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Let’s Get Physical (in your

Amanda David, MTSS Coordinator
Do Now
● Using the cards that you were given, put them in order.
● Answer the question “Why did you organize the cards the way you did?” on your handout.
● You will have 3 minutes. Be ready to share.
TWBAT identify three strategies for an organized physical space that you would like to use in your

WHY? Organization in your classroom and practice leads to strengths in classroom management!
Teacher Organization
● Teacher Materials (Organizing Yourself)
○ Clipboard
○ Daily Compliance Records
● Organizing In/Out Grading
Student Materials
● Binders
○ Structural Organization
○ Physical Organization
● Absentee Work
○ Mailboxes
○ Folders
Physical Environment
● Color Coded Classroom
● Clear policies for procedures/supplies
● Student Jobs
● Seating Chart/Interior Design
Get Physical!
● Come up with 1 idea per category that you would like to use in your classroom:
○ Teacher organization
○ Student materials
○ Physical environment
● Be prepared to share out in three minutes!
Anchor Charts
What are anchor charts?

Anchor charts are a great way to make

thinking visible as you record
strategies, processes, cues, guidelines
and other content during the learning
process. (weareteachers.com)
Anchor Chart 411
● Made with your students
● Have a plan of what you want
to model
● Used to model thought or
learning process
● Kept in consistent and central
● Keep unused ones in a
consistent location to use
Anchor Chart Brainstorming
On your sheet, create a sketch of an anchor chart that you could possibly use in your grade or content
area. If you are not sure, create one on a subject area that you enjoy teaching. You will have ten minutes
to sketch and share with your table. Each table will share after the ten minutes.
Word Walls
● Utilized by students to help in recalling vocabulary and key concepts
● On-going building process
● Required in ALL classrooms
Exit Ticket
On a sticky note, answer the following questions:

1. What grade/subject are you teaching this year?

2. What classroom organization tip did you like best?
3. What content area/topic do you see anchor charts being useful for students?
4. Ideally, how would you lay out your word wall? (by content area, by chapter/concept, abc order, etc)