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Save trees use e-Question Paper Go green DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT GCS Seneme ow fT) Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2017/Jan.2018 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Time: 3 hes. Max Marks Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing one full question from each m. Modale-1. @ 1a, Explain the architecture of 8086 microprocessor with a neat diag (h functions of various blocks, (06 Marks) b. With an example distinguith between physical address, lic oot address. If CS = 2000 b, DS = 3000 h, SS = 4000 h, ES = $000 b, BP = 0030 h. Find physical address for (i) MOV MOV CX, (4 Marks) €. Explain the following addressing modes of 8086: 4) Register indirect Based indexed indirect Direct memory. {06 Marks) oR 2 a, What are assembler directives? Explain the Waljgwing) assembler directives (i) PROC, Gi Assume, ii) PTR. (04 Marks) b. Write assembly language program to ad cy ‘data stored in data segment. (04 Marks) th syntax, explain the following cont structions: Conditional transfer ii) Unconditional transfer instry (08 Marks) 3) a Explain the syntax of follo st with en example: SHR v)CMP vi) AAM (06 Maris) DAA i) MUL, 1b. Write a program to conve 10 upper case by reading string from KB and print the 10} in after clearing the screen. (06 Marks) the’ of one’s and zero’s in a given 8 bit data using rotate instructions. (04 Marks) oR 2 any reaing of ening epee cahar ender eqatons writes ep. 42s8~ 5, wl be eed slate 4 a. Explain thagsyntax Qh following instructions with example: ) AAA, ii) Shh, b, B> ‘various types with an interrupt vector table c. jo sort a given set of 16 bit numbers in ascending order using any sorting (06 Marks) Modute-3 5S a. With ample, explain how to identify over flow and under flow using flags in a flag register for performing arithmetic operation on 16 bit number. (06 Marks) Writegige syntax of following instruction and explain with an example: (3) CBW. (ii) IDIV, PSB, (iv) Xtat. (o4 Marks ign a memory system for 8086 with one 64 KB RAM and one 64 KB ROM at address ih and FO000h show the complete design along with memory mapping and draw the . BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative Irpansnt Noe: |. On cmpating your ane, comple daw agonal ces ins on he emai blk ys. Save trees use e-Question Paper Go green DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT oR 6 a. With block diagram, explain 8255 and write control word register format for Pq 0 input in mode 0. b. Write an ALP to read Pp and check number of one’s in a given 8 bit dats at P FFh on P, iF it is even parity else 00h on Pa if it is odd parity. ¢. Write a program using string instructions to accept a string from keyboard{and chedle for palindrome and accordingly display appropriate message. 5 7 a, Compare microprocessor with microcontroller. bb. Explain the programmer's model of ARM processor with complet © With diagram explain the various blocks in a 3 stage, M_ processor ‘organization, (04 Marte) 4. Explain registers used under vatious modes, (04 Marks) oR 8 a. inthe structure of ARM cross development toot (06 Maris) b. the various modes of operation of ARM (05 Maris) ‘c. Explain the various fields in Current Program Status (05 Marks) 9a, Explain the syntax with example the fa ns of ARM processor (i) MVN, GH RSB, (il) ORR, (iv) MLA, (Y) (05 Marks) b. Write a program to display message “ Explain various formats of add instgactio P using ARM? instructions. (04 Maris) operands of ARM? processor. (04 Marts) d, Ifes~ 5, 78 and using the (il ruetion, write values of rs, r7 after execution MOV 15,5, LSL #2, (03 Marks) R 10a. Explain software interry {cid of ARM processor. (04 Mane) b. Explain various types @ sWlfply iBtructions with syntax and example. (04 Marts) cc. What are the salieneqahtures instruction set? (05 Marks) a. a (03 Marks) 20f2 BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative