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Sensorless Optimum Power Extraction for Small Scale Stand Alone Wind Putri, R.I. Ronilaya, F. Rifa'i, M.

a'i, M. Jasa, L. Priyadi, A. Mauridhi Hery, P. 2018 2018 2nd Internatio

Turbine Based on Fuzzy Controller AEMT 2018
Mathematics teaching Aids to improve the students abstraction on Dewi, M.L. Hakim, A.R. Setiawan, A. Adhisuwignjo, S. Rohadi, E. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Geometry in Civil Engineering of State Polytechnic Malang
Classification of pork and beef meat images using extraction of color and Asmara, R.A. Romario, R. Batubulan, K.S. Rohadi, E. Siradjuddin, I. Ronilaya, 2018 IOP Conference Seri
texture feature by Grey Level Co-Occurrence Matrix method F.Ariyanto, R. Rahmad, C. Rahutomo, F.
Based Fuzzy Logic Temperature Control for a Coffee Roaster Machine Fauziyah, M. Adhisuwignjo, S. Rifai, M. Dewatama, D. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Identification of sugarcane maturity scale based on RGB, Gabor feature Rahmad, C. Rahutomo, F. Gustalika, M.A. Rahmah, I.F. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
extraction and Support Vector Machine
Teaching network security in Linux using Netkit with implementation virtual Ariyanto, Y. Harijanto, B. Syaifudin, Y.W. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Application of adaline artificial neural network for classroom determination Handayani, A.N. Aindra, A.D. Wahyulis, D.F. Pathmantara, S. Asmara, R.A. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
in elementary school
Analysis of implementation Augmented Reality (AR) introduction of temple Agustina, R. Sutadji, E. Purnomo Suprianto, D. Kusumawati, E. Hudha, 2018 IOP Conference Seri
and ancient objects based on android to increasing student learning M.N.D.Afif, M.
Procedure for integrated administration services, infrastructure facilities for Sawitri, D. Sulistyawati, A.E. Amalia, R. Kresnaini, E. 2018 Indian Journal of Pu
public fulfilment with service quality in Purwosari District
SAM (Smart Assisted Motor) Maintenance Alarm of Motorcycle Based Hadi Fauzan, H. Ari Prahastomo, R. Yumna Novikhati, A. Sarosa, M. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Arduino-based Catfish Seed Counter Read on Mobile Devices Ike Putri, E.F. Hadi, M.N. Masfufah, U. Sarosa, M. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction Base on Backpropagation Levenberg- Multazam, T. Putri, R.I. Pujiantara, M. Lystianingrum, V. Priyadi, A. Hery 2018 Proceedings of 2017
Marquardt Algorithm; Case Study Area Nganjuk Mauridhi, P. Communications, In
BME 2017
Computational analysis on rise and fall of Indonesian vocabulary during a Rahutomo, F. Asmara, R.A. Aji, D.K.P. 2018 2018 6th Internation
period of time Technology, ICoICT 2
Design Maximum Power Point Tracking of Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ronilaya, F. Setiawan, B. Kusuma, A.A. Mahfudi, I. Yuliawan, D.M. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Using P&O and IC Methods
The implementation of web service based text preprocessing to measure Watequlis Syaifudin, Y. Saputra, P.Y. Puspitasari, D. 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
Indonesian student thesis similarity level
The evaluation on a mobile augmented reality application as therapy media Pradibta, H. Wijaya, I.D. Ronilaya, F. Nurhasan, U. 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
A low cost 3D-printed robot joint torque sensor Siradjuddin, I. Wicaksono, R.P. Murdani, A. Dewatama, D. Ronilaya, F. Rohadi, 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
E.Asmara, R.A.
Analysis of the influence of the barrier against a range of active and passive Junus, M. Patma, T.S. Setiawan, A. Kusuma, A.A. Mahfudi, I. 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
RFID and its performance
Stabilising a cart inverted pendulum with an augmented PID control Siradjuddin, I. Amalia, Z. Setiawan, B. Ronilaya, F. Rohadi, E. Setiawan, 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
scheme A.Rahmad, C. Adhisuwignjo, S.
Empirical base solar reflective array accumulator design simulator Setiawan, B. Wakidah, R.N. Raden Edy, P. Annisa Maulidia, D. Yulianto, 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
Y.Widjanarko, W.
Comparative Study of Gait Gender Identification using Gait Energy Image Asmara, R.A. Masruri, I. Rahmad, C. Siradjuddin, I. Rohadi, E. Ronilaya, 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
(GEI) and Gait Information Image (GII) F.Handayani, A.N. Hasanah, Q.
Electret condenser microphone as a traditional Chinese medicine arterial Yudaningtyas, E. Djuriatno, W. Khabib, A. Santjojo, D.J.D.H. 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
pulse sensor
A sensorless power smoothing method for a grid-connected wind energy Putri, R.I. Ronilaya, F. Rifa’i, M. 2018 ICIC Express Letters
system based on fuzzy interference system
Effects of spatio-temporal variations of gauges and radar rainfall Hapsari, R.I. Oishi, S. Syarifuddin, M. Harsanti, W. Hidayat, F. 2018 Proceedings - Intern
observations on runoff simulation and Research (IAHR)
Water for Sustainab
Modified firefly algorithm for improved maximum power extraction on Putri, R.I. Mahmudi, I. Pujiantara, M. Ardyono, P. Taufik, T. Mauridhi Hery, P. 2018 International Journa
wind energy conversion system
Prediction of breast cancer recurrence using modified kernel based data Syafiandini, A.F. Wasito, I.T.O. Mufidah, R. Veritawati, I. Budi, I. 2018 Journal of Theoretic
integration model
Towards Islamic Accounting Anthropology: How secular anthropology Mulawarman, A.D. Kamayanti, A. 2018 Journal of Islamic Ac
reshaped accounting in Indonesia
Water temperature variation of Segara Anakan, Sempu Island, South Sartimbul, A. Nakata, H. Rohadi, E. Sari, S.H.J. Najib, M. Alisafira, S. Ikhsani, 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Malang, Indonesia in relation to the climate variation S.N. Listiyaningsih, D.
A new implementation of single phase Shimizu inverter for optimal power Ronilaya, F. Siradjuddin, I. Wibowo, S.E. Ridzky, I. 2018 ICIC Express Letters
flow of solar PV system based on incremental conductance MPPT method
Parasitic tea Scurrula atropurpurea (Blume) danser active compound Eka Sudiwati, N.L.P. Nurseta, T. Ali, M. Aulani’Am, A. Nugroho, H.S.W. 2018 Indian Journal of Pu
potencies towards inhibition of dna methylation in cancer: An in silico study
Morphometric and meristic variations among five populations of Sardinella Sartimbul, A. Rohadi, E. Ikhsani, S.N. Listiyaningsih, D. 2018 AACL Bioflux
lemuru Bleeker, 1853 from waters of Bali Strait, northern and southern-
east Java and their relation to the environment
Prototype of buck converter using fuzzy logic control for LED driver Setyawati, O. Suyono, H. Himawan, H.M. Sulistiyanto, N. Rif'an, M. 2018 2018 5th Internation
ICEEE 2018
Teachers’ code-switching in bilingual classrooms: exploring pedagogical and Cahyani, H. de Courcy, M. Barnett, J. 2018 International Journa
sociocultural functions
Indonesian traffic sign detection and recognition using color and texture Rahmad, C. Rahmah, I.F. Asmara, R.A. Adhisuwignjo, S. 2018 2018 International C
feature extraction and SVM classifier Technology, ICOIACT
Dual-stage flyback inverter controlled by sensorless current for Huda, M. Hidayat, M.N. Ronilaya, F. Setiawan, A. 2018 2018 International C
microinverter Technology, ICOIACT
A double stage micro-inverter for optimal power flow control in grid Ronilaya, F. Khabib, A. Hidayat, M.N. Siradjudin, I. Rohadi, E. Asmara, 2018 2018 International C
connected PV system R.A.Yudaningtyas, E. Technology, ICOIACT
Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Voltage Kusumaningtyas, A.B. Hidayat, M.N. Ronilaya, F. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Stability Analysis in 150 kV Sub System Grati - Paiton East Java
Design of Stand-Alone Hybrid Power Generation System at Brumbun Beach Rahmat, A.N. Hidayat, M.N. Ronilaya, F. Setiawan, A. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Tulungagung East Java
Fixed Nadir Focus Concentrated Solar Power Applying Reflective Array Setiawan, B. Damayanti, A.M. Murdani, A. Habibi, I.I.A. Wakidah, R.N. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
Tracking Method
Indonesian Sign Language Number Recognition using SIFT Algorithm Mahfudi, I. Sarosa, M. Andrie Asmara, R. Azrino Gustalika, M. 2018 IOP Conference Seri
An intelligent switch with back-propagation neural network based hybrid Perdana, R.H.Y. Fibriana, F. 2018 Journal of Physics: C
power system
Maximum power extraction improvement using sensorless controller based Putri, R.I. Pujiantara, M. Priyadi, A. Ise, T. Purnomo, M.H. 2018 IET Electric Power A
on adaptive perturb and observe algorithm for PMSG wind turbine
Temperature, Solid Loading and Time Effects on Recovery of Sugar from Meilany, D. Kresnowati, M. Setiadi, T. 2018 MATEC Web of Conf
Performance of aerated fixed film biofilter (AF2B) reactor for treating Prayitno, P. Saroso, H. Rulianah, S. Hardjono, H. 2018 Nature Environment
hospital wastewater
Numerical analysis and design of inverted L antenna for UHF TV receiver Setiadi, C. Rohadi, E. Sarosa, M. Amalia Setiawan, A. 2018 Proceedings - 2017 I
application Engineering and Tec
Tourism destination rating system based on social media analysis (proposal Ramadhani, D.M. Rahmad, C. Rahutomo, F. 2018 Proceedings - 2017 I
and dataset development in Indonesian language) Engineering and Tec
Chicken meat freshness identification using the histogram color feature Asmara, R.A. Rahutomo, F. Hasanah, Q. Rahmad, C. 2018 Proceedings - 2017 I
Engineering and Tec
Solar heat accumulator control applying reflective arraymethod for energy Setiawan, B. Wirawan Hariadi, H. 2018 ARPN Journal of Eng
Study of hoax news detection using naïve bayes classifier in Indonesian Pratiwi, I.Y.R. Asmara, R.A. Rahutomo, F. 2018 Proceedings of the 1
language Communication Tec
Development of android-based rabbit disease expert system Irawati, D.A. Syaifudin, Y.W. Tomasila, F.E. Setiawan, A. Rohadi, E. 2018 International Journa
Study of performance of Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) in learning Syaifudin, Y.W. Rozi, I.F. Ariyanto, R. Rohadi, E. Adhisuwignjo, S. 2018 International Journa
Raspberry Pi-based farming automation and monitoring system using Rohadi, E. Abdurrahman, R.A. Ekojono Asmara, R.A. Siradjuddin, I. Ronilaya, 2018 International Journa
Automatic Weather System (AWS) (Case study: Chili plants) F.Setiawan, A.
Design and analysis of ultra low-profile ILA on a rectangular conducting Rohadi, E. Ali, M.F. Siradjuddin, I. Setiawan, A. Amalia, A. Darmawan, Y. 2018 International Journa
Brain signal classification using Genetic Algorithm for right-left motion Rahmad, C. Ariyanto, R. Yunianto, D.R. 2018 International Journa
Identification of mustard greens freshness level based on RGB leaf color Asmara, R.A. Harijanto, B. Mentari, M. Ekojono Chori Q, A. 2018 International Journa
and stem shape features using image thinning morphology
Creating economic value through multi-stakeholder partnership (case study Susilowati, K.D.S. 2018 International Journa
on the black soybean farmers development programme of Unilever
Student’s entrepreneur profile: A cluster of student’s entrepreneurial Kusmintarti, A. Anshori, M.A. Sulasari, A. Ismanu, S. 2018 Journal of Entrepren
Study program's evaluation using data envelopment analysis Eltivia, N. Setiawan, M.A. Ernawati, W.D. 2018 International Journa
State-feedback control with a full-state estimator for a Cart-Inverted Siradjuddin, I. Amalia, Z. Rohadi, E. Setiawan, B. Setiawan, A. Putri, 2018 International Journa
Pendulum System R.I.Yudaningtyas, E.
The development of classification system of student final assignment using Saputra, P.Y. Yunhasnawa, Y. Fatmila, W. Rahutomo, F. Asmara, R.A. Wibowo, 2018 International Journa
Naive Bayes Classifier case study: State Community Academy of Bojonegoro D.W. Rohadi, E. Siradjuddin, I. Setiawan, A. Ayatullah, A.H. Syulistyo,
A.R.Cahyandari, D.
Anomaly technique for expression the Indian Ocean Dipole in South Java Sartimbul, A. Rohadi, E. Ali, M.F. Khaidar, Z. 2018 International Journa
Design and analysis of the IFA bandwidth enhancement for 639 MHz UHF Rohadi, E. Amalia, A. Siradjuddin, I. Setiawan, A. Ronilaya, F. Asmara, R.A. Saleh, 2018 International Journa
channel C. Ali, M.F. Adzikirani, A.
Noble method for data hiding using steganography discrete wavelet Rahmad, C. Prasetyo, A. Arizki, N. Arai, K. 2018 International Journa
transformation and cryptography triple data encryption standard: DES
CAT tool on teaching translation for EFL students Mafulah, S. Wilujeng, T.T.R. Lutviana, R. Hariyanto, S. Purnawati, M. Rahutomo, 2018 International Journa
Role of Intermolecular Forces on the Contact Angle of Vegetable Oil Rizza, M.A. Wijayanti, W. Hamidi, N. Wardana, I.N.G. 2018 Scientific World Jour
Droplets during the Cooling Process
Islamic accounting anthropology: A constructivist methodological Mulawarman, A.D. Kamayanti, A. 2018 International Journa
Fault analysis in Pohgajih Village, Blitar, Indonesia using resistivity method Susilo, A. Sunaryo Fitriah, F. Sarjiyana 2018 International Journa
for hazard risk reduction
Classification technique of interviewer-bot result using naïve bayes and Sarosa, M. Junus, M. Hoesny, M.U. Sari, Z. Fatnuriyah, M. 2018 International Journa
phrase reinforcement algorithms
Predicting school participation in indonesia using back-propagation Budiharjo Soemartono, T. Windarto, A.P. Herawan, T. 2018 International Journa
algorithm model
Predicting tuition fee payment problem using backpropagation neural Budiharjo Soemartono, T. Windarto, A.P. Herawan, T. 2018 International Journa
network model
Design and development of 6 elements aperture coupled feed planar array Rahayu, Y. Ali, M.T. Herawan, T. 2018 International Journa
rectangular microstrip patch antenna for CPE WiMAX application at 3.3 GHz
A common measurement method for throughput experiment of IEEE Chew, C.C. Funabiki, N. Herawan, T. 2018 International Journa
802.11ac and IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi under variable condition
The concrete quality testing for trapezoidal model of the prefabricated Koespiadi Mudjanarko, S.W. Rasidi, N. Utomo, W.M. Alimudin, A. Su-priyatno, 2018 International Journa
foundation D.Haksama, S. Farid Dimyati Lusno, M. Madun, A.B. Wiwoho, F.P. Pamungkas,
J.W. Limantara, A.D.
Accounting information system (ais) alignment and non-financial Budiarto, D.S. Rahmawati Prabowo, M.A. Bandi Djajanto, L. Widodo, 2018 Lecture Notes in Com
performance in small firm: a contingency perspective K.P.Herawan, T. Artificial Intelligence
Implementation of Indonesia national qualification framework to improve Budiarto, D.S. Purnamasari, R. Yennisa Surmayanti Siradjuddin, I. Hermawan, 2018 Lecture Notes in Com
higher education students: Technology acceptance model approach A.Herawan, T. Artificial Intelligence
Modelling and experimental analysis two-wheeled self balance robot using Zimit, A.Y. Yap, H.J. Hamza, M.F. Siradjuddin, I. Hendrik, B. Herawan, T. 2018 Lecture Notes in Com
PID controller Artificial Intelligence
A citation-based recommender system for scholarly paper recommendation Haruna, K. Ismail, M.A. Bichi, A.B. Chang, V. Wibawa, S. Herawan, T. 2018 Lecture Notes in Com
Artificial Intelligence
Future private cloud architecture for universities Hakak, S. Gilkar, G.A. Guslendra Ritonga, R. Herawan, T. 2018 Advances in Intellige
PID based design and development of a mobile robot using microcontroller Hamza, M.F. Zhiyung, J.L. Zimit, A.Y. Danjuma, S. Rohadi, E. Andini, S.Herawan, 2018 Lecture Notes in Com
T. Artificial Intelligence
A colloidal nanopatterning and downscaling of a highly periodic au Purwidyantri, A. Kamajaya, L. Chen, C.-H. Luo, J.-D. Chiou, C.-C. Tian, Y.-C. Lin, C.- 2018 Journal of the Electr
nanoporous EGFET biosensor Y. Yang, C.-M. Lai, C.-S.
Model-based testing for network security protocol for E-banking Alaba, F.A. Hakak, S. Khan, F.A. Adewale, S.H. Rahmawati, S. Patma, T.S. Ritonga, 2018 Advances in Intellige
application R. Herawan, T.
An evaluation of virtual organizational structure on employee performance Ayotunde Alaba, F. Tanko, Y.S. Danjuma, S. Ritonga, R. Muhammad, A. Patma, 2018 Advances in Intellige
of selected telecommunication companies in Kaduna State, Nigeria T.S. Herawan, T.
An impact of transformational leadership on employees’ performance: A Musa, Y. Danjuma, S. Ayotunde Alaba, F. Ritonga, R. Muhammad, A. Djajanto, 2018 Advances in Intellige
case study in Nigeria L.Herawan, T.
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