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Narrative Text (Folktale)

In this activity, I have learned about narrative text (folktale). Narrative Text is an imaginary
story to entertain people. Folktale, as a kind of narrative text, is a traditional story or legend
that’s common to a specific culture. Folktale often contains a lesson or moral lesson to be learnt.

The key features of report texts to do with jobs include Are:

Setting refers to the time and the place in which an event or an action happens. The components
of setting are location, weather, time period, and time of day.
- Plot
Plot is sequence of events involving characters in conflict situations. The plots are introduction,
problem, and resolution.
- Theme
The theme in folktale often tells what happened to those who do not obey the group tradition. For
example: Justice and injustice, problems of young adult, love and loyalty, etc.
- Characters
Characters are the people or personified animals who are involved in the story. For example, the
hero is usually honorable, courageous, unselfish, and caring.
- Problem
Problem is also called complication. Problem is when the main character faces problems or
series of incidents where the main character goes to about achieving goals.
- Solution
Solution is the way character respond to the problem encountered.

-What I like most about this activity is fill The element of story folktales which has this
element: setting, plot, theme, characters, problem and solution
-What I need to improve/learn more are describe, analyze, draw conclusion, and make