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Product Display

Association of
Pakistan (HAP)
About Handicraft Association of Pakistan
In Pakistan, Handicrafts are rich and diverse. Every city has its own handicrafts specialty ranging from fabric,
material, embroidery, to jewelry, carving, mirror work and other handicraft items. Each color, style, design and
motif carries with it a unique symbol portraying the culture of that particular area and builds on people’s
indigenous skills. Handicrafts of Pakistan are famous for their uniqueness, assortment and quality standards
and therefore have established a mark within and outside the country. Unfortunately, with the passage of time
the quality of craftsmanship has diminished. The value chain has been infringed and the traditional sense of
handicrafts has disappeared. Hence, this sector is in dire need of development and promotion in order to revive
the culture and art of the Pakistani heritage, since the promotion of handicrafts address several needs of the
society in terms of preserving culture, acting as a source of income and upgrading the social status of women
belonging to the marginalized sector with the lack of access to skills and opportunities necessary for their

Considering the current scenario of the Handicraft Industry of Pakistan, HAP for the purpose of looking after
the affairs of handicrafts development in terms of promoting the handicrafts exports by upbringing and
empowering human capital associated with this sector.

Handicraft Association of Pakistan (HAP) is a “Not for Profit Organization”, established under registration
no.147, Government of Pakistan. The association aims at promoting, developing, aiding, stimulating, protecting
and encouraging Handicrafts making and trading industry in Pakistan with the prime focus of converting the
informal handicrafts sector into a formal industry.

Since this industry mainly comprises of small scale entrepreneurs, artisans, manufacturers and producers with
a major proportion of “Proletariat women” involvement, therefore, efforts are being made to provide complete
handholding to the endowed but deprived women of Pakistan by providing them a direct market linkage in the
form of establishing numerous multi-label retail stores under the brand name of “HAP Store”. In the first phase,
retail stores are being established in the posh areas of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to ensure the effective
placement of the brand in the upscale market and to ensure brand recognition and acceptability in the highly
lucrative domestic markets. The first store in this regard is expected to be operational in the first week of May
2012 at F-7 Markaz Islamabad.

We have taken the first step towards promoting the handicraft sector and empowering women by giving them
an access to markets, we now need your support and participation for marketing these stores by following a
Co-Branding arrangement in terms of: Organizing Catwalks, Road Shows and other numerous promotional
activities and events. Development of promotional material like catalogues etc. One-time support for
establishment of outlets in Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar
In this regard we suggest Product Display at The 2nd Floor (T2F) is working under, PeaceNiche, a not-for-
profit NGO, registered under the Societies Act of 1860, promotes democratic discourse and conflict
resolution through intellectual and cultural engagement. Committed to becoming a vibrant centre of
Pakistan’s developing civil society, PeaceNiche works in the areas of Arts & Culture, Science & Technology,
and Advocacy. we can get space for Product Display on Low cost to promote Handicraft Art of Pakistan
on mutual understanding basis, as T2F agenda is also to promote Art on Non profit basis.

About T2F

Coffeehouse tradition is all about sparking conversations and we are passionate about providing a
platform for people to engage with each other. A community space for open dialogue, T2F features a café
and bookshop and hosts poetry readings, meetups with writers, talks, debates, theatre performances,
film screenings, open mic nights, jam sessions, and standup comedy.

T2F, formerly known as The Second Floor, because it was housed on the second floor of a nondescript
office building, is PeaceNiche’s flagship initiative. A social entrepreneurship project that blends the best
of business practice with the non-profit urge to make meaning, T2F is committed to social change through
the liberal arts, creative expression, and open dialogue.

Since its inception in May 2007, T2F has hosted hundreds of events, ranging from poetry readings and film
screenings, to vibrant debates on critical issues. With the support and participation of musicians, artists,
writers, film makers, scientists, comedians, thought leaders, and engaged audiences, T2F has contributed
to revitalizing Karachi’s cultural landscape and has provided an alternative, independent, safe space for


T2F Café

More than just a space for wonderful food, delicious coffee, and delectable treats, the T2F Cafe welcomes
you to jam on our balcony, chat over a game of chess, spark a conversation with a friendly stranger or
nourish your mind with an array of books or pamphlets on display.

T2F Cafe plays an integral part in sustaining

PeaceNiche/T2F’s offerings. We ask that you
please support the community by showing us some
love! Come to our café, open from Noon to 10PM.


Food photos (more to come!)

The Meeting Studio

An ideal space for off-site meetings, small

group gatherings, private workshops or
productive brainstorming, The Meeting Studio,
is equipped with multimedia facilities, seats 8
to 10 people, features a 40” LCD TV,
whiteboard, and wi-fi. To book The Meeting
Studio, please email info@peaceniche.org or
call us on +(92-21) 3538-9043 for rates and

 Ideal for private meetings, small off-

sites, interviews, workshops, and

 Seats 8-10

 40″ LCD TV

 Whiteboard

 Wi-Fi enabled

 We can provide multimedia projectors, a sound system, whiteboards, flip charts, and catering
from T2F’s Café. Value-added services such as stationery, printing, and scanning are also

Faraar Gallery

Faraar Gallery a visual arts gallery that promotes and

showcases emerging local talent. Home to T2F’s
bookstore, merchandise store, as well as a variety of
events, workshops and performances, Faraar Gallery is a
platform for creative expression that PeaceNiche/T2F is
dedicated to showcasing to the community and beyond.
To pitch an event, launch, performance or workshop at
Faraar Gallery, please email info@peaceniche.org or call
us on +(92-21) 3538-9043 for rates and information.

 Multi-purpose space for art exhibitions, talks,

film screenings, performances, large meetings,
and workshops

 Seats 70 – 100 depending on the nature of the


 Wi-Fi enabled