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BTU MONO 0) Asyec) € yw 8 WD iome "hs From Parep Dubai * To Asad Aslam * Date Jul 12, 2018, 12:23 PM a Standard encryption (TLS). View security details Dear Mr. Asad Aslam, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE, vide Note dated 8 July 2018, has informed that Mr. Muhammad Arshad Azam Aslam was working on the sponsorship of Padima Restaurant, Al Jurf Industrial Area, Ajman. The concerned UAE authorities summoned Incharge of the Restaurant Mr. Hussam Irshad Ahmad, Pakistani national holding passport No. BH1918552 to know about missing of Arshad Azam Aslam. According to him, he knows him from Pakistan, as he was working in the inside of the restaurant, and he left the work eight months ago, and took his passport and asked for some time to search for another job. Then he transferred to the new work, but had not seen him since that time. He neither know anything about him nor about his address. This is for your information. Thanks, Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai