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Flipkart - SDE 2

Job Description

The stage/The Gig: Software Engineering

Flipkart has defined the eCommerce industry in India and will continue its leadership with its core
value of putting “customer first”. Flipkart is made of people who love being themselves and their
independence of thoughts pave way for disruptive innovation on tech, biz and ops fronts.
We are looking for engineers who are well rounded - quality conscious, product thinkers, business
congnizant and smart – not mere coders. Engineers get to significantly amplify their impact with
the scale that Flipkart operates at. The same scale also demands the engineers to produce super-
efficient solutions. Engineers participate and breed the culture of self-drive which is fuelled with
merit based opportunities. In the pursuit of excellence, Flipsters compete against themselves
because there is no competitor in the radar.
Flipsters’ area of work includes advanced information-retrieval algorithms, massive scalability,
elastic storage, predictive analytics, fraud detection, inventory planning, supply chain, and large-
scale applications that enrich the user experience, to name a few. Working with the market leader,
engineers mostly solve challenges-never- seen-before. The environment makes receptive people
with open mind and a drive of ownership to succeed and create impact.The excitement gets further
fuelled with the impact of flipsters’ work felt and complimented by friends and family in India.
At Flipkart we miss no opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments. While we work hard, we
party harder which helps us work hard again.
You’re Part:
 Drive discussions to create/improve product, process and technology
 Thinking tools, creating tools
 Build abstractions and contracts with separation of concerns for a larger scope
 Rapid proto-typing
 Robust and scalable web-based applications
 Do high level design with guidance; Functional modelling, break-down of a module
 Thinking platforms & reuse
 Do incremental changes to architecture: impact analysis of the same
 Do performance tuning and improvements in large scale distributed systems
Org Development
 Mentor young minds and foster team spirit

You’re Array (Nice to Haves):

 The farsightedness it takes to look at business problems critically from more than one

 The capability to craft object-oriented models and design data structures, implement business
logic and data models with suitable class design.
 Ability to break-down larger/fuzzier problems into smaller ones in the scope of the product
 Sound soft skills to gel with colleagues from other teams in order to harness the development
 An understanding of the industry’s coding standards and an ability to create appropriate
technical documentation.

You (Must Haves):

 Extensive and expert programming experience in any one programming language (strong OO
skills preferred).
Deep experience in at least one general programming language (Java, Ruby, Clojure, Scala,
C/C++ and SQL)
 A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures,
algorithms, and software design.
 Have a penchant for solving complex and interesting problems
 Worked in startup like environment with high levels of ownership and commitment
 BTech, MTech, or PhD in Computer Science or related technical discipline (or equivalent).
 Excellent coding skills – should be able to convert design into code fluently Good skills to write
unit & integration tests with reasonable coverage of code & interfaces - TDD is a plus
 Experience in building highly scalable business applications, which involve implementing large
complex business flows and dealing with huge amount of data. Experience with multi-threading
and concurrency programming
 3 years and above exposure in the art of writing codes and solving problems for large scale.
You’re Cheers!
Apart from all the general benefits of best in industry compensation, equity, healthcare etc ,
Flipart prides in calling out the big hand for you to be
 Great Work, Great People and Great environment. We call ourselves an incubator for engineers
where you get all the optimal conditions to do and experience your best.