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Types of Basic Description Like


Actually/Alright/Well + general Well in general I guess I would say that

description I'm quite partial to…(+topic word)

But in particular, I'm fairly/pretty keen

on/ fond of…(+first topic-related thing).
I suppose if I had a chance to
describe..., the first thing I
And I suppose/guess this is probably
would say is that…
due to the fact that...


In addition to this, I suppose I'm really

Additionally, another feature into/I'm passionate about …(second
which I should mention is topic-related thing).
And this might be because…

Finally, I would really need to

add that…
Dislike Types of

Well in general I guess I would say Well/Actually, you know there's

that I'm not a big fan of…(+topic relatively a wide range of…(+topic
word) word)

However, I think/suppose/guess that

But in particular, I totally detest… the most + adjective (widely-common,
important, well-known…) could
And I suppose/guess this is probably perhaps be ..A..
due to the fact that...
And what you have to realise with..A..
is that…

Besides, another form of …(+topic

word) worth commenting on could
In addition to this, I suppose I really
can't stand …(second topic-related
And the main characteristic of ..B.. Is
And this might be because…
Yes/No WH/ How often Would

Well, honestly, this isn't

Well, to be quite honest, I
OK, well in reality, I suppose something that I've ever
think I would have to say that
that to some extent… considered, but in short…
it is really depends.
(Use second conditional)

Especially with regard to the Like for instance, If … then I Firstly, I imagine I would
point that…(+ Yes answer) guess it's likely that I will... possibly think about…

At the same time, you could

Though, at the same time,
say that… Or But you also Additionally, I guess I would
if… then it's more possible
have to understand that… (+ maybe contemplate…
that I will...
No answer)

So after all thing considered I

guess the answer is probably
yes and no
This is my structure for Part 2. You can make your own guideline based on Mat Clark's speaking book

Alright, I suppose if I had a chance to describe about … (paraphrase the question), I would probably select… (speci
Now concerning the matter of…, the thing that needs to be mentioned here would be that…
With regard to the point of…, you really have to understand that…
Finally/ To reiterate, I’d like to draw your attention to…
Comparing Predicting Why
Certainly, I'm sure that most
Well to my mind, I guess I
Well definitely, there are a people would agree that
would have to say that
number of potential there will be a number of
there are probably a
differences here. major changes related to
number of factors involved.

However, I guess that the

most significant would be
Initially/ To begin with, I First and foremost, chief
would predict/anticipate that among the causes might be
Structure I will be likely… that…
Whereas, on the other

Additionally, a second key

At the same time, I suppose At the same time, a
distinction would be that…
it's quite potentially/possibly secondary motive could be
that… that…
While on the other hand,…
Advantages Disadvantages Problems

Actually, I'm sure most Definitely, I would have to

Well I suppose that there
people would agree that say that there are quite a lot
are quite a few clear
there are a couple of of dangers with regard to
shortcomings. this issue.

To be more specific, I guess

However, I would probably First and foremost, one
the most impractical
say that the most major worry/concern is
characteristic would be
outstanding would be that... probably that…

At the same time, a

secondary plus point could Additionally, a further Additionally, another major
be that… This is clearly disadvantages maybe that… cause is that…
advantages because…

I honestly believe that there

are a few ways to tackle this

When dealing with the first

problem, it is the easiest way
to work it out would be to…

Now, taking into account the

second challenge, the only
way to deplete this dilemma
would be to…
As easy as pie
Beat around the bush
Break the news
Can't stand
Cost an arm and a leg
Easier said than done
Face the music
Give credit where credit is due
Go back to the drawing board
Go belly up
Green with envy
If worse comes to worst
In leaps and bounds
In the long run
Just what the doctor ordered
Keep one's chin up
Lose one's temper
Make a bundle
Make ends meet
Make up one's mind
Once in a blue moon
On cloud nine
On second thoughts
Out of this world
Part and parcel
Piece of cake
Rule of thumb
Save the day
Start from scratch
There's no accounting for taste