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IOPC INVESTIGATION INTO COMPLAINTS MADE BY MR J AND MS Confidentiality Undertaking This suena relates to the arrangements for the inspection by Mr NN and Ms the summary final report (“the report’) in the above investigation The inspection will be facilitated over two working days (8am to Spm) at the IOPC office in Two laptop devices will be made available for the purposes of the inspection. The inspection will be supervised by two members of IOPC staff unconnected with the investigation By signing the undertaking you agree to the following: 1. understand that the report is disclosed to me on a confidential basis. 2. | agree to surrender all recording and mobile devices on attendance at the IOPC office and not to take notes, copy or otherwise reproduce any part of the report. 3. | understand that a failure to comply with the terms of this undertaking may result in the inspection not going ahead, or the IOPC taking steps to terminate the inspection 4, | understand that as a consequence of signing this undertaking, | must not divulge any of the report's contents (including orally) to any third party, and | must not permit the publication or dissemination of any information from the report in any form. | understand that in the event that | wish to seek legal advice on the content of the report, a separate confidentiality agreement will need to be entered in to between the 1OPC and any lawyer instructed. Name: Signature: Date: