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171C1F44 Fudgee Bar Salted Caramel 44g Chocolate Cupcake Sweets

HF0003 Rice Meal Sisig Rice Meal Hot Meals
174B141 Rice Meal Corned Beef Rice Meal Hot Meals
173C13C26 Oishi Rinbee Cheese Sticks 26g Chips Snacks
174B4C59 Yakisoba Spicy Chicken 59g Instant Noddles Hot Meals
174B3B40 Nissin Cup Noodles Bulalo 40g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
173D50C10 Nagaraya Original 10g Chips Snacks
171C1B44 Fudgee Barr Vanilla 44g Chocolate Cupcake Sweets
171G24Z6 Chooey Choco 6g Choco mini Bar Sweets
171G24B6 Chubby Milk Chewy Candy 6.5g Candy Sweets
173B3A40 Piattos Cheese 40g Chips Snacks
174C9D0 Mineski Egg Hot Meals
172C12K350 Cobra Plus Vitamin C 350ml Energy Drink Beverages
172F9G240 Kopiko Iced Black 240ml Coffee Drink Beverages
171A14C28 Knick Knacks Double Choco 28g Sweets Snacks
171G24F5 Curly Tops Milk Chocolate 5g Candy Sweets
172B1A250 Zesto Big 250 Apple 250ml Juice Drink Beverages
174D4C4 Rice Meal Longganisa Rice Meal Hot Meals
172E13C230 C2 Solo Lemon 230ml Juice Drink Beverages
173A5A27 Mr. Chips Nacho Cheese 26g Chips Snacks
171G24D14 Candy Sweets Sweets
172C12H350 Cobra Plus FIt 350ml Energy Drink Beverages
172C12S240 Sparkle RGB 240ml Soda Drink Beverages
172C12A200 Gatorade Active Orange 200ml Energy Drink Beverages
174A1C80 Lucky Me Pancit Canton Hot Chili 80g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
174B3H40 Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Beef 40g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
171C1D44 Fudgee Barr Macapuno 44g Chocolate Cup Cake Sweets
173B3D40 Piattos Roastbeef 40g Chips Snacks
172C12B200ml Gatorade Active Berry 200ml Energy Drink Beverages
172E13D480 Real Leaf Lemon Iced Tea 480ml Juice Drink Beverages
172C12F350 Cobra Plus Smart 350ml Energy Drink Beverages
173D50B10 Nagaraya Garlic 10g Chips Snacks
171G24D31 Hansel Milk Sandwich Biscuit Snacks
174B143 Pork Giniling with Rice Rice Meal Hot Meals
174B3E40 Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood 40g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
174B142 Hungarian with Rice Rice Meal Hot Meals
171G24C31 Hansel Choco Sandwich 31g Biscuit Snacks
174B4A59 Yakisoba Savory Beef 59g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
174B3D40 Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Seafood 40g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
172A17B237 Sprite RGB Soda Drink Beverages
173B3E40 Piattos Sourcream 40g Chips Snacks
171G24C5 Flat tops Milk Choco Candy Sweets
173C25A22 Potato Chips Classic 22g Chips Snacks
173B9B40 Nova Cheddar 40g Chips Snacks
171A14A62 Knickknacks Milk 28g Biscuit Snacks
171A14B62 Knicknacks Strawberry 62g Biscuit Sweets
174B3C40 Nissin Cup Noodles Beef 40g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
172A17A237 Coke RGB 237ml Soda Drink Beverages
171A14B28 Knickknacks Choco 28g Biscuit Snacks
171G24A6 Chubby Milk Choco Candy 6.5g Candy Sweets
173B3B40 Piattos Nacho&Pizza 40g Chips Snacks
171D11A28 Cloud 9 Choco 28g Chocolate Bar Sweets
174A1A80 Lucky Me Pancit Canton Kalamansi 80g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
173C13A26 Oishi Martys Cracklings Plain Salted 26g Chips Snacks
173B9C40 Nova Bbq 40g Chips Snacks
171C1A44 Fudgee Barr Choco 44g Chocolate Cupcake Sweets
172A17C237 Royal RGB Soda Drink Beverages
172C6A330 Sting PB Strawberry 330ml Energy Drink Beverages
173B2C25 Vcut Cheese 25g Chips Snacks
174C9B3 Siomai A La Carte 3pcs Hot Meals
172E13A230 C2 Solo Apple 230ml Juice Drink Beverages
174B144 Meat Loaf with Rice Rice Meal Hot Meals
174D4B3 Rice Meal Tocino Rice Meal Hot Meals
172F9A22 Nestle Milo 22g Hot Drink Beverages
174B145 Katsudon with Rice Rice Meal Hot Meals
171G24E9 Mello Flower Mallows 9g Mallows Sweets
172F25A17 Nescafe Original 17g Coffee Drink Beverages
172C3A500 Soya Milk 500ml Drink Beverages
173B16D25 Oishi Prawn Crackers Spicy 25g Chips Snacks
174B3F40 Nissin Cup Noodles Batchoy 40g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
172C12J350 Cobra Berry Blast 350ml Energy Drink Beverages
172C12G350 Cobra Original 350ml Energy Drink Beverages
172G25A500 Mineski Water 500ml Drink Beverages
174A1B80 Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chilimansi 80g Instant Noodles Hot Meals
172C12C200 Gatorade Active Lemon Lime 200ml Energy Drink Beverages
172F9H240 Kopiko Iced Brown 240ml Coffee Drink Beverages
173B3C40 Piattos Roadhouse 40g Chips Snacks
173B2A25 Vcut BBQ 25g Chips Snacks
173D51E30 Ding Dong Sweet Bbq 3g Chips Snacks
172E13A480 Real Leaf Apple Iced Tea 480ml Juice Drink Beverages
173C25B22 Potato Chips BBQ 22g Chips Snacks
HF0006 Extra Rice Hot Meals Hot Meals
171D10X30 Milky Knots 30g Pretzel Sweets
173B9D40 Nova Jalapeno Spice 40g Chips Snacks
173D50I10 Nagaraya Adobo 10g Chips Snacks
171G24H6 Frooty Lollipop 6g Candy Sweets
171G24E24 Hansel Butter Sandwich 24g Biscuit Snacks
173D51F110 Regent Sweet Corn Chips Snacks
171G24D9 Mello Marshmallow Strawberry 9g Mallows Sweets
171G24B31 Hansel Mocha Sandwich 31g Biscuit Snacks
172E13F480 Real Leaf Lemon Ice Iced Tea 480ml Juice Drink Beverages
HF0039 Hotdog Hot Meals
172F9F240 Kopiko Iced Blanca 240ml Coffee Drink Beverages
Measurement Unit Quantity Retail Price
Piece 23 12.00
Piece 14 55.00
Piece 33 55.00
Piece 39 10.00
Piece 0 N/A
Piece 9 25.00
Piece 50 5.00
Piece 50 12.00
Piece 0 2.00
Piece 40 2.00
Piece 81 18.00
Piece 152 12.00
Piece 0 30.00
Piece 46 25.00
Piece 17 10.00
Piece 71 2.00
Piece 0 10.00
Piece 17 45.00
Piece 30 15.00
Piece 40 10.00
Piece 100 1.00
Piece 0 30.00
Piece 43 15.00
Piece 6 30.00
Piece 288 20.00
Piece 8 25.00
Piece 42 12.00
Piece 19 18.00
Piece 0 30.00
Piece 0 25.00
Piece 6 30.00
Piece 23 5.00
Piece 44 12.00
Piece 50 55.00
Piece 10 25.00
Piece 37 65.00
Piece 25 12.00
Piece 0 25.00
Piece 8 25.00
Piece 59 15.00
Piece 82 18.00
Piece 100 2.00
Piece 30 18.00
Piece 13 18.00
Piece 20 10.00
Piece 14 10.00
Piece 8 25.00
Piece 36 15.00
Piece 16 10.00
Piece 20 2.00
Piece 20 18.00
Piece 30 12.00
Piece 0 20.00
Piece 0 18.00
Piece 40 18.00
Piece 52 12.00
Piece 72 15.00
Piece 0 30.00
Piece 25 18.00
Piece 22 25.00
Piece 71 15.00
Piece 18
Piece 38
Piece 0
Piece 16
Piece 0
Piece 75
Piece 0
Piece 35
Piece 13
Piece 26
Piece 52
Piece 91
Piece 290
Piece 0
Piece 61
Piece 63
Piece 50
Piece 20
Piece 0
Piece 20
Piece 37
Piece 20
Piece 0
Piece 110
Piece 25
Piece 47
Piece 1
Piece 23
Piece 26
Piece 22
Piece 54
Piece 33