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Rolette Buquiran Aguas

M3C3 Coastal Plaza Condo, Brgy. Daniel Fajardo, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila 1740 Philippines
+639212642773 pcaguasjr@gmail.com

Commerce graduate major in Management Accounting with 18 units of Professional Education.
Detail oriented machine operator and quality assurance inspector for more than 8 years in
manufacturing firms. Seeking to take the next career step with respected organization dedicated to
world class quality. Born leader with the ability to work and communicate well with others, the
aptitude for math, problem-solving, computers and mechanics and the willingness to perform
repetitive tasks for extended periods.

 Excellent communication abilities
 Problem-solving abilities
 Teamwork
 Creativity
 Adaptability
 Work ethics
 Outstanding people skills
 Multi-tasking and negotiation
 Time Management
 Attention to detail

Quality Assurance Inspector
SDI Corporation
Changhua City, Taiwan
April 2010 – November 2016

 Ensured that products manufactured by the company met industry and federal standards.
 Ensured that the parts did not contain any imperfections or weaknesses and would fit
properly with other electronic parts.
 Used either machinery or direct sensory observation, and determined whether they were
suitable for the marketplace.
 Kept records of my work and immediately reported to my superior all defective products
especially the major ones, and tried to locate the source of any defects to assure that future
items don't have the same problems.
 Properly trained on the job in quality control techniques, safety, and equipment used by the

Machine Operator & Quality Assurance Inspector

Prosperity Dielectrics Company Ltd.
Taoyuan City, Taiwan
October 2006 – December 2008

 Assisted in the installation, maintenance, and repair of machinery.

 Operated tools in order to aid in the manufacturing process.
 Performed periodic checks on equipment and solved problems as detected.
 Worked with others in order to ensure that equipment was in proper working order.
 Observed and followed company safety rules and regulations.
 Ensured that products manufactured by the company met industry and federal standards.


Bachelor of Science in Commerce March 2006

Diaz College, Tanjay City, Neg. Or. Philippines

Certificate in Professional Education Program (CPE) March 2018

Diaz College, Tanjay City, Neg. Or. Philippines

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