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This study aimed to improve the performance of BSED mathematics major student in
Bulacan State University Bustos Campus in the Licensure Examination for Teachers
(LET). This was conducted in order to compare the result with their perception topics that
are found in the table of specification provided by the Philippine Regulation Commission
(PRC) for the specialization in mathematics were accomplished in college. The study
utilizes the descriptive and normative survey method of research. The sample of this
study is forty four (44) math major graduates of 2018. The items in the specialization part
were ranked according to the most correct answers to the least correct answers. It was
revealed from the result that no one was able to pass the mock-board examination, that’s
why the passing rate is 0%. With this result the researcher initiate to proposed
intervention program that focuses on the topics in simple and compound interest,
discount commission and triangles as well as equation of lines: tangent and normal and
regression line, where in this topics fall in the items that were least in terms of correct
answers and in the percentage that it is discussed to them in college. The researcher also
conducted a seminar with the partnership to Organization of Math Geniuses (OMG),
regarding the most needed intervention which is simple and compound interest. The
seminar is evaluated by the fourth year mathematics major student with the overall
weighted mean of 4.14 which implies very good. Last 2018 the group of Ms. Leslie E.
Alcantara conducted this research, the researcher decided to continue the study.

Keyword: Mock-Licensure Examination for Teachers, Mathematics, Table of

Specification, Philippine Regulation Commission