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Lindsey Sheely

P.O. box 4 Dexter, MN 55926 · 507-440-3334

May 2019
Bachelors in Elementary Education: Winona State University
4.0, honors, edTPA score: 56

May 2017
Associate of Arts: Riverland Community College
3.68 gpa, honors, and phi theta kappa

May 2015
High School: Southland High School

Field Experience (September 2017 - May 2019)

Student Teaching
January- March 2019
1st grade, Grand Meadow
 Taught whole group math lessons and met needs of diverse learners.
 Formed meaningful connections with students and faculty.
 Made daily lesson plans and taught whole group for three weeks.
 Co-taught with cooperating teacher during student teaching
 Collaborated with colleges during Q-comp meetings and professional
 Collaborated with the paraprofessional.
 Met needs of all diverse learners in this classroom.

Student Teaching
August 2018- October 2018
3rd grade, Neveln Elementary
 Created and decorated bulletin boards, the door, pillow covers, posters, and
helped rearrange furniture in the classroom
 Helped implement routines such as voice level in the hallway, hand signal for
attention, how to read to self, how to start a journal entry, and bathroom
 Co- taught math and reading lessons with substitute teachers
 Worked with students in whole group, small group, and one on one in reading,
writing and math.
 Co-taught lessons using math strategies such as the CUBES method and math
 Helped administer Mondo reading level tests and scantron tests for reading and
 Participated in collaboration meetings discussing ELO’s for reading on a third-
grade level
 Participated in staff meetings including PBIS
 Chaperoned during a field trip
 Assisted students in choosing good fit books for their reading level
 Administered spelling tests
 Corrected student work including spelling tests, math worksheets, and journal
 Gained experience using computer applications Freckle and IXL

March 2018
4th grade, Sumner Elementary School
 Co-taught literacy circle with another WSU student
 Utilized a literacy packet
 Created a bubble map with students

February 2018
1st grade, Sumner Elementary
 Created literacy circle lesson plans to teach in a small group
 Created flashcards and anchor charts
 Implemented effective classroom management

November 2017
2nd grade, Sumner Elementary
 Co-taught a money unit with WSU students
 Created lessons plans and worksheets
 Integrated manipulatives and a song into a lesson plan

October 2017
3rd grade, Sumner Elementary
 Taught a small group measurement lesson
 Created activities and anchor charts
 Created lesson plans

October 2017
5th grade I.J. Holton Intermediate
 Co-taught the Bubbleology lesson
 Organized student groups and rotations
 Implemented STEAM lessons according to state standards.

Volunteer and Professional Development

 A Leader of “Spread the Cheer Right Here” – Sumner Elementary -
December 2018.
 STEAM Expo (Science Fair Judging) – I. J. Holton Intermediate –
February 2018.
 ALICE Training – Winona, Minnesota – March 2018.

References available upon request.

Past Work History
June 2019-August 2019
Day Camp Counselor, Salvation Army
Austin, MN

October 2013- June 2019

Dietary Aide, Grand Meadow Health Care Center
Grand Meadow, MN