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PROBLEM SET FOR pH and buffers

1.! a )Dissolving 0.04 moles of acetic acid (HOAc; pKa = 4.8) in water to give 1 liter of
solution. What is the pH? b) To this solution was then added 0.010 moles of concentrated
sodium hydroxide (NaOH). What is the new pH? c) An additional 0.024 moles of NaOH
is then added. What is the pH?

2.! A buffer solution is prepared by dissolving 2.50 g each of benzoic acid, and sodium
benzoate in 250.0 mL of solution.

a. What is the pH of this buffer solution?

b. Which buffer component must be added, and in what quantity, to change the buffer pH
to 4.00?
c. What quantity of 2.0 M NaOH or 2.0 M HCl must be added to the original buffer to
change the pH to 4.00?

3.! What is the pH of 20.00 mL of 0.800 M NH3 added to

a)! 40 mL of water
b)! 40 mL of 0.0300 M HCl
c)! 40 mL of 0.0300 M NH4Cl