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SEMESTER 1 thesis

Credits SEMESTER 1 Credits Web/Application Security 2

leave semester, postponement, graduation ceremony
tuition fee Network Security
and parking. 3 Innovation Technology
Admission/Registration fee: Management 2 SEMESTER 3 Credits SEMESTER 3 Credits
Enterprise Architecture 2
Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousands rupiah) Enterprise Architecture 2 Cyber Law & Cyber Law
IT Strategic Planning 2
& Computer Ethics

Tuition fee IT Strategic Planning 2 Computer Ethics 2
Introduction to Project 2
Rp. 56,500,000 Introduction Project 2
Data Mining 3 Seminar 1
to Data Mining 3 Seminar 1
Confirmation fee (2 weeks after acceptance) IT Project Management 2
Rp. 2,500,000 IT Project Management 2
IT Risk Management &
Disaster Recovery 2 IT Risk Management & SEMESTER 4 Credits SEMESTER 4 N-PT
BY BACredits
Payment scheme: Disaster Recovery 2 Thesis Advisory
® 6
Thesis Advisory 6
Semester 1 – Rp. 19,500,000
Semester 2 – Rp. 19,500,000
SEMESTER 2 Credits SEMESTER 2 Credits
Semester 3 – Rp. 15,000,000 SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY
IT Governance 3 IT Governance 3
Notes: Research Methodology 2 Research Methodology 2 sgu.ac.id
1. Early bird of IDR 3,000,000 is given for registration which
--Proposal Discussion & --Proposal Discussion &
made within the REQUIREMENT
discount period* and restrictions apply. Presentation in 2nd Half Presentation in 2nd Half
It has been proven that a good level of attendance con-
Ethical Hacking Human Capital &
2. signifcantly
Additional discounttoof successful completion
IDR 3,000,000 of the pro-
per participant will be and Incedent Handling 3 Organizational Behaviour 3
given and alumni
for SGU enhances
and the quality who
companies of learning experi-
send more than 2
Computer Hacking Digital & Cyber Marketing 3
participants. Forensics/ Investigations 3 Technopreneurship 2
Data Mining Evaluation in IT
The tuition fee includes meals during lectures and orientation

for Cybersecurity 2 Investment 3
week. The feeinexcludes
this programme arerepetition
books, any requiredexams/subject,
to pass all
Web/Application Security 2
leave including
semester, presenting
thesis and defending
postponement, theirceremony
graduation thesis
and to graduation.Once all requirements have been ful-
flled, participants in this programme will be awarded the SEMESTER 3 Credits SEMESTER 3 Credits INFORMATION
degree of Magister Komputer (M.Kom.). Cyber Law & Cyber Law
Computer Ethics 2 & Computer Ethics 2
Project 2 Project 2
Seminar 1 Seminar 1

SEMESTER 4 Credits SEMESTER 4 Credits

Thesis Advisory 6 Thesis Advisory 6
SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY • Get rewards for “students
TIME & LOCATIONS get students”
Saturdays: (08.00 - 19.00) • Attractive alumni &
SGU Campus, The Prominence Tower corporate discount
The Prominence Tower, Alam Sutera
CONTACT Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat No.15 • Valuable early bird scheme
apply.master@sgu.ac.id Tangerang 15143 - Indonesia
Tel. +62 21 2977 9596/9597
• Special Discounts for EC-
(+6221) 29779596/9597 ext. 5204 Council international
Fax. +62 21 2977 9598
marketing@sgu.ac.id certification and training
apply online:
http://www.sgu.ac.id/online-registration-master-degree/ @swissgermanuniv

Master of IT has 2 (two) concentrations to meet business,
government and industrial challenges: Cyber Security
& IT Governance (CSIG) and Business Informatics & IT
Governance (BIIG). Classes are offered in Saturdays at
SGU Campus, The Tower Pominence Tower, Alam Sutera.
The programme is designed for 4 (four) semesters with total
credits of 40 (forty). Students who are motivated and well
planned however may complete and earn their Master
degree in 3 (three) semesters.


Admission/Registration fee: CSIG CLASS GROUP BIIG CLASS GROUP
The MIT from SGU is a cutting-edge graduate
Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousands rupiah)
degree addressing information and communications SEMESTER 1 Credits SEMESTER 1 Credits
technology applications in business organizations, Network Security 3 Innovation Technology 2
Tuition fee: Management
goverment & industries.
Rp. 56,500,000 including Confrmation fee (2 weeks after
Enterprise Architecture 2 Enterprise Architecture 2
Graduates of this programme are qualifed to take acceptance)
up challenging positions in business, industry and Rp. 2,500,000 IT Strategic Planning 2 IT Strategic Planning 2
government organizations. Introduction to Data 3 Introduction to Data 3
Mining Mining
This unique interdisciplinary master’s degree Payment scheme:
IT Project Management 2 IT Project Management 2
programme combines study in information Semester 1 – Rp. 19,500,000
IT Risk Management & 2 IT Risk Management & 2
management, enterprise architecture, corporate Semester 2 – Rp. 19,500,000
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery
IT infrastructure, computer forensics, technology Semester 3 – Rp. 15,000,000
innovation, technopreneurship digital & cyber
marketing, green environment ICT for the betterment SEMESTER 2 SEMESTER 2
NOTES: IT Governance 3 IT Governance 3
of environment and professional development in
management. 1. Early bird of IDR 3,000,000 is given for registration Research Methodology 2 Research Methodology 2
which is made within the discount period* and restric- --Proposal Discussion & --Proposal Discussion &
tions apply. Special DISCOUNTS for EC-Council interna- Presentation in 2nd Half Presentation in 2nd Half
KEY BENEFITS tional certification and trainingAdditional discount of IDR Computer Hacking 3 Human Capital & 3
3,000,000 per participant will be given for SGU alumni Forensics/ Organizational
and companies who send more than 2 participants. Investigations Behaviour
• Integration of learning processes and working
experiences. Ethical Hacking and 3 Digital & Cyber 3
2. The tuition fee includes meals during lectures and orienta- Incident Handling Marketing
• Strong links with companies, in particular from
tion week. The fee excludes books, any repetition exams/ Data Mining for 2 Technopreneurship 2
the ICT industries.
subject, leave semester, thesis postponement, graduation Cybersecurity
• Combining IT with business knowledge.
ceremony and parking. Web/Application 2 IT Investment Valuation 3
• Courses are in line with IASA, ISACA and EC-
Council curricula. Security
• Team of lecturers consists of both experienced
researchers and practitioners in the feld of SEMESTER 3 SEMESTER 3
information security. Cyber Law & 2 Cyber Law & 2
• Fantastic networking opportunity with other MIT Computer Ethics Computer Ethics
students from variety of industries, including Project 2 Project 2
goverment, oil gas, banking, media, insurance Seminar 1 Seminar 1
• Special Discounts for EC-Council international
certification and training, such as for CEH, ECIH, SEMESTER 4 SEMESTER 4
CND, CHFI and ECSA Thesis Advisory 6 Thesis Advisory 6