sample Purposive sample

Prediction Interpretation

Hypothesis-testing Exploratory

The aim is to classify features, count The aim is to explain a complete and

them, and construct statistical models in detailed description

an attempt to explain what is observed

Data are in the form of numbers Data are in the form of words,

pictures, or obects

Data are more efficient, able to test Data are richer, time consuming, and

hypotheses, but may miss contextual less able to be generalized


3. The strengths and the weaknesses between Qualitative and Quantitative approaches

From the differences I mentioned earlier, we can take some of strengths and

weaknesses between qualitative and quantitative approaches. The strength of qualitative

approach is that the data are rich. The other strengths of qualitative approach are the

information from the respondents can be explored and examined more deeply, it will give

more information about the respondents, and it has complex rich data. While the weaknesses

of qualitative approach it will take longer time (time consuming) because the data are rich,

and it less able to be generalized.

The strength of quantitative approach is that the data in the form of number (Creswell,

2012, p.13) so it will be more efficient and fixed (Creswell, 2008, p.13). In other strengths, it

will be able to test hypotheses, larger sample sizes enable the conclusion to be generalized.

The weaknesses of quantitative approach is that the data could be not explored in

detail, miss contextual detail, and a large sample of population must be studied, so it is


Based on the explanation above, approach, method, and technique are related to each

other. In the simple way, I conclude that approach is translated into the method that contains

technique with series of procedures. In the research, there are two approaches namely

qualitative and quantitative approach. The differences between qualitative and quantitative

approach are that in quantitative data more focuses on quantity in form of number in

processing the data, while qualitative data more focuses on qualities or characteristic about

phenomena or issue problem. Both of qualitative and quantitative approaches have strengths

and weaknesses. So, I suggest that in the selection of both qualitative and quantitative

approach, it should be looking the most minimum of weaknesses of each approach.