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BIG DATA (1) This includes healthcare claims, telecommunications,

call detail records, and utility billing records.

1.Introduction (2y3) - Biometrics
Biometric information includes fingerprints, retinal
For many years, the market has developed and scans, facial recognition, and genetics.
perfected methods to discover ways to specify the real - Human generated data
needs of customers, which is based on investigating Human beings generate vast quantities of data such
the perception of the customer, aspects of the services as call center agents' notes, voice recordings, email,
consumed and then the reaction to the service. paper documents, surveys, and electronic medical
Regarding the above, relational data and conventional
statistics have been used to obtain results, but many of 4. In favor and against (6)
the data have expanded indefinitely and rapidly,
therefore a very advanced tool is required, it is In favor
precisely the Big Data. ● Predictions
● Better decisions
2. What it’s Big Data? (4) ● Different solutions (Machine Learning)
● More dynamic visualization of the data
“Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety
infor-mation assets that demand cost-effective, Against
innovative forms ofinformation processing for ● Loss of privacity.
enhanced insight and decision making.”(“Gartner IT Pérdida de privacidad.
Glossary, n.d.”) ● Lack of ethics in the handling by third
parties using our data.
“Big data is a term that describes large volumes of high Falta de ética en el manejo por parte de terceros
veloc-ity, complex and variable data that require utilizando nuestros datos.
advanced techniquesand technologies to enable the ● The lack of parameters and regulation for
capture, storage, distribution,management, and data control.
analysis of the information.” (TechAmericaFoundation’s La falta de parámetros y regulación para el control
Federal Big Data Commission, 2012) de datos.
● The free expression of opinions and
3. Where did the data come from? (5) political independence are compromised
La libre expresión de opiniones y la independencia
- Web and social media política están comprometidas
This includes clickstream and social media data such
as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. Big data
governance programs will be required to integrate this
data with master data and with core business 5. Concluding remarks (7)
processes such as customer loyalty programs.
- Machine-to-machine data The Big Data offers companies, institutions and
Machine-to-machine (M2M) refers to technologies that government services focused on the prediction of key
allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate information for economic, social and scientific
with other devices. M2M uses a device such as a development.
sensor or meter to capture an event (such as speed, Clearly, there is evidence of the high scopes in terms
temperature, pressure, flow, or salinity) which is of intelligent information processing through
relayed through a wireless, wired, or hybrid network to evolutionary algorithms.
an application that translates the captured event into Some negative effects are observed in terms of the
meaningful information. M2M communications create invasion privacy of people, which is practically
the so-called "internet of things." obligated to offer their data to access the services of
- Big transaction data the web