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Andre Albason

Prof. Belleza
Purposive Communication 13:00-14:30

What is the importance of the following principles of communication to:

Talk show Commercial Variety show

Guides the guest or Gestures used could Relay message

1 the host on what to get the attention of the through the use of
talk about viewers symbols
Creates meaning in Shows the importance Shows the meaning of
the responses of using the products doing their scene
Knowledge and Each scene portrays a
Different cultures are
3 culture used affects different culture and
talked about
the buyers how they function
Relationship of the Relationship of the Relationship of the
host and guest seller and the buyer host and audience

Shows the message

Showcase the
Highlights the product the host wants to
5 opinions of both the
trying to sell deliver to the
host and guest
Displays how they
Showcase the ideas Shows how they want to execute/
of the guest market their product perform a certain
Makes the host and Shares their opinion
Show how they create
guest share their own on their own product
7 meaning to each
insights about a and its competitor
specific scene
certain topic products