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1. Define govt budget.

2. Enlist the objectives of govt budget.
3. Who collects sales tax in India?
4. Explain allocation of resources as an objective of govt budget.
5. Explain redistribution of income and wealth as an objective of
government budget.
6. Explain economic stability as an objective of government budget.
7. Explain management of public enterprises as an objective of
government budget.
8. What is the importance of govt budget?
9. Explain economic growth as an objective of government budget.
10. Explain reducing regional disparities as an objective of
government budget.
11. India is suffering from the problem of inequalities of
distribution of income and wealth. How can a budget be used to
solve this problem?
12. Regulation of prices in case of agricultural products is not
only desirable but necessary. Explain.
13. We should try to regulate interest rates prevailing among
farmers, weaker sections of the society and poor villagers. How
can we control this?
14. There has been consistent rise in the prices of fruits and
vegetables in Delhi for sometimes. Which measure of govt budget
will you support to reduce the prices of these commodities?
15. Explain why public goods must be provided by the govt?
16. Does public debt impose a burden? Explain.
17. How can surplus budget be used during inflation?
18. Is balanced budget good for India?
19. Budget deficit creates disequilibrium in every economy. But
in developing countries like India, why does govt depend on it?
20. Define tax revenue.
21. Define non tax revenue. Enlist its components.
22. Define capital receipts. Explain its components.
23. Distinguish between revenue receipts and capital receipts.
24. Write a short note on progressive taxation.
25. Write a short note on regressive taxation.
26. Explain proportional taxation with the help of an example.
27. Should we rely exclusively on direct taxes for mobilizing tax
revenue because indirect taxes are inequitable? Explain.
28. Levy of taxes on all commodities without caring for their
impact on the common man is not desirable. Comment.
29. It is not difficult but impossible to tax all those who should
be taxed, in India. Why?
30. In India, majority of population is living below the poverty
line. How can govt budget be used to solve this problem?
31. Distinguish between revenue budget and capital budget.
32. Differentiate between revenue expenditure and capital
33. Define revenue deficit.
34. What are the implications of revenue deficit?
35. Define fiscal deficit.
36. What are the implications of fiscal deficit?
37. Define primary deficit.
38. What are the implications of primary deficit?
39. Define debt trap.
40. The fiscal deficit gives the borrowing requirement of the
govt. Elucidate.
41. Distinguish between revenue deficit and fiscal deficit.
42. Outline the relationship between revenue deficit and fiscal
43. Can there be a fiscal deficit in the govt budget without
revenue deficit? Explain.
44. Revenue deficit is the real deficit and not the fiscal deficit.
45. Are fiscal deficits necessarily inflationary?
46. What does zero primary deficit mean?
47. How can a deficit be financed?
48. Discuss the issue of deficit reduction.
49. Distinguish between direct and indirect taxes.
50. Primary deficit is the root cause of fiscal deficit. Justify.