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Cheer dance Competition 2017

Rules and Regulation

1. Each team must have at least a minimum of 25 cheer dancers and a maximum of 30.
Props men and spotters should not go beyond 5 persons.
2. The minimum length of the performance is five (5) minutes and a maximum of seven
(7) minutes. Teams who go beyond or fall short based on the time provided will be
penalized. Every exceeding second will get a one (1) point deduction from the total
3. The teams will be given thirty (30) seconds to prepare before the start of the routine
and another thirty (30) seconds to leave the performance area. Exit time will continue
to run as long as there are cheer dancers and/or props left on the performance area.
Violation of the entrance and exit time will be penalized. Every exceeding second will
get a one (1) point deduction from the total score.
4. Time will start on the first move made by the team or from any participant.
5. Pyramid-building will be allowed up to 2 levels. Violation will merit a five (5) point
deduction from the total score.
6. Tossings are strictly prohibited.
7. Use of pyrotechnics/fire and confetti are strictly prohibited. Violation means
automatic disqualification.
8. Drawing of lots will be done a day before the event at a venue and time specified by the
organizer during the registration. Participants will be informed accordingly. Late
comers will automatically be disqualified from the contest. Call time for performers
and cheer dancers will be one (1) hour before the start of the opening program. (see
run thru guidelines)
9. Participants must be at the venue one (1) hour before the start of the opening
10. Decision of judges is final and non-appealable.
11. Drums and cheerpart are required.

Run through guidelines:

1. Cued music tapes/cd’s must be submitted to the musical director.
2. Team who miss their slots in the run through will no longer be allowed to rehearse.
3. Each team is allowed a maximum of 10 minutes to block and run through.
1. Cycling and panty shorts cannot be skin-toned and see-through. (only black or dark
colored cycling are allowed)
2. Gloves, sweat bands and the like are not allowed to be worn by bases during stunts.
3. Stockings/tights are not allowed for safety reasons.
4. Jewelry must be removed and may not be worn.
5. Soft-soled athletic shoes with adequate support must be worn while competing. Jazz
shoes and/or boots, slippers, sandals, flip-flops, high heels, leather shoes, and bare feet
are NOT allowed.
6. Team should have their school’s or squad’s name or sponsor/s name.
A. Skirt: maximum Thumb level short
B. Shorts: buttocks are fully covered/concealed and not skin tone
7. Top: no cleavage, fully supported, and appropriately covered.
8. Fingernails, including artificial nails, must be kept at an appropriate length.
9. Wigs are not allowed.


Costume and Props 10%
Audience Impact 10%
Total 100%