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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


The Internship is an integral platform for students to gain experience in an actual

workplace. It has been carried out to get an understanding of the structure and
functioning of the organization. This study undertaken to get an exposure to the
functioning of different departments of the company. It also helps to interact with
the managers of the company and to observe the workers at their workplace and to
act together with them.This study gives a clear picture about the functioning of
MVMAyurvedic Research Lab, Pooyappally,Kollam.

MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab was established in 1991 by Sri. K M Babu with
the sole purpose of extending the healing touch of this ancient medicinal science.
It was incorporated under the name of his late father Sri. Mani Vaidyan, a
renowned Ayurvedic physician in South Kerala. Sri. KM Babu, while upholding
five generations of Ayurvedic family tradition aspired to bring out the age old
benefits of Ayurveda in a contemporary form by introducing own line of products
with the first product, Krishnathulsi Cough Syrup which eventually became a
household name in Kerala.Krishnathulsi Hair tonic followed this success which
also has received an amazing response from the people. MVM Ayurvedic
Research Lab is a GMP certified company using state of the art technology for
manufacturing and analysing its products.

HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations,

focusing on policies and on systems.HR departments are responsible for
overseeing employee-benefits design, employee recruitment, training &
development, performance appraisal, and rewarding.Human resources is a
discipline that involves relations with employees and how a company handles

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab



Ayurveda is the oldest India indigenous medicine system, probably

with its roots in the Indus Civilization. In the Vedic period, the osadhisukta of the
Rig-Veda is the oldest documented knowledge about plants and herbal medicines.

The term Ayus means duration or span of life, Veda means unimpeachable
knowledge. The common translation of the Ayurveda is science of life. The earlier
recorded knowledge about Ayurveda is found in the Rig-Veda and the
Atharvaveda, both of the second millennium BC. the Atharvaveda lists eight
divisions of Ayurveda; internal medicine surgery of head and neck,
ophthalmology, surgery, toxicology, psychiatry, pediatrics, gerontology or science
of rejuvenation and the science of fertility.

According to philosophical concepts on which Ayurveda is based, all

bodies-material, living, conscious and unconscious- are evolved out of prakriti by
the subtle influence of the purusa, the absolute or the primal self conscious
principle and every components of the human organism is created out of the
tathvas as evolved out of the prakriti.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

In Ayurvedic medicine, health is defined as soundless of Sarrira, Manas

and Asthma. Each of these must be nurtured if the individual is to have good
health. Ayurveda is basically a humoural medical system and conceives of three
essential humors. The three humors are Vata, Pita; Kapha occasionally in the
surgical tradition a fourth humour-blood was also added.


Several thousand companies in India produce Ayurvedic medicines,

but most of them are quite small, including numerous neighborhood pharmacies
that compound ingredients to make their own remedies. It is estimated that the
total value of products from the entire Ayurvedic production in India is on the
order of one billion dollars. Less than o dozen major companies have dominated
the industry for decades, joined recently by few others that have followed their
lead, so that there are today 30 companies doing a million dollars or more per year
in business to meet the growing demand for Ayurvedic medicine. The products of
these companies are included within the broad category of “Fast Moving
Consumer Goods”. Most of the larger Ayurvedic medicine suppliers provide
materials other than Ayurvedic internal medicines, particularly in the areas of
foods and toiletries where there may be some overlap with Ayurveda such as
having traditional herbal ingredients in the composition of toiletries.

Thulasi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse
healing properties. It is mentioned by Charaka in the Charaka Samhita, an ancient
Ayurvedic text. Thulasi is considered to be an adaptive balancing different
processes in the body, and helpful for adapting to stress. Marked by its strong
aroma and astringent taste, it is regarded in Ayurveda as a kind of “elixir of life”
and believed to promote longevity.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

The key suppliers in Ayurveda are Dabur, Baidyanath and Zandu, which
together have about 85% of Indians domestic market. Various writers mention
these and a handful of other companies repeatedly about the Ayurvedic business in
India;a brief description is provided for them,arranged here from oldest to newest.

Dabur India Ltd.

India’s largest Ayurvedic medicines supplier and the fourth largest producer of
FMCG. It was established in 1884, and had grown to a business level in 2003 of
about 650 million dollars per year, through only a fraction of that is involved with
Ayurvedic medicines. Last year, about 15% of sales volume was pharmaceuticals;
the remaining 85% were mostly non-medicine items such as foods and cosmetics
Daburs Ayurvedic Specialties Division has over 260 medicines for treating a range
of ailments and body conditions from common cold to chronic paralysis. These
materials constitute only 7% of Daburs total revenue. Dabur Chyawanprash has
market share of 70% and chewable Hajmola Digestive Tablets has an 88% share.
Other major products are Dabur Amla Hair Oil, Vatika and Lal Dant Manjan.

Sri Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhawan Ltd

Baidyanath was founded in 1917 in Calcutta, and specializes in Ayurvedic

medicines, through it has recently expanded into the FMCG sector with cosmetic
and hair care products; one of its International products in Shikakai (soap pod)
Shampoo. Baidyanath has a sales volume of About 350 million dollars, but most

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

of the products sales are in the cosmetic range. The company reports having over
700 ayurvedic products made at 10 manufacturing centers,With 1,600 employees.
Included items are herbal Teas, patent medicines, massage oil and Chawanprash.

Zandu Pharmaceutical Works

It was incorporated in Bombay in 1919, named after and 18th century Ayurvedic.
The company focuses primarily on ayurvedic Products. However, today Zandu has
chemicals division and cosmetics division. Its total sales volume is about 45
million dollars. One of its current projects is to develop a dopamine drug for a
plant extract, applying for new drugs status in the U.S.

Himalaya Drug Company

Himalaya was established in 1934 in Banglore. It currently has a business level

about 500 million dollars and has a U.S. distribution division. It is known in the
U.S for the product Liv-52, marketed as a liver protector and therapy for liver
diseases like vital hepatitis; the product was first marketed in India in 1955.


Charak was founded in 1947, and currently has three distribution centers in India;
it produces liquid, tablets and veterinary supplies. It has gained a large advantage
with its new product Evanova, a preparation containing 33 herbs and minerals and
non-hormonal active ingredients used as menopause treatment alternatives to

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

HRT. Soya is one of the main ingredients used in this product. The product also
contains Ayurvedic herbs that act like selective estrogen receptor modulators as
well as asparagus root, which reduces the frequency and intensity of hot flashes.

Vicco Laboratories

VICCO Laboratories was established in 1958. I t mainly produces topical

therapies based on Ayurveda and is based on Ayurveda and is best known
internationally for its toothpaste product, Vajradanti, which has been marketed in
the U.S for more than 25 years.

Emami Group

Emami was founded in 1974, provides a diverse range of products, doing 110
million dollars of both business annually, through only a portion is involved with
Ayurvedic product, through its Himani line; the company is mainly involved with
toiletries and cosmetics, but also provides Chyawanprash and other health


AIMIL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. incorporated in 1984 and engaged in

manufacturing and sale of both generic and proprietary Ayurvedic medicines, with

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

a business level about 20 million dollars annually. Its wide range of Ayurvedic
herbal formulations, covering most therapeutic segments, was honored by the
Indian government’s National Award for Quality Herbal preparations and National
Award for R & D in the year 2002. It is known for its proprietary formulas for
hepatitis, diabetes, menstrual disorders, digestive disorders and urinary diseases.

Several small companies that have grown rapidly in recent years envision
themselves as primary players in the Ayurvedic market. As an example,
Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic medicines in India.


Mohammadkutty a great friend of Nature and Ayurveda. Started in 1977, as a
fledging pharmacy, viswakeerthy today is one of the largest manufactures of
Ayurvedic Medicines with a formidable presence all over Kerala. The dynamic
leadership of Dr. K.M. Kutty, complemented by the energetic drive of his team of
young enthusiastic professionals has taken viswkeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy to
new heights. The philosophy behind the inception was to “serve Humanity through
Ayurveda- the Authentic Way” by propagating and practicing genuine Ayurveda
and producing quality Ayurvedic medicines. Today, this philosophy has taken
Viswakeerthy to new heights of Ayurvedic excellence. Realizing the importance
of standardization of medicines and the modernization of production,
Viswakeerthy took the significant step of updating the technology of the existing
pharmacy and establishing a sophisticated private limited company, Viswkeerthy
Herbals Pvt. Ltd at Kalpakanchery, Malappuram District of Kerala.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


Brief History

The organization was started in 1991 as a sole proprietorship of Mr.

K.M BABU. During the preliminary stages the firm was producing only General
medicines. Manivaidhyan is the father of K.M BABU, he had a hospital and he
was an efficient Doctor. This unit was not profitable in its initial stages.

The proprietor realizes the reasons for the failure and re-oriented the
business. They decided to introduce a new product called “Krishnathulasi cough
syrup”. The management formulated some new marketing techniques like giving
more importance to advertisement. As a result, the sales turnover went up and the
firm becomes profit.

The name MVM is derived from the name of their beloved father
Mani Vaidhyan. Mr. K.M BABU, the managing director is the backbone of the
organization. The initial investment of the company was only 6 lakhs. The
company commenced its commercial production during 1993 and with a short
span it has grown into dominant establishment. The company could provide
employment to more than 70 persons directly and they also provide opportunity to
the distributors.

After the manufacture of cough syrup the company developed one

more product called “Krishnathulasi hair tonic”. The company markets its
products to different gulf countries through distributors. The company has scored a
100% growth rate with its innovative product range and drug category license are
awaited from different countries. The company achieved the standard of ISO 9002
certification from well-reputed international agencies. All the machineries keep
the GMP standard and are based on the latest technology and gives high
performance and least wastages. The introduction of most modern equipments and

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

implementation of high quality standards helps to stand in a par with international


From a dream seen by a visionary, Mr. K.M BABU, MVM has come
a long way. Originated from a small makeshift research and developed center and
Clinic, the first product hit the market. From such a humble beginning to research
to the level of one of the Kerala’s largest Companies has been a saga of
dedication, commitment and application. Today Krishnathulasi has established an
overwhelming presence across the globe with a vast range of products and services
in Ayurvedic sector. The company has recorded a phenomenal growth rate during
the current year while totaling the sales more than Rs 5 core. Moreover
strategically sound marketing sense and techniques, employed by a talent pool of
professional has seen to the increasing presence of the company’s products in the
shop shelves around the world.

The company has full-fledged R&D facility where original research

work is done on various divisions are headed by doctorate holders with long
experience in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Photochemistry etc… The company
has also initiated a scheme for the cultivation of the spices described in the famous
Hothouse Malabaricus, the renowned 17th century work. A large number of these
spices are lost or unidentifiable today. The objective is to identify those presumed
lost and create a biological environment suitable for the spices for the benefit of
the future generation.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


The industry is completely owned privately and the functioning of the

industry is under the control of management. Now the managing director of the
company is K.M Babu. About 180 workers are working in the factor including 50
workers and 20 office staffs. The office hours in the company starts at 10 am and
finishes at 5.30 pm while the factory hour is from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.


The MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab established in the year 1991 and the
business commenced for Rs.600000. This unit was not profitable in its initial


The main products of MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab are Krishnathulasi

cough syrup and Krishnathulasi hair tonic.


The company has been partly financed by Federal bank.


The organization follows a time rate system of wage payment. They pay
remuneration to the workers on monthly basis. As production is carried out under
strict supervision, it does not give rise to idle time.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


Dearness allowances – 15.30%

Provident fund

Employers – 12%

Employees – 12%


Employer – 4.57%

Employee – 1.75%

Name of the company : MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

Date of Commencement : 1991

Chairman : K M Babu

Managing Director : K M Babu

Place : Pooyappally

District : Kollam

Type of Organization : Private

Name of Products : Krishnathulasi cough syrup &

Krishnathulasi hair tonic

Number of Employees : 180 workers

Location : Pooyappally, Kollam

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


The company has an inspiring and ambition vision for future growth. The
vision targets the systematic popularization of Ayurveda so that by every human
being shall use Ayurveda at least for meeting a part of his or her general health
care needs.


The company is vowed to explore the vast Indian flora to bring out life
saving herbal preparations with no side effect and 100% efficiency. The Utmost
purity and superlative standards are maintained by conscientious research and
strict quality control measures for the people to enjoy the benefits of traditional
Ayurveda medicines.


Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


Organizational structure is a basic framework within which the

managers decision making behaviors takes place. Structure basically deals with
relationships. The structure of a system is the arrangement of its subsystems and
components at a given moment of time. Organization structure can be viewed as
established pattern of relationships among the components of the organization. it
refers to the differentiation and integration of activities and authority, role and
relationships in the organization. It is the pattern in which various parts or
components are interrelated or interconnected and also shows the relationships
among various activities and position. Since various persons hold these positions,
the structure is the relationship among people in the organization. Organization
structure is set forth initially by the design of the major components or subsystem.
It is the patterning of these relationships with some degree of permanency, which
is referred to as Organization structure.

Role of organization structure

Organization structure is capable of serving many functions at the

same time but cannot serve all the functions equally well over unlimited time.
Structure created for one purpose may not serve other purpose well. Therefore, it
is important for managers to determine the outcomes desired from organization
structure; and to match the organization with changing needs.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

Organizational Chart

Managing director

General Manager Director

Area Personnel Manager Quality Production

sales manager Finance Purchase Stores Operations
officer exports inspector
director manager manager manager

Assistant Stores
Assistant Personnel Assistant Accounts
manager keeper
marketing Assistant production manager
manager manager

Production Packing
supervisor supervi Accountant
Assistant Assistant
Office Office
assistant assistant Production Packing
assistant assistant
Assistant Assistant

Production Packing
workers workers

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab



 Krishnathulasi cough syrups

 Krishnathulasi hair tonic

Krishnathulasi cough syrup

Krishnathulasi cough syrup is the age-old, natural way of cough relief. A

blend of 100% herbal ingredients, Krishnathulasi Cough syrup contains no
sedatives or steroids and is free from any side effects. For the fast relief of cough
and cold... For the fast relief of cough and cold Krishnathulsi Cough Syrup is a
trusted Ayurvedic proprietary medicine incorporating different proven herbs to
treat all forms of cough and common colds without any side effects. Krishnathulsi
Cough Syrup has a unique deliciously palatable mixture of herbs which effectively
acts as an anti-tussive, anti-allergic and a demulcent mucolytic expectorant.


 Ocimum sanctum(Holy basil, Krishnathulsi )is used in cough, as an

expectorant, as antipyretic, in bronchitis, and also has antimicrobial

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

 Adhathoda vasica(Vasaka) is used in irritable cough, as an expectorant and

as a broncho-dilator.
 Zingiber officinale(Ginger) is used in cough, as an expectorant and as an
 Solanum Surattense(Kantakari) is used in cough, as an expectorant, in
reducing fever, in bronchitis and Pharyngitis.
 Syzygium aromaticum(Clove, Lavanga) is used in cough, as expectorant, as
an emollient, as antibacterial , in fever and in bronchitis.
 Piper Nigrum(Pepper) is used in cough and fever.
 Piper longum(Pippali) is used in cough, as an expectorant, as an emollient,
in fever and in bronchitis.
 Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Yashtimadhu) is used in cough, bronchitis, fever, as a
demulcent and expectorant.
 Trachyspermum Roxburghianum (Ajowan) is used in cough, bronchitis and
also possesses antibiotic properties.
 Cinnamomum Camphora (Camphor) is used in cough, as an expectorant,
cooling agent and an antimicrobial agent.
 Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamom, Ela) is used in cough, bronchitis and
also as an expectorant.
 Apis Mellifica (Honey) is used in cough, sore throat, as an antibacterial
agent, a demulcent and sweetening agent.


Adults 1-2 teaspoons 4-6 times daily

Children below 2 years: ½ teaspoon 3-4 times daily

Children 2-6 years: 1 teaspoon 3-4 times daily

Children 6-12 years: 1-2 teaspoon 3-4 times daily

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

Krishnathulasi hair tonic

Hair Tonic is a highly effective remedy for falling hair and premature
graying. Use it and rejuvenate your hair from the root up. A Heritage passed on to
generations… Krishnathulsi Hair Tonic is a novel product from the marvel of
Indian traditional medicinal system – Ayurveda, used for the relief of headache,
alopecia, dandruff and fungal infections on the scalp. The unique traditionally
approved Ayurvedic green herbs and natural oils in Krishnathulsi hair tonic act
directly on the hair roots and follicles to improve blood circulation and hair
growth to impart a strong lustrous black hair with continuous use.


 Ocimum sanctum (Holy basil, Krishnathulsi) is useful for the relief of

headache, insomnia and cooling.
 Indigofera Tinctoria (Indian indigo, Nilambari) is useful for hair growth,
hair blackening and as an antifungal.
 Aloe Vera (Indian Aloe, Kattarvazha) is used for cooling, blackening,
checks hair loss and improve hair growth.
 Phyllanthus Amarus (Kiranelly) is used for cooling, blackening, treating
hair thinning, alopecia and checks hair loss.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

 Embilica Officinalis (Indian gooseberry, Nellika) is useful for preventing

greyness of hair, blackening, checks hair loss and helps hair pigmentation.
 Eclipta Alba (Trailing eclipta, Kayyunni) is used as an antiseptic, for the
blackening and strengthening of hair. It also improves hair growth.
 Bacopa Monnieri (Thyme leaved gratiola, Brahmi) used for the stimulation
of hair growth, checks skin diseases and improves memory power.
 Acorus Calamus (Sweet flag, Vayambu) is used for hair growth and
improves memory.
 Ricinus Communis(Castor) is used for blackening, the coating of hair shaft,
sealing moisture and leaves hair soft.
 Azadirachta Indica (Neem) is used for hair growth, alopecia, as
antibacterial, checks dandruff and improves the blackness of hair.
 Vetiveria Zizanioides(Vetiver, Ramacham) is useful for hair growth and the
thickening of hair.
 Citrus Limon (Lime) is used for checking dandruff and improves hair
 Anjanakallu is used for the blackness of hair.
 Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) is useful for preventing greying of hair. It
imparts lustre and checks falling of hair.

Dosage and Direction

Apply on the scalp before every bath

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


An organization is a roof under which group of people work

together as a team towards a common objective. This is achieved when there is an
organized effort from all concerned. The organizational objective is the desired
state of affairs which an organization attempts to realize.

In every organization there are mainly four departments which

coordinate the work and maintain a good relation with the superior and
subordinate. It is dissipated mainly by the division which is made in the
organization for the proper functioning with at most care and attention towards the
achievements of goals.

The various functions of the organization are carried through

various departments. The process of assigning various tasks or activities in the
different segment on a horizontal basis is called Departmentation. It helps for
proper administration. In MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab, Pooyappally, the
various departments are below

 Human Resource Department

 Research and Development Department
 Purchase Department
 Production Department
 Stores Department
 Marketing Department
 Finance Department

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


The R&D department is well equipped to carry out any type of research in the
field of ayurveda. It is the core area for MVM as all products are developed there
under the keen supervision of Dr. Vincent. Mrs. Leelamma Babu is the chief of
R&D department. Under R&D department there are five departments- Department
of Pharmacology, Dept. of Quality control Dept. of Chemistry and Dept. of
Botany. Dept of Chemistry has two divisions- Dept of Biochemistry and Dept. of
Analytical Chemistry.


The purchase departments make all purchase for the company. The purchasing
function has emerged as a specialized organizational activity. Mr.Isac is the head
of purchase department. The company makes all the purchases only after obtaining
purchase requisition from the stores department. Purchase department has
appropriate store coding for all of its raw materials and for packing materials.
Cartoons and wrappers are purchased on job order basis.

Packing materials are purchased from Sivakasi in Tamilnadu and plant was
purchased from Thankasi. Most of the raw materials are purchased from outside
Kerala, especially from Tamilnadu. Some are cultivated in the Company’s own


Production is the basic activity of all industrial units. All other

activities revolve around this activity. The end product of the production activity is
the creation of goods and services for the satisfaction of human wants; the
production activity is nothing but step by step conversion of one form of materials
into another either chemically or mechanically. The basic inputs of the production
process are man, machines, plants, services and methods. Production function is

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

the most important function in an organization around which other activities of an


The Production Department in MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab is headed by

the production manager –Mr. Vinodh and immediately followed by the production
manager. The production supervisor and packing supervisors is subordinate to the
assistant manager and they are assisted by production assistant and packing
assistant respectively. There are separate workers for both production and packing.
The various products manufactured are subject to inspection by the quality
inspector ensuring that they are up to the standard.


The success of every business depends to a large extent on the

efficient storage and material control. Stores department shall check the material
received and confirm that the material supplied meets all purchase order chart

Stores department is under the control of purchase manager

followed by store manager, then storekeeper. The storekeeper looks after the
various activities related to the store-keeping department. They are keeping
minimum stock to every product. They are keeping 200 cases of Krishnathulasi
cough syrup as minimum and in the case of hair tonic, they keep 100 cases.


Marketing department is the nerve system of MVM.

Marketing manager Mr.Vinodh manages the function of this department with the
assistance of area sales manager and assistant marketing manager. Area sales
manager is intended to control the external marketing functions and the assistant
manager controls the internal functions of marketing.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

The main function of this department is to ensure uninterrupted

distribution of products to the customers. It makes a market study with the help of
out side agencies to know the demand for their respective products and supply is
made accordingly.The company has successfully exported to Malaysia, Singapore
and other gulf countries and is aiming to tap the market of USA. All the
distribution activities are done with the help of distributors, their main agece are
Monark Internationals and Star exporters.


Finance is considered as the life blood of every business. In this organization,

finance Director- Mrs.Licy controls finance department. The accountant is
subordinate to the Director and Accounts Manager assists him. The accounts
Manager is immediately followed by three assistants who help in carrying out the
functioning of the department. The main function of the department is to manage
the available finance efficiently and to keep the books of accounts up to date. The
company uses both owned and borrowed fund. Corporate bank provides the main
source of borrowed fund. They also have a good foreign exchange record by
export in their product. Internal audit is done during the years in the organization.

Cost per bottle

Cost of cough syrup-24.90

Cost of Hair tonic-79

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


Human Resources are the wealth of an organization which can help it in

achieving its goals. The human resource department handles a range of different
functions within an organization. The department is responsible for hiring and
firing employees, training workers, maintaining interoffice relationships and
interpreting employment laws. The department works diligently behind the scenes
to ensure an organization runs efficiently.





In MVM, the Human Resource Department is headed by the personnel

officer. There exists strong industrial relation within the organization. Both the
officers and workers are free to communicate with the managing director about
their problems and suggestions. Hence it is clear that an open door policy of
communication is followed.

The company is undertaking various welfare measures to ensure safety

and security to the workers. Both monetary and non-monetary benefits are offered
to them. The facilities such as medical allowances, canteen facilities etc are
enjoyed by the employees. In case of any overtime work, extra charges and
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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

transport facilities are made available to the workers. The organization follows a
time rate system of wage payment. They pay remuneration to the workers on
monthly basis. Personnel department manage the recruitment, selection and
training of personnel. Selection of candidates is made through interviews and on-
the job training.


 The human resource department handles the training and development of

staff within an organization. It creates training programs and conducts
training for new hires and existing employees.
 The department actively recruits, screens, interviews and hires qualified
candidates for open positions. The department administers skills assessment
and personality tests to match candidates with the right job within the
 The department typically handles employee payroll and ensures employees
are paid accurately and on time, with the correct deductions made.
 It manages all aspects of employee benefits, including health and dental
insurance, long term care or disability programs as well as employee
assistance and wellness programs. The department keeps track of employee
absences and job- protected leave, such as family medical leave.
 The human resource department handles employee relations matters within
an organization. Employee relations involves employee participation in
different aspects of organizational activities.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


One of the primary functions of the human resource department is
to oversee hiring and recruiting employees within an organization. The department
actively recruits, screens, interviews and hires qualified candidates for open
positions. In MVM recruitment of new employees were selected from the
candidate by advertisement is released in newspaper. This department has to
analyze each job to determine the nature of work, the necessary qualification,
required training etc.

Most of the companies follow different process of selects a person. Following
are the important process of selection
• Inviting application
• Screening of application
• Interview
• Final selection

Performances of the employees are appraised on the basis of their
commitment toward the work, their regular attendance and the quality of work

For the Performance appraisal following factors are included;

 Job knowledge
 Efficiency
 Achievement of target
 Co-operative
 Communication

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

 Organizing ability
 Leadership
 Judgment
 Physical and Mental stamina
 Discipline
 Attendance
 Punctuality
 Motivation
 Integrity

Company provides various financial assistance for its workforce. It
includes educational benefits for family members and financial benefits in case of
emergency situation.

They provide Employment provident fund to their employees and
also provides bonus to their employees. The following benefits are

• Traveling allowances
• Annual leaves
• Compensation leave
• Medical benefits

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

In MVM if an employee is not satisfied with the decision of the
head of the department we can approach straight the general manager. Again if he
is not satisfied with the decision of the general manager he can approach to the
managing director.


• The wages of employee consist of basic wages, dearness allowances, provident
fund, Incentives and bonus. The salary is fixed to the office staff and wages are
paid to the workers.
• Salary is fixed according to the seniority and positions of the employees.
• Wages are paid according to the minimum wages act to the workers.
• Company also provides additional bonus and long term incentives.
• The company is also providing medical care facilities etc.

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab

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MVM Ayurvedic Research Lab


Internship study gave a greater opportunity to learn before fully

entering the working world. The experience of 12 days study gaves me a clear cut
view about the company and its functions. This study also provide the important
aspects and the role of Human Resource Department in an organization.

Human Resources are the wealth of an organization which can

help it in achieving its goals. The human resource department handles a range of
different functions within an organization. Human Resource Management is a
continuously practicing issue so it plays a significant role on organizations overall
performance. The gain of an organization partly at the hands of human resource

The true potential of an organization can only be realized when the

productivity level of all individuals and teams are fully aligned, committed and
energized to successfully accomplish the goals of the organization.

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