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Heather Heuton

Unit 9 Final Assignment


“Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposites

to material or physical things”. It is simply the definition of believing in something bigger than

yourself. It involves searching for meaning in this crazy beautiful thing life. When we believe in

the spirituality of things, we create a sense of purpose, passion and interconnectedness within our

soul. Everyone find their own spirituality in different way, whether that would be within a

church, temple, personal relationship with God or even a higher power. Our thoughts on

spirituality come from the things in our life such as relationships and our own personal

experiences (What Is Spirituality?, n.d.). As we develop spirituality, we are also developing

psychologically as well.

Sigmund Freud stated that we have three different types of personalities that help make

us who we are. The first one is the ‘Id’. The Id is the most primitive one of our personality as it is

the one that we are born with such as our gender. The Id responds to our impulses and our direct

instincts as it does not change over time. It is what is present as birth, making in infantile. Next,

we have the ‘ego’ which develops during our decision-making processes. It is also part of social

realities and norms such as rules, etiquette and how we behave. The ego also helps us seek out

pain and pleasure but has no idea of the concept of right and wrong. Finally, the last part of

Freud’s psychological concept is the ‘superego’. This is the part of our personality that

incorporates our morals and values. It is said that these are the things that we learn from our

parents between the ages of three to five during the psychosexual development stage. The

superego is supposed to control the ids functions such as sex and aggression. “The superego

consists of two systems: The conscience and the ideal self”. “The ideal self is an imaginary

picture of how you ought to me, and represents career aspirations, how to treat other people and

how to behave as a member of society” (Mcleod, 2017). The consciences part of the super ego

helps the ego with feelings of guilt. An example of this would be when the ego is giving into

demands, the superego makes the person feel guilty about that decision. The ideal self and the

conscious are simply thoughts and feelings that we gain from our parents as we are growing up

and developing (Mcleod, 2017).

Finding oneself either spirituality or psychologically can be very rewarding as we go

through the different stages in our lives. Every step that we take and every journey that we go

through is going to help us develop our thoughts and feelings about things. This is what makes us

human and what makes every single one of us out there different and have our personalities. An

example of this would be the questions that I asked my sister. As she goes through each one of

these questions, it is going to help her grown both spiritually and psychologically.

1) What is your philosophy in life? Live life the way you want regardless of what others

think. You only get one life, you live every day, don’t waste it making other people

happy. Make yourself happy. The reason that I asked this question was to help people

realize that life is great and that it is not only full or surprises and laughter, but that it is

going to throw you curve balls sometimes. I think that it is easy for people to get so

caught up in their busy lives between work, school and our social life that we tend to

forget about the reason why we are doing all these things. We were given this life to live

for a reason, to go through hell and back and I believe that we will not be given things

that we cannot handle. Life is meant to be happy and sad all at the same time but what

you do every second of every day can truly impact on how you feel and how you go

through life.

2) What was the best phase in your life? Transitioning from young adolescent to being a

mother. I grew up a lot in that time and feel very proud of who I became. I love

caring for someone other than myself and watching her grow. She is a part of me,

yet her own self and I find that beautiful. The reason that I asked this question was

because I think that it nice to know the good things in our life because we do get caught

up in the things that go on in our everyday lives. The best phase in life could be the

reason for our happiness, the reason we rare living and the reason we feel the way we do.

This is something that we should never forget about.

3) What does a relationship deal breaker for you? Smoking, drugs, gaming, not a good

communicator. The reason I choose this question was because I think it is important for

people to know their worth and realize when they are settling. No one should ever settle,

and I think that everyone should follow their heart and that they will find true happiness.

They say there is someone out there for everyone and I truly do believe that. After my

sister answerer this question, she mentioned that it was one of the harder ones for her to

answer and I asked why. She said that it was because you never really know what a deal

breaker is to you unless you experience that moment such as gaming for her. She

mentioned the two big ones of lying and cheating. When it comes to lying, we live in a

world where everyone lies whether it is a big lie or a small lie. No one is one hundred

percent honest and that is unfortunate. She mentioned that it really depended on the lie,

and how long the lying process is drawn out. We talked about cheating as well. When

someone cheats, sometimes it only happens once, and it is in the moment kind of thing

where it does not mean anything. Things just happen and that is just how life works.

4) When do you think a person is ready for marriage? When you wholeheartedly trust a

person with your life, the fit in your life, they fit with your friends, your family, and

you are willing to understand that marriage isn’t perfect but that they are your

person and you would rather die than live without them. The reason that I choose this

question was because I think that marriage is a very solid part of life and is one of the

biggest decisions that you will make. It is important to know that you are ready to live

life with another human being and knowing that life is not a perfect fairy tale after

marriage. A marriage takes time and work and that is something I feel that most people

do not understand. Marriage is a big step in life and knowing if you are solidly ready to

be with the same person for the rest of your life is a big commitment.

5) Who is that one person you can talk to just about anything? My sister. The reason that

I choose this question is because I think it is important for someone to always have that

one important person in their life that they can share anything with. This is the person

who is going to be there for them when they are sad, happy or angry. It is nice to always

have someone to go to that is not going to judge and that only wants the best for you.

6) What been your biggest mistake in life and what did you learn from it? Giving up on

love because I thought it should be like a fairytale, not understanding that real life

doesn’t always work that way. The reason that I choose this question was because I

think that it is important to learn from your mistakes. They teach you a lesson and we

learn, grow and develop from them.

7) What’s your favorite hobby to do alone? Scrapbook when I have both the time and

space. The reason that I choose this question was because I think that it is important for

people to have a hobby. Hobbies give us the freedom to relax at our own pace. This is

important especially when we get caught up in our crazy busy lives. It is nice to have

something to connect to personally that we love.

8) What accomplishment are you most proud of? Becoming an RN despite having a

daughter half way through nursing school I chose this question because I think that it

is important to look back on the things that we are proud of. Accomplishments are things

in our life that makes us happy and proud and it is nice to have those moments to look

back on when we are feeling overwhelmed. They are important to us because it is

normally something that we have been longing for and that feeling of it being complete is

the best feeling in the world.

9) If I asked you at age 5 what you wanted to be when you grow up, what would it be?

Doctor (that is all I remember wanting to be). I chose this question because I think it is

important to realize that we change over time and as we grow up and learn more about

ourselves and the world around us, our opinions change and that we start to realize that

everything is not picture perfect.

10) Where does happiness come from? define happiness to you. I think happiness comes

from personality. Everyone in this world is different, therefore happiness for

everyone is based on that person’s personality. Happiness for me is being with those

I love, sunlight, breathing fresh air, dancing to great music. These things bring me

pure joy just by being there and simple. Finally, I chose this question because I think is

important to realize that happiness is defined differently by everyone. It is important to

know that we all have different views in life and different personalities and that is what

makes the world go around.


As we can now see, the things in life that we do reflect the person that we become later on in

life, both spirituality and psychologically. Throughout this interview process, I have found that

as we go through life, we tend to forget the things that we enjoy or the things that we are proud

of. It is always important to remember that things that we are proud of or the things that we have

accomplished in life because those things whether they are big or small make the biggest impact

in our everyday lives. As I think that my sister has a solid head on her shoulders when it comes

to her spirituality, there is always room for improvements.

One of the ways to develop yourself more spiritually is to develop a spiritual plan. The first

step in the plan would be to start asking yourself more in-depth questions such as ‘Who am I?’ or

‘What is my purpose in life?’ These questions will help you not only figure out more about who

you are, but it will also help with the achievements that you have. The next step would be to look

for the deeper meaning in things. This will help you analyze certain patterns that you have and

help you realize that you are in control of your own destiny. Next would be to talk about your

feeling as this is a great way to express yourself. They say it is always better to talk about things

than to bottle them up inside. This could be talking with someone or simply writing things down

in a journal. The next step would be to try yoga. “Yoga is a physical technique that can help

improve your spiritually wellness by reducing emotional and physical strains on your mind and

body” (Geary, 2016). It is also said to help lower blood pressure while helping with anxiety and

depression. The next step would be to travel as it is good for the mind and the soul. Traveling

can do wonders for our mind as we are exploring new places. It serves as a distraction to all of

the problems that are going in our lives. Traveling is not only stress free, but it gives us the

opportunity to reflect and rest which leads to having a better connection with ourselves. The next

step is to start thinking positive. When we think positive, our whole attitude changes. This allows

our mind to refocus on being happy and healthy, which causes us to become more relaxed.

Finally, the last step is to take time for meditation. This is crucial as it is important for us to be

able to connect with ourselves as we take time to think about our day and everything that is

going on around us (Geary, 2016). It is most important to learn to connect to ourselves as this

gives us the opportunity to live the best life possible.

As I went through the interview, I really enjoyed learning more things about my sister and

watch her spirituality come out. The only thing that I would add to my inventory list of questions

this new spiritually development plan. There are always more questions that I could ask that go

on a deeper level of spirituality, but I think they way that she answered the questions was great. I

feel this way because everyone has their own comfort level and things that they are willing to

share with one another, just as everyone has different views on life. I would add the spirituality

develop plan just because there is always room for improvement as no one is perfect. Spirituality

is different for everyone and I think the more that we are connected with ourselves, the better our

spirituality will be better.



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