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Communication is always critical, particularly in healthcare.

helps to learn Spanish for healthcare professionals in order to reach
effective communication in cross-cultural environments. Healthcare
professionals must build rapport. Our conversational approach makes this
a breeze. We cover basic greetings and introductions. We then focus on
the collection of accurate patient-specific data, treatment planning,
diagnostic testing, and providing explanations and instructions.

You will be well equipped to easily schedule the appointment, greet the
patient, document the problem, order diagnostic tests and develop a
treatment plan. Having mastered these components, follow-up visits and
long term treatment planning will become simple and routine.

Our well-tailored Medical Spanish online for healthcare professionals help

reduce learning time for healthcare professionals, making learning Spanish
relevant and effective. We coach our students one-on-one using Skype. It
is as easy as opening up your laptop or tapping the app. Let Spanish55
provide you with the tools and confidence to interact with Spanish-speaking
patients and their families.

First impressions: Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

The first impression is established at the moment of contact with your

patient. This is crucial because it will determine the perceived quality of the
overall experience. Our online Spanish lessons for healthcare professionals
lessons incorporate non-verbal tips that lead to great first impressions and
build trust from day 1.

Lower language barrier

The lack of linguistic competence may distort communication and
potentially put lives at risk. The ability to adapt to your patient/s
native language will allow for more clear interactions. Our conversational
Spanish lessons for professionals in healthcare are designed to remove
language barriers, making follow up visits far more successful.

Cultural differences

Your Spanish55 language coach will teach you important cultural cues that
make a world of a difference. The vast majority of Spanish-speaking
patients will appreciate proper etiquette, especially the elderly. Did you
know tossing things in front of Spanish speaking patients is highly impolite?
Did you know the highly versatile word "stupid" is strong and offensive in
Spanish for healthcare?

Improve relationships

Quality relationships in healthcare have a positive effect on patient

engagement. Patients who feel respected and cared for are more active in
their own health care. Cross-cultural interactions are difficult because of
differences in language and culture. Don't let your relationships suffer from
failure to clearly communicate. A warm introduction in a patient's native
language will go a long way.?

Ready to get started?

Try a 55-minute consultation with a Spanish tutor on Skype free of charge.

Our online Spanish for healthcare professionals follow a structured
conversational approach, you will have full attention from an experienced
professional. Learn medical Spanish online with Spanish55!

More: https://www.spanish55.com/blog/medical-spanish-for-healthcare-professionals