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Printer List

For Small Businesses

Things to consider in a photocopier: https://www.360connect.com/office-copiers/

Copier Volume:
o Number of pages printed per month
o SB: 5,000 – 10,000 copies per month
Copier Speed:
o SB: 10 – 35 PPM for small offices (single-sided printing)
Multi-function Copiers:
o One-stop shop
o Printing, scanning, faxing, and others
Types of Copiers:
o Toner:
o Inkjet
 Uses water based toners that can’t produce as many copies
 Requires time to dry
 Inkjet toners cost $30 or more and requires 6 different color cartridges
 Produces better prints in color especially for images
o Laser
 Uses dry powder-based ink
 Laser ink cartridges are more expensive but only needs 4 cartridges
 More expensive but produces more copies
 Less expensive in the long run
o Inkjet is better for colored images. Laser is better for monochrome texts.
o Cost per page:
o 1,000 copies per month, laser is better
o Quality and Speed:
o Print in color or black and white
Copier Features:
o Printer
o Scanner:
o Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – software that converts your scan into an
editable electronic document
o Dual imaging document feeders – provides simultaneous scanning of the front
and back of the document
o Fax
o Email
o Double-sided copies
o Collate (available in Microsoft Office)
o Enables to have multiple copies in the same order as the document
o Image Editing
o Security
o Energy Saver
o Feeders – automatically pulls the pages to copy
o Recirculating Automatic Document Feeder (RADF) – flips pages inside the
machine to scan both sides
o Image Document Feeder) – scan both sides at the same time which saves time
o Sorting
o Finishing
o Staple
o Hole Punch
o Folding
o Saddle-Stitch Binding
o Trays
o Handles at least 50 to 100 sheets of paper
Leasing vs. Buying:
o Buying
o Leasing
o Usually includes a maintenance agreement that covers mechanical problems
during the lease. There is also an option to upgrade to a newer unit.
Used and Refurbished Copiers
o Used Commercial Copier – sold without any repairs or updates, and very minimal
cleaning or testing. Sold “as is” without a warranty or one as short as 14 days.
o Refurbished Commercial Copier – have been audited, cleaned, tested, updated, and had
any necessary parts replaced by a 3rd party (not the manufacturer). Used less than 3
months and will come with a “same as brand new” warranty.
o Re-manufactured Copier – almost exactly the same as a refurbished copier but is
serviced and resold by the manufacturer.
How to get the best price when purchasing a copier
Top 6 Photocopier Companies 2019: https://www.expertmarket.co.uk/photocopiers/photocopier-suppliers#3
1. Brother – Best for Low Prices
 Very affordable, economical machines
 Great range of options, especially for small businesses
2. Canon – Best for Print Qualities
 Very high resolution in both monochrome and color
 Perfect for businesses requiring great resolution
3. Konica Minolta – Best fir Growing Businesses
 Bizhub software, same system for all KM machines
 Easy to call out an engineer
4. Ricoh – Best for Large Corporations
 Huge range of available products, from all in one office printers to capacity
production printers and 3D printer
 Easy to request an engineer via an online form
5. Sharp – Best for Small Businesses
 Wide selection of low volume options for small businesses
 Can also cater for larger companies
6. Xerox – Best for All in One Printer/Copiers
 Internationally recognized with product selection to support its reputation
 Good range of all in one options
- To buy: 100 euros to 20,000 euros
- To lease: starting 25 euros per month
Things to Consider:
- Number of copies produced per unit of toner
o Higher the value, the better
- Amount of toner available
- Maximum volume of copies per minute, hour, or day.
- Ability to double-sided print
- Bind copies together
Table: https://www.expertmarket.co.uk/photocopiers/which-copier-my-small-office
Printer Model Description
Brother DCP L2550DW o Best black and white photocopier
o Cost: under 210 euros
o Multifunction machine (Printer,
Scanner, Copier)
o Produces double-sided paper
o 250 sheets per day/tray
o Printing speed of 36 pages per
minute (ppm)
o Fast, reliable and affordable
o Prints only black and white
o Toner?
o Best for color photocopying
HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw o Cost: 367 euros
o Wireless (No cables)
o Printer, Scanner, Copier & Fax
o Eco-friendly
o HP ColorSphere 3 Toner – High
printing standard
o Expensive toner

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o Best for A3 Photocopying

Brother MFC-J6530 o Cost: 380 euros
o 250 sheet tray
o 15 ppm
o Cheap ink
o Has touchscreen
o Expensive initial cost
o Best photocopier overall
Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN o Cost: 514 euros (Priciest)
o 24 ppm
o 600 x 600 resolution
o Advanced features: banner,
booklet, and poster printing
o Compact size
o Expensive initial cost
Sewing Machine List
For Small Businesses