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FULL AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE 2014 OF FINANCIAL INTERESTS FOR OFFICE GRADY: COMMISSION ON ETHIGS JUN 15 2015 Yavartoos ues” PROCESSED RECEIVED County Commissioner District 7 ‘Miami-Dade County Elected Constitutional Officer Apt 1102. 145 SE 25th Re Miami FL 33129-2500 gM yt ge CHECK IF THIS ISAFILING BY AcANDIDATE PART A ~ NET WORTH Please enter the value of your net worth as of December 31, 2014. [Note: Net worth is not calculated by subtracting your reported liabilities from your reported assets, so please see the instructions on page 3 My net worth as December 31, 2014 was $ 32 3, 0? ak Does not inehide ICINA-RC Pension uct oT $92 G00 PART B ~ ASSETS voceae —_MMNMIMNT IDNo. 241635 ite aloof tylls Conf. Code Suarez , Xavier Louis HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS: Household goose and personal effects may be reported in @ lump sum if their aggregate value exceeds $1,000. This category includes any of the fonowing, Irhot held far investment purposes: jewely, callctons of stamps, guns, ané numismatie Nem; art objects; household equisment and furnishings, Gothing: other household tems and veniles for porsonal use, whelher owned or leased ‘The aggregate value of my household goods and personal effects (described above) is $_— C? — oo [ASSETS INDIVIDUALLY VALUED AT OVER $1,000: DESCRIPTION OF ASSET (spectic description is required - see instructions p.4) VALUE OF ASSET ) Pésdenee. @ 145 SE 25 Koad ANOZ Man FL ZH27 $00,200 ks} Jp) @nso © 2625 Collag Mc FUGF Miami BEACH Fe 33140 380 200 ese y Conte © 2555 Gila Re lodh Mani Geach, 33190 | 5G SB VTE: st BON na wee Blvs PART C ~ LIABILITIES LIABILITIES IN EXCESS OF $1,000 (See instructions on page 4): NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY Abe GMAC Martyaqe, lenisitle EY j Qewen CO) 320,00 ee Ry Abe Pagk of Amwrick Dallas, TA, US Castery OK Can Gabler | 49282 Se pave Ceulen Laan Seeeeny, CArol Shred Ft, Spe slaan Sues | WS GEO Ee AMEX Revalviag Clade Cueto Zivoo est JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITIES NBT REPORTED ABOVE! NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY FiCET Trace evan |e Canin on one cae) jeence le 344021, FAC. PART D ~ INCOME You may EITHER (1) fle a complete copy of your 2014 federal income tax retum, Inoluding ail W2's, schedules, and attachments, OR (2) fle a sworn statement identifying each separate source and amount of Income which exceeds $1,000, including Secondary sources of income, by comploting te remainder of Part, bow Detect oe 2 copy of my 2014 feceral income tax retum and all W2's, schedules, and atachments Ut you check this Box and attach a capy af your 2014 tax relur, you need not complete the rema nder of Part D] PRIMARY SOURCES OF INCOME (See instructions on page 5): NAME OF SOURCE OF INCOME EXGEFDING 61,000 ADDRESS OF SOURCE OF INCOME auounr Lad Offa Xavier Suare WS SE DS Road #E2 Means, Fe. 150,000 Pane Dake CAF, We Med 1" St Mae, FL 30,000 ‘SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME [Major custome, let, of bushesses onned by reporing persn-see matactars on page 8) NAM OF NAME OF MAJOR SOURCES ADDRESS, PRINCIPAL BUSINESS uses ENTITY OF BUSINESS INCOME | on SouRcE ACTIVITY OF SOURCE PART E ~ INTERESTS IN SPECIFIED BUSINESSES [Instructions on page 6] BUSINESS ENTITY #2 BUSINESS ENTITY #3 NAME OF BUSINESS ENTITY “ADDRESS OF BUSINESS ENTITY PRINCIPAL BUSINESS AGTMITY POSITION HELD With ENTIFY TOWN MORE THANA SS INTEREST IN THE BUSINESS NATURE OF MY. OWNERSHIP INTEREST PART F - TRAINING For officers required to complete annual ethics training pursuant to section 112.3142, FS. O)_I CERTIFY THAT | HAVE COMPLETED THE REQUIRED TRAINING. OATH counvor * Qame |. the person whose name appears at the ‘Swot to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this_S- day of ‘beginning ofthis form, do depose on oath or afirmation uae _2\S ty Nasvee ts § and say that the information disclosed on this form coon e Qe ZA ears aon Yon “Fos ca Ifa certified public accountant licensed under Chapter 473, or attomey in good standing withthe Flocida Bar prepared this form for you, he or she must complete the following staloment prepared the CE Form 6 in accordance with st. I, See. 8, Florida Constitution, ions fo the form, Upon my reasonabie knowledge and boli, the disclosure herein is true Séclon 112.3744, Flonda Siautes, and the isin and correct Signature Date Preparation of this form by a CPA or attorney does not relieve the filer of the responsibility to sign the form under oath. IP ANY OF PARTS A THROUGH E ARE CONTINUED ON A SEPARATE SHEET, PLEASE CHECK HERE) TEFORNS-Checve may Be PAGET ‘epi otoranee a Re eB), FAC