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Mercury in cancer in 10th house

This normally conveys a passive, receptive, and emotional mind. You can also be the world's
greatest story teller! Thought processes are primarily subject to your emotions in a
somewhat sentimental fashion. Your memory is quite retentive, and you have an unusual
ability for consuming details about the past. This may involve general history, collectibles,
genealogy, etc., or on a more emotional level, patriotism. Such attention to detail may cause
you to neglect other points of view, which can often lead to narrow-mindedness, intolerance,
and irrational thought. If Mercury receives a particularly challenging aspect, you may even
behave dishonestly, although you will not consciously perceive it. There may be a tendency
to bore people with heavy sagas of your past.

Being extremely sensitive, your intuition can surprise others. You can communicate subtleties
that are not apparent to many people, but the more rationally inclined will dismiss you as
being illogical. You are very uncomfortable in the company of those who are not
synchronized with you. You can communicate a lot of sympathy and compassion to those
who need it, but dislike conflict situations, and you will quietly withdraw from the scene.
Much of this is due to the fact that you may be exceptionally receptive to the vibrations and
opinions prevalent in your surroundings. You are vulnerable and may perceive, rightly or
wrongly, that everything that is said or done around you is directed at you personally. Your
thoughts are usually of a domestic nature, particularly with someone who shares the scene.
You show good business sense in everything related to food, household items, consumer
goods, and property.

For this planet to operate well in this house, you need an occupation that is intellectually
stimulating. Without it, you may find yourself restless and changing jobs often. A position in
the media, publishing, or telecommunications might work well for you. If Mercury is in an air
sign, professional sales are worth considering. You are talented at solving logistical problems
involving society. You can get to know yourself through dedicating yourself to your work and
following your instincts. You want to be considered clever, intelligent, and industrious; you
enjoy impressing others with these characteristics.

The tenth house is associated with career, ambition, and reputation. Mercury will influence
the perception you have of these associations, as well as your attitude about people in
authority. If Mercury in the tenth house receives challenging aspects from other planets, you
may experience problems with communication and understanding concerning your work and
other areas of your social life.