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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Today MSME recollected questions
Today's asked questions in msme exam:
ITCOT Based in ?
Tile industry cluster Mangalore disappeared due to?
FIWE h/q ?
SSIDC Registered under?
WTO Set up in?
Net rating agency for small industry?
Numerical questions:
1. Working capital turnover ratio 5
Current ratio 2:1
Current assets 30lakh
Profit is 6% of sale find net profit?
2. Net profit 40 lakh, dep 10 lakh, int on term loan 10lakh and DSCR IS 2 FIND INSTALMENT
3. CURRENT ratio 2.7:1
DEAR 0.6:1 What is interpretations in business?
4. Current ratio 2:1 current assets 60lakh, total liabilities 110 lakh term loan 35 lakh , find net
5.NPA provisioning
8.Reservation items of MSME
9. Kishore,tarun,shishu
10.Small and medium enterprises investment in plant and machinery

*maximum shareholders in a private company from according to 2013 Act-200
* SARFAESI act enacted year-2002
*UNIDO implemented a development initiative in the knitwear cluster-Ludhiana
*Red clause LC -buyer is extending an unsecured loan to the seller
*Non fund based facilities- deffered payment guarantee
*Options for financing MSME- equity, venture capital, Angele fund
*Hybrid capital refers to combination of -equity and debt

Some of the recollected questions MSME 15072018

Deadline for Basel 3 implementation in India
Basel 3 aim to promote resilient banking parameters namely ?
CRM is ----- approach
Limits for mudra loan in shishi kishor tarun
One question on OTS scheme
Rehabilitation package for potentially viable units within-- month
Composite loan amt ?
SARAFAESI act enacted in which year
Banning industries which not having scope is the role of ?
2question on internal and external causes of sickness
1 question on symptoms of sickness
Steps in cluster devp project
Example if diffusion effect of tech ...Change
Msme credit process - 5 stages
1 question on fund based non fund based guarantee
Objective of FIWE
ISO 9000 credit reimbursement amt
Forei investment outside the automatic route clearance has to be obtained from - FIPB
2 questions on no of directors and members in private public Ltd co
at July 15, 2018

Altaf Kusugal15 July 2018 at 20:51

Regarding Mudra loans criteria shishu, kishore tarun


Altaf Kusugal15 July 2018 at 20:52

Small and medium enterprise investment in plant and machinery


Altaf Kusugal15 July 2018 at 21:00

*Npa provisioning
*CGTMSE claim
*regarding women entrepreneurs
*Reservation items of MSME
* inclusions of the things for considering as investment in plant and machinery