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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Principles of Marketing

ABM Track

I. Learning Objectives:
At the end of the 45-minute discussion, the students are expected to achieve 80% proficiency
level on the following:
1. discuss the goals of marketing;
2. produce a creative presentation showing the goals of marketing;
3. appreciate the goals of marketing and its importance to the company.

II. Subject Matter

Topic/Lesson: Goals of Marketing

Instructional Materials: Audiovisual set (laptop, projector and speakers), pictures and envelopes


William M. Pride and O. C. Ferrell (2015). Foundations of Marketing. South-Western, a part of

Cengage Learning.
Josiah Go and Chiqui Go (2017). Principles and Practices in Marketing (In the Philippine Setting).
ISBN Number: 978-971-0596-05-8

III. Procedure
Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Activity
A. Preliminary Activities

May we all stand for the prayer.

Anyone, who can lead the prayer? (A student lead the prayer)

Good morning class! Good morning sir!

You may now take your seats. Thank you sir.

Let me check the attendance first. Make sure that

you are in your proper seats so that you will not
be marked absent.
(Check attendance using a seat plan)

Very Good! Everybody is present.

B. Motivation

Class, what is you favorite Fast Food in the (Students will raise their hands)
Philippines? Jollibee
(Pick 3 students to answer) McDonald’s
How about your favorite Fast Food TV (Students will raise their hands)
commercial? Chowking
(Pick 3 students to answer) Jollibee
Thank you class. McDonald’s
In connection to that, I will be showing you a TV
commercial of a very famous and a Filipino-
owned Fast Food in the Philippines. I want you to
watch the video carefully. After watching the
video, I will ask you a series of questions.
(After watching the video...)

Are you familiar with this commercial? Yes sir.

What can you say about the video? Yes Amy. Jollibee aimed to inform and remind its audience
about the celebration of love and about the
unending love of a family sir.

Thank you Amy. That is a very good observation.

Specially that this month is celebration of love.

How about another idea? Yes Billy. The commercial showed how resillient the
Filipinos are.

Great! Thank you billy. Are you touched by this Yes sir.

What else? Yes Cath. I am persuaded by the advertisement so Jollibee

became my favorite Fast Food.

Very good Cath. No doubt that it was became

viral. Definitely, The goal of jollibee was to inform,
remind and persuade its customers using this
campaign. And so, the brand can be among the

C. Drill (Logo Game)

So now, we will have a logo game. We will try if

you are familiar with the different company brand
logos locally, internationally and globally.

You will be divided into 6 groups. But, we will do (Students start the count off)
the count off first, starting from the first person
here in front at the right corner.
(The count off ends...)

When I call your group number, please stand up

and choose your leader.
Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally Group 6.

Group 1 will stay here in front at the right corner,

Group 2 here in front at the center, group 3 here
in front at the left corner, group 4 at the back left
corner, group 5 will be at the back center, and
group 6 at the back right corner.
In the count of 10, you should be sitted with your
group. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). Everybody (Students will go to their respective places)
settle down.

Now that you are with your group, listen to the


Each group will be given an envelope. Inside the (Students will open the envelope)
envelope, there are pictures of company brand
logos that you have to answer. All envelopes
contain with similar pictures. All answers must be
written on the spaces provided below the
pictures. Remember, the company name should
be spelled out. Therefore, acronyms and
abbreviations will not be accepted. Wrong
spelling is wrong. Each correct company brand
logo has a corresponding of 2 points. You will be
given 3 minutes to do the task. The group who
will have the highest points will be declared as

Are there any questions? No sir.

Are you ready? Yes sir.

Okay. Timer starts now.

(After 2 minutes...)

You have 1 minute left in your clock. Finalize your


(After 1 minute...)
Time is up! Raise your paper. Group 1 exchange (All groups will exchange their paper)
your paper with group 2. Group 3 exchange your
paper with group 4. And finally, group 5 exchange
your paper with group 6.

Let us now check your work (Students check their paper)

(After checking their paper...)

Okay. Now that we are done with the checking,

count the number of correct company brand

And the group who got the highest points is group


Give yourselves a clap.

What can you say about the activity? Yes Dan. I really enjoyed the activity sir because I know
most of the company brand logos. I have always
seen it on TV, in Print Ads and in Social Media.

Thank you Dan. How about another idea? Yes The activity was really fun sir. I have tried or
Elis. visited some of these companies.

Thank you Elis. What else? Yes France It was really a fun activity sir, but it was filled with
pressure. That is why we have forgotten some of
the company brand logos.

Thank you France. How about others? Yes I already played it on my phone, but some are not
Grace. really familiar. I have never seen, tried or visited
these companies yet. On top of that, I really
enjoyed it sir.

Thank you Grace. One reason why you have

known or remembered the company because of
its identity like logo and because of the
advertisement. Additionally, another reason is
you have visited or tried it already. But, these are
just some of the goals of marketing.

D. Establashing New Concept/Lesson

What do you think are the goals of marketing?Yes Make you target market know you. Inform them,
Imy persuade them and remind them so your brand
can be among the top.

Very good. You are correct and TV is a powerful

medium especially for mothers in the Philippines
who rely on doctor’s and mother’s opinion in
choosing infant formula.

Considering that the customers are already Make products available according to the
persuaded, What should the company do next? purchase pattern of the target consumers.
Yes Joe?

Precisely! Like McDonald’s, they have not just

opened branches, it also offer drive-thru option,
accept orders online, is accessible 24 hours,
provides delivery service and offers fun parties

What else? Yes Kaye. Provide a low risk initial experience to allow
target consumers and customers to form positive
impression. Typically done via sampling.

Yes, very good. Like we can see in malls, many

shampoo brands have sachets of their products
for sampling.

How about others? Yes Lans. Form an ongoing relevant relationship by

continuously satisfying needs and wants or target
consumers to be preferred.
Very good. An example of this is the new and
improve versions of products, such as Acer
Laptops, are launched regularly as a way to stay
relevant to consumers.

Thank you class. So what are the goals of Build awareness.

marketing again? Yes May. Make the products available.
Provide a low risk initial experience.
Thank you May. Very Good. Form an ongoing relevant relationship.

Marketing’s goal is to build awareness, make the

products available, let consumers have an initial
experience to the product and to maintain good
relationship with them.

So if these goals will be achieved by the It will lead to a profitable lifetime relationship
company, what will be the end result?Yes Nancy.

Very good. Indeed, good marketing helps

targeted consumers and customers make a
decision to buy without remorse, leading to a
profitable lifetime relationship.

E. Application

We have already familiarized ourselves with the

goals of marketing. Today, you are going to
create a live TV commercial. We will be using the
same groups in this activity, so we have a total of
6 groups.

Listen to the instruction. Each group must create (The students will listen to the instruction
their own live TV commercial. The group is carefully)
allowed only to perform 1 commercial. Each
group shall think of a product brand to advertise.
The product and brand should be existing, but the
advertisement should be original and not copied
from the existing works. The performance must
not show explicit language. The duration of the
presentation must not exceed to 3 minutes,
including the entrance and stage preparation.

You have 15 minutes for the brainstorming. If the

time is up, all leaders must come in front to pick a
number for the sequence of the performances.

Presentation of rubrics

Creativity 10
Content 10
Presentation 10
Are there any questions?

I think everybody is excited. Now that you already (Student start the brainstorming)
understood the mechanics, you can now start.
(after 14 minutes…)
You have 1 minute left. Finalize your work.
Time is up. All leaders please come forward and
pick your number.
The first group to perform is group number 6, (Students perform the activity)
followed by group 1, 4 ,3, 2, 5 respectively. So
let’s start.
(After performing the activity...)

As we can see, all groups did their best with their

performances, but there is only one group who
stood out in this activity. There is no other than
group 3. Let’s give them a clap. Above all,
congratulations everyone for a job well done. You
have clearly put in your mind our lesson today
and applied it into your performances. Let us give
everyone a round of applause.

F. Analysis/Generalization

It only means that you know important marketing Yes sir.


What have you learned from this today’s What i have learned today sir is that companies
lesson?Yes Hanz. are trying their best to be visible to its customers
or consumers. And these goals will help the
Very well said. The extent of executing these company to outperform other companies and be
goals is dependent on many factors, such as how the best.
ambitious the marketing objectives are, how
much are the available resources as well as how
creative the marketers can be in making things

IV. Evaluation
Direction: On a one fourth (1/4) sheet of paper, answer the questions below with a brief answer.
1-4. What are the goals of marketing?
5-9. What is the importance of goal setting specially to marketing?
10. Name a company logo that you could still remember during the activity earlier.

V. Assignment
Make a research about Marketing Mix. It should be printed. It will be submitted next meeting.

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