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Helping industry succeed with every turn.

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Outside Canada and the US: 1-705-855-2363 Outside Canada and the US: 1-705-855-2363

Increase availability to your trucks by minimizing

maintenance downtime using existing shop floor
space with the B&D Tire Handler Station.
This specially designed tool is a must for handling tires in a tight shop environment. Where shop space is limited,
it easily operates between occupied truck work bays (aisle ways) and can remove, install and transport tires. It is

mechanic and operator friendly. Only 15 feet deep and 20 feet wide this nimble but heavy-duty and reliable handler

B&D Tire Handler Station

can be used between bays to keep both bays accessible for continued use.
A must have for any shop to keep truck maintenance time at a minimum and keep mechanics safe. This is the only
Tire Handler of this calibre and ability on the market.
Designed for tires on the 300-400 ton haulage trucks it comes completely engineered, certified and supported by

B&D Manufacturing and distributors.

• Work deck for

Custom design
ease of alignment.
B&D can custom design models to fit your fleet requirements.

Servicing 239"
Your B&D Tire Handler Station is backed by B&D’s One-Year Service Warranty Policy. In addition, it comes
with a fully equipped service manual. B&D’s skilled technicians are available for field commissioning and
service maintenance.
• All dimensions are approximate
Special features • Approximate gross weight: 52000 lbs
B&D Tire

• Certified heavy duty frame to hold 10 tons from 12.5 – 14 feet outside diameter tires
• Gives complete movement to tire X, Y, Z, tilt and rotation
• Computer controlled, hydraulically driven, proportional control
• Diesel, 40 HP
• Radio remote control
• 8 all wheel drive, heavy duty grip, aggressive traction tires
• Fits shop • All four drive assemblies steer 100 degrees via electronic steering, crab crawls 90 degrees
aisle ways. • Ability to pick tires off of shop floor or tire pad
• Work platform for visibility and ease of fine tune fitting of the studs
• Work lights
• Foot print 15 ft. deep by 20 ft. wide
• GVW 52,000 pounds

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1-800-668-0324 Helping industry succeed with every turn.
Outside Canada and the US: 1-705-855-2363

B&D Tire Handler Station

B&D Tire Handler Station

71 Work deck (variable pivot extended) Your local distributor:

35 Work deck (variable pivot retracted)

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Helping industry succeed with every turn.

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