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Sunrise Cooking Oil

Sunrise Brand
The Brand is based upon, bringing its consumers the finest and the best cooking oils sourced from
the most purest and natural ways. Since there is a shift in the market towards more organic and
natural sources of diet, this can be utilized as our main USP among the competition

Similar to the sun that provides the most essential and purest form of energy and life to the earth.
Since, sunrise is the most important aspect of human and all forms of life, hence the name.

Sunrise cooking oil that is




for your modern lifestyle.

As our focus initially is to establish the brand alongside the proposed key points.
Our taglines would be

Dawn of a tasty and healthier lifestyle.

However, we might need a little tagline so as to create long lasting association

and instant recognition to our brand.

Sehat Bhi Maza Bhi

This voice over is to be recorded with a voice of a female child. Hence, would
remain our main tagline for the future.
Our product packaging would utilize nature’s colors as are prominent in our other
communication mediums and the logo. Hence,

Green fields (green color)

Bright sun (yellow color)

So partial green color at the bottom half and yellow sun color for the remaining top

Provided the bright nature of the above mentioned colors. It will be a good
combination for product while shelving at superstores.
Communication Strategy - ATL
TVC & Radio Spots
Capitalizing on our name as well as the main consumer touchpoints. Our focus is on showcasing the
natural elements in our TVC, starting from a dawn over a field of sunflowers, a natural and healthy
visual. Sourcing of oil seeds to the oil mills, and from there to a healthy and active modern family
placed in a beautiful countryside environment.

With a voice-over of the processes along with the visuals. With visual as well as audio focus on
certifications, standards and best practices/processes.

Initially for a year or two, our main focus would be to establish the brand on the above mentioned
points, so as to get the attention of the audience over pure and healthy aspects of Sunrise Cooking

However, later we would shift our focus on a story based quarterly commercial so as to grip in the
main customer i.e. women. To rather have a connection with the audience, provided the fame of
soaps and drama on the traditional media...
Communication Strategy - BTL

Our OOH strategy would depict visuals of a dawning bright sun over greener
pastures along with our product visuals, an Adaptation of our TVC. Similarly
floats with a lively vibe, rather than just product placement, with fake grass,
product placement and 4d visuals of a family.

A teaser campaign can also be considered with the same visuals.

Sunrise ka Rising Chef
A BTL Campaign to be based upon a family integrated idea. An year long strategy.

Where initially our teams would hold local cooking competitions in different areas of multiple
cities. With invitations as well as branding of areas would be done so as to inform our target
audiences about the event. Cooking competitions to be held and winners are shortlisted.
These shortlisted competitors would then compete on a city and then regional basis,
however a chef would now be inducted in the campaign to host and judge.

These winners, approximitely 10-15 in numbers would then compete on a national basis in a
masterchef style competition. This would be televised on multiple channels. Whereas
celebrities and chefs as judges to be inducted.

Participation would be based over a quiz on social media based on our TVC along with an
empty pouch of our brand, to enhance sales and generate trial.
Trade Activation
Similar to our theme of Electronic and OOH.

A customized shelf will be made of 6x4 size, as a large tin/pouch of the cooking
oil itself, front open only and placement of trough for green and natural
element as a small platform at the front. For eg. LMT’s, IMT’s and GT, malls
and other venues

Likewise in consumer trade fairs, we would design stalls based on the same
approach with fake grass as the complete platform with kiosks and shelves
based on a similar design as mentioned above. For e.g. dawn lifestyle.

With BA’s to intercept and inform of the quality and health benefits along with
product features and sales.
Restaurant Endorsements

Partnerships to be based with finest local restaurants where a barter strategy

can be adopted. Where we can provide them cooking oils at discounted
prices and we can design them their menus with our name on their brandings,
menus and digital platforms. For instance, this food has been cooked in
Sunrise Cooking oil.

Chef Endorsements

Partnering on a long term basis with a chef to be the voice of Sunrise as well
as the celebrity of our BTL strategy.
Communication Strategy - Digital
Digital Strategy would play a vital role in our Communication strategy with more access to internet and increasing number of
mobile internet users, we would be able to target semi urban and rural audiences, with minimum spent.


A user integrated website to be developed with

Monthly Competitions based on recipes and blogs these would then be invited to participate on our television

Health & Cooking Blogs

Cooking Recipes

Social Media

Our Social Media would advertise, however it will ultimately lead to our website with the content.

However, the social media pages would help in our BTL Strategy, where one would enter the BTL competition based
on certain questions to be answered with content based on our website related to healthy eating and cooking
Control & Evaluation
Along with each process, KPI’s are to be developed to evaluate adequate reach
and customer/consumer feedbacks. Hence this would enable us to tweak any
shortcoming or develop certain strategies for tactical purposes.