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Terms & Conditions Document

Terms Conditions
1. The Customer should receive the CAF (Customer Acknowledgement Form) when the
product is handed over to field service technician (FST) and the contents of the CAF must be
verified by the Customer.
2. The Customer should provide the original Proof of Purchase (POP) or purchase invoice to
claim the warranty. In case POP is not provided FST will not be able to collect the device and
hence service will be declined.
3. The Customer should produce the original CAF (Customer Acknowledgement Form) at the
time of final product delivery. B2X Field Service Technician (FST) reserves the right to refuse
delivery in case the original CAF is not provided.
4. In case of device fails to switch on, bootup or is damaged, the display is blank, touch is not
responding; FST won't be able to perform the factory data reset in such cases, hence
customer will approve the pickup and repair by accepting the liability of data loss etc.
5. Data Backup is solely customers' responsibility and FST can only help with instructions to
take backup. In case of any data loss FST cannot be held responsible by customer
6. In case the product is found to be physically damaged, liquid damaged or tampered, same
will be treated as out of warranty repair and the Customer will be required to pay charges as
provided by B2X
7. The defective parts replaced during Warranty repair of the product will not be returned to
the Customer. Also, during pick-up/repair by the Service center if any screen guard is found
on screen, the same would be removed from the device & FST will not be liable to return it.
8. The repair estimation given at the time of acceptance of the product to repairs are
provisional and may vary after detailed inspection. In case the final estimated charges are
more than the initial estimate, the service center will proceed with all necessary repairs once
customer approves the repair estimate.
9. The service charges (INR 909 + 18% GST) as well as part price used for non-warranty
repairs shall be applicable as per OOW policy document. Estimate will be shared to the
customer and the repair will be processed only if customer approves the charges via mail.
In case, a customer denies chargeable repair then minimum charges to cover inspection &
logistics would be applicable.
10. In the event an estimate is shared and if not approved by the customer within 3 days, the
product will be returned, and the B2X Field Service Technician will not be responsible for the
same. Customer is requested to check his email and contact details with the technician when
he comes for visit.
11. The FST shall make all efforts to ensure that the product is delivered within 7 working
days (applicable to all Metro cities) from the receipt of faulty product. At times however, due
to non-availability/shortage of critical spare parts or complicated fault, the repair turnaround
time may be longer than the estimated time shared while accepting the device for repair.
12. The Loaner Device is subject to availability. It is recommended to read all the terms &
conditions for Loaner device on agreement. Customer is requested to remove his account,
customer data, user information and date from the loaner device before return. B2X will not
be liable or responsible for customer data if the same is not removed from Loaner device.
13. FST is not liable for any delays, nonperformance, failure or non-delivery of the product
due to contingencies arising any force measure, act of God, storm, earthquake, accident,
strikes, lockout, industrial dispute, labor trouble, transportation embargo, imminence or the
existence of any state emergency, war, civil commotion right, approval or imposition of
sanctions or any measure taken by government which renders it impossible or impractical for
B2X to perform supply, service or deliver the Product to the Customer.
14. In case the device is Dead/has no display and if cause is internal damage, then the same
will not be covered under warranty. Internal damage will be ascertained by the service
factory and relevant images will be shared with the customer.
15. A device with cracked display will get more damaged during dis-assembly process for
diagnostics. In such case it will not be possible to return the device in 'original damaged'
condition at time of pick up.
Under such circumstances B2X will not be liable to return the device as per the original
damage condition.
16.The quotation shared by the service factory after thoroughly inspecting the device will be
considered final and the price indicated in the OOW price document (with the field
technician) is just an indicator of the potential repair cost. If multiple parts need to be
changed in the device, then the final quotation might change from the one shared by the
field technician.
17. In case if estimation is rejected by user at pre-repair stage, device condition may not be
the same or may be different than actual received, especially if there is external cosmetic
damage to the device. The customer should check the OOW pricing sheet and ascertain the
potential repair price before submitting the device
18. Part replaced during repair are genuine and warranty on replaced parts is valid for a
period of 30 days.
19. Please contact our Google customer support on 1800-419-0655 for any queries related to
your service request. Please write to india-pixel-escalations@google.com along with your B2X
ticket number and query if you wish to escalate further
20. IMEI and SN of the device will be captured along with the test results from the diagnostic
app. No other personal user information of the customer will be captured
21. Customer can track his repair on "Track your Repair" link tab shared on your registered
email id, captured at the time of call creation.
By accepting the Customer Acknowledgement Form, it is deemed that the Customer agrees
to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the Customer Acknowledgement Form.