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The use of ICT ments again shows how subject at hand.
in MAPEH is changing ICT can be used to aid the
This teaches students to
teaching in several ways. learning process and help
think more deeply about
With ICT, teachers are students focus on higher
the classroom readings,
able to create their own level concepts rather than
seek extra resources, and
material and thus have less meaningful tasks.
consider how the subject
more control over the The changes they are learning about is
material used in the class- caused by the introduction of use to them in their
room than they have had of information technology life. It contextualizes
in the past. Rather than into learning environ- learning leading to deeper
deskilling teachers as ments, are not without absorption of new materi-

some scholars claim, it some potential problems al and better recall.

seems that technology is which must be considered
requiring teachers to be Ronnel A. Hernandez
by administrators. The
more creative in custom- information from this
izing their own material. school indicates that some
Also, using Web pages to fundamental rethinking of
enhance an activity the education process may
demonstrates that technol- be necessary because of
ogy can be used to com- the use of ICT. This will
plement other aspects of also put pressure on the
good teaching rather than school system to restruc-
replace them. It is evident ture the way education is
that involving students in organized.
the creation of useful ma-
Another main characteris-
terial as a part of a learn-
tic that sets this system
ing exercise is a way to
apart from its convention-
make school more mean-
al counterpart is how stu-
ingful for students. While
dents are encouraged to
the use of Power Point
think independently. In-
presentations have been
stead of a typical class-
criticized by some, teach-
room task involving stu-
ers at this school provide
dents preparing and sub-
examples of how it helps
mitting assignments, they
them with their teaching.
are also encouraged to
The use of peripheral de-
add value to their task by
vices on computers to
sharing their personal
help with physics experi-
views and ideas on the