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Prometric Dental Exam – November 2018 B

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• Dr. F. AlEnsawi
• Dr. Nisreen Ali
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1. Which factor deficiency lead to hemophilia B:

a) factor VIII

b) factor IX***

2. A 21 years old patient who has iron deficiency anemia, difficulty in swallowing, with
examination of barium sulphate, you found:

a) Geographical tongue.

b) Burning mouth syndrome.
c) Plummer vinson syndrome. "Patterson brown Kelly syndrome ***

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d) Diabetic patient.

3. most common type of biopsy used in oral cavity

a) excisional ***
b) incisional
c) punch
d) aspiration through needle

4. CBC – RBC, WBC, Platelet , HB

5. pregnant woman wants to know her baby development, gender, … with the least harm to
the fetus.

a. ultra sound****
b. x ray
c. blood test

6. which medication causes xerostomia – antihistamine

7. xerostomia case about RPD

8. Occlusal rest function:

a. To resist lateral chewing movement.

b. To resist vertical forces.
c. Stability.
d. Retention.

9. remaining of rct apical – 5 mm apical left

10. radiograph of dens invaginatus , description was tooth max. lateral incisor

11. where is dens invaginatus commonly found – max. lateral incisor

12. which one is functional application – bionator (other option was orthopedic appliances
like head gear)

13. most common malignant tumor in salivary glands – mucoepidermoid carcinoma

14. Gardner syndrome case - multiple osteomas

15. to reduce the colour changes in composite restoration –

a. light cure
b. dual cure
c. self cured

16. fibroma – most common benign tumour in oral cavity

17. hiv incubation time – 10 years

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18 dentist easily infected by…. In clinic –

a. flu ***
b. hiv
c. hep B

19. most radio sensitive cells – different options

20. osteosarcoma - The most common type of malignant bone tumor of the jaws

21. case of acute osteomyelitis

22. case of pregnant women with ulcer and lobulated lesion – granuloma gravidarum

23. most common type of biopsy – excisional

24. Cu percentage to eliminates gamma 2 – 13%

25. acid base reaction – GIC

26. time of autoclave – 30 mins

27. Traumatically fractured crown of central incisor in an 8-years-old child with pulp
exposure (more than 1 mm. ) half hour ago, medical history is non- contributory and
the tooth is not displaced. What is your management:
a. Endodontics-pulpectomy and obturation.
b. Direct pulp cap with caoh and composite.
c. Caoh pulpotomy. ***
d. Total extirpation of pulp and caoh. "apexification"

28. Not found in new born – strep mutans.

29. methylene blue dye – caries detection

30. GP – 20% zinc oxide & 70 %

31. Most esthetic composite – microfilled composite

32. Disadvantages of macrofill – hard to polish (polish ability)

33. Enamel most abundant – hydroxyapatite

34. Case about two bridge design – a and b bridge , which one is better design

35. Percentage of max fracture

a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75%
d. 95%

36. if root goes inside max sinus – remove immediately

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37. Mta properties – option was antimicrobial, great sealing ability, high tensile strength,
high resistance, insolubility ..... ( I don’t know what was the right answer)

38. 4 yrs old child with first time dental treatment in your clinic what effects the child
behaviour is :

a. The behaviour of the child before the first visit

b. Behaviour of parents in house
c. The behaviour of sibling to dentist ***

39. After amalgam filling, normal sensation – cold

40 Bridge question – uniform thickness of porcelain and option a and c

41. Case of amalgam with margin defect , what to do – retake impression and re do crown

42. case of SNA 82 , SNB 80 , ANB -2 , no crowding for the teeth -> skeletal class 3 div 1

43. minimum crowding space for tooth eruption?

a. 4
b. 6 ***
c. 8
d. 10

44. Case of pts did rct one week but severe pain – redo endo

45. Picture and radiograph of recurrent caries under amalgam filling

46. Pit and fissure sealant

47. Attachment of sprue – to the greatest bulk

48. What is parallel to proximal bone of the adjacent roots -

49. Anticariogenic – xylitol

50. case about patient have erupting max molar at the maxillary tuberosity , tooth will tilt to
which direction

a. mesial
b. distal
c. buccal
d. lingual

51. Gic restoration etching – polyacrylic acid 10 seconds

52. Pedo patient , which x ray – 2 bitewings, 4 periapical & 2 occusal x rays

53. oroFacial supply sensory nerve – trigeminal nerve (v)

54. dental floss – remove interproximal debris

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55. case about a child ingest fluoride ¾ of the bottle …

56. Gow gate technique – case question about the patient if you want to give injection to the
lower posterior teeth.

57. What the first thing to check in FPD try in

a. proximal contact
b. Margins ***
c. Occlusion

58. rubber dam for max incisor

a. Large ***
b. small
c. medium

59. case where you give the patient inferior nerve block but the lower 2nd molar mesial root
still unanaesthetize- mylohyoid nerve

60. Scaling in epileptic\ Elliptical motion?

a. ultrasonic
b. Piezoelecrtic
c. Magnetistrictive ***
d. Scaler

61. A glossy finish is best retained on a:

a. Microfilled composite resin restoration.***

b. Macrofilled resin restoration.
c. Hybrid composite resin restoration.
d. Fiber reinforced composite resin restoration

62. Gutta percha contains mainly:

a. Gutta percha
b. ZINC oxide ***
c. ZINC phosphate

63. Component of Gutta percha:

a. 50% Gp & 50% ZOE.
b. 20% Gp & 70% ZOE. ***

64. The most common cause of dry mouth in adult patients is:
a. Tranquillizer.
b. Anti-histaminics.***
c. Insulin.
d. Birth control pills.

65. Female pts with multiple erosions on her palatal surface of her anterior teeth

a. Peptic ulcer ***

b. anorexia nervosa

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66. GP 30, cut 1 mm – 32 mm

67. Disinfection of impression material –

a. 7 % Glutaraldehyde ***
b. UV chamber
c. Sodium hypochlorite

(Glutaraldehyde showed reduction of microorganisms but maximum reduction was with

sodium hypochlorite and the ultraviolet chamber)

68. The type of bone with least implant failure is:

a. Type I
b. Type II ***
c. Type III
d. Type IV

69 . Best implant – titanium

70. pt with plasma cholinesterase deficiency , which anesthesia you use?

a. procaine
b. prilocaine****
c. procaine with vasoconstrictor
d. another ester type

71. Bone graft – option was different

a. corticocancellous bone

b. dried bone

72. How to treat an grade 2 furcation with a non graft approach:

a. Gelatinous glass
b. Gtr ***
c. Graft for the iliac
d. Autogenous graft

73. The tissue response to oral hygiene instructions is detected by:

a. Probe pocket depth

b. Less bleeding on probing .***

74. Continuous condensation technique in gp filling is:

a. obtura I.
b. obtura II.
c. ultrafill.
d. System B. ***

75. metal inside the x ray that reduce the amount of x ray –

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76. Chlorhexidine is used as mouth wash in the concentration of:

a. 0.12% ***
b. 1.2%

77. Discoloration of tooth crown due to: incomplete removal of GP and Pulp remnants

78. What muscle do you palpate on the temple of the skull – temporalis muscle

79. Water irrigation device

a. prevent plaque formation

b. completely removes plaque
c. dilute bacterial toxins ***

80. Which nerve should give anesthesia if there is pain in the mesial part of lower6 after

a. lingual.

b. mental.
c. mylohyoid. ***
d. auriculotempoeral

81. A 6 year old pt came with his father to the clinic for check up, you notice that the child
has hearing problems & zygomatic bone defects:

a. Treacher Collin syndrome ***

b. Down's syndrome

82. Missing 12 , 11 protruded ,,#11 and #13 have lingual and proximal caries how to restore
the missing tooth ?

a. implant fixed prosthodontics ***

b. conventional fixed prosthodontics
c. resin bonded fixed prosthodontics
d. veneer

83.which cells radio sensitive?

a. Basal cell mucosa ***

b. Nurons
c. Fibroblasts
d. Striated muscle cells

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