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„The Matrix“ Film Structure Analysis

Nr. Scene description Notes Dramatic Question Connections between the shot Beginning End Lenght TOTAL
NB! You only need to type in the end of the scene. The rest is calculated by Excel.
ACT 1 0:33:00
Prologue 0:06:17
0 Beginning credits What is Matrix? 0:00:00 0:00:42 0:00:42 0:00:42
1 Prologue – Trinity talks over the phone that Ends with entering the Matrix Graphical connection 0:00:42 0:01:03 0:00:21 0:01:03
Morpheus believes that Neo is The One
2 Police squad attacks. Trinity is caught. Action happens in room 303 In the end PAN up to the hand 0:01:03 0:02:02 0:00:59 0:02:02
– continues with PAN down
3 Agents arrive. Classical Shot – Reverse shot 0:02:02 0:02:47 0:00:45 0:02:47
editing. Shanging of the Action
line. „Your men are already
dead..“ Planting and payoff.
Question and answer.

4 Trinity fights the squad. Bullet time technique 0:02:47 0:03:20 0:00:33 0:03:20
5 Agents enter. Transitional scene 0:03:20 0:03:25 0:00:05 0:03:25
6 Trinity talks with Morpheus Does Trinity reach the 0:03:25 0:03:40 0:00:15 0:03:40
7 Trinity escapes 0:03:40 0:04:46 0:01:06 0:04:46
8 Trinity and Agent meet Moving from one scene to 0:04:46 0:05:16 0:00:30 0:05:16
9 Trinity on the street in phone booth. Truck Who will win Trinity or Phone – out from the Matrix 0:05:16 0:06:17 0:01:01 0:06:17
crashes into booth. Agents know who Neo the Machine? Did she
is. die? No.
1. sequence - Status Quo 0:13:42
10 Thomas Anderson wakes up SEARCHING. Wake up Neo. Knock knock Room mnumber 101 0:06:17 0:07:34 0:01:17 0:07:34
Follow the White Rabbit.
11 Friends by the door White rabbit on woman's hand. My own personal Jesus 0:07:34 0:08:57 0:01:23 0:08:57
12 Nightclub. Neo meets Trinity. What is Matrix? Breaking the 180-degree rule 0:08:57 0:10:56 0:01:59 0:10:56
13 Morning. Alarm clock rings. 0:10:56 0:11:00 0:00:04 0:11:00
14 Metacortex. Neo with the boss. Washing the windows in 0:11:00 0:11:48 0:00:48 0:11:48
15 INCITING INCIDENT: The package arrives. Thomas Anderson. Does Neo manage to 0:11:48 0:14:09 0:02:21 0:14:09
Phone call. escape?
16 Neo must make a decision 0:14:09 0:15:41 0:01:32 0:15:41
17 Neo gets arrested. Trinity escapes. 0:15:41 0:15:57 0:00:16 0:15:57
18 Neo in police station beeing questioned and 0:15:57 0:19:59 0:04:02 0:19:59
2. sequence - Raise of Problem 0:13:01
19 Neo wakes up from the nightmare Phonecall 0:19:59 0:20:51 0:00:52 0:20:51
20 Neo meets on the bridge Trinity Adam street bridge. Our way or 0:20:51 0:22:33 0:01:42 0:22:33
the highway.
21 Removal of the bug 0:22:33 0:23:51 0:01:18 0:23:51
22 PLOT POINT #1 - Meeting with Morpheus. Neo like Alice in Exmaple of cutting out the 0:23:51 0:27:43 0:03:52 0:27:43
Neo takes the red pill. wonderland. What is the time. Mooving from LS-MS-
Matrix? Truth. CU-ECU

23 Neo sits to the machine. POSITIONING THE 0:27:43 0:29:58 0:02:15 0:29:58
Building the room geography.
24 Neo is reborn. Going through the mother 0:29:58 0:32:43 0:02:45 0:32:43
woumb. Birth from the water.
25 Welcome to the real world 0:32:43 0:33:00 0:00:17 0:33:00
ACT II 0:57:50
3. sequence - Raising Action 0:10:18
26 Neo wakes up Am I dead? War from it... 0:33:00 0:33:17 0:00:17 0:33:17
27 Neo growing stronger. Description of the It is year 2199. What has happaned? 0:33:17 0:35:12 0:01:55 0:35:12
new situation. What is this place.
28 Introduction of the ship Cypher – betrayer 0:35:12 0:36:45 0:01:33 0:36:45
29 White room. The Construct. 0:36:45 0:40:23 0:03:38 0:40:23
30 Neo does not want to beleive the truth. Matrix is for controlling the 0:40:23 0:40:59 0:00:36 0:40:59
31 Neo fights and throws up. 0:40:59 0:41:17 0:00:18 0:41:17
32 Neo can not return back anymore. The return of the Messiah. 0:41:17 0:43:18 0:02:01 0:43:18
4. sequence - First Culmination 0:19:34
33 New Day. We hear about the Zion. 0:43:18 0:44:19 0:01:01 0:44:19
34 Training program. 0:44:19 0:45:28 0:01:09 0:45:28
35 Neo and Morpheus fight Jesus Christ He is fast. 0:45:28 0:50:29 0:05:01 0:50:29
36 Jump program. Neo falls down. Looks down and falls 0:50:29 0:51:41 0:01:12 0:51:41
37 Body can not leave without the soul 0:51:41 0:52:16 0:00:35 0:52:16
38 Trinity brings the some food Cypher – betrayer 0:52:16 0:53:02 0:00:46 0:53:02
39 Matrix simulation program Agents are all and nobody. Neo 0:53:02 0:55:42 0:02:40 0:55:42
must fight the agents.
40 Raise of problem – machines are attacking Machine passes 0:55:42 0:57:35 0:01:53 0:57:35
the ship.
41 Neo and Cypher (like Jesus and Judas) Raise of temptation. Why didn't I take the 0:57:35 0:59:52 0:02:17 0:59:52
Blue pill.
42 Betreyal – Cypher eats with the Agent MEAT 0:59:52 1:01:14 0:01:22 1:01:14
43 Breakfast Contrast Mouse offers The Red U-shaped character 1:01:14 1:02:52 0:01:38 1:02:52
Lady placement
5. sequence - Emotionally slower episode 0:10:13
44 Entering the Matrix 1:02:52 1:06:43 0:03:51 1:06:43
45 Waiting with the other „Potentials“ 1:06:43 1:07:58 0:01:15 1:07:58
46 MIDPOINT: Meeting the Oracle You have a gifgt. But you are Morpheus belives in 1:07:58 1:12:00 0:04:02 1:12:00
waiting something. Neo. Neo must save
Morpheuse. Neo must
maks the choice
between his or
Morpheus life.

47 Neo exits and meets Morpheus 1:12:00 1:13:05 0:01:05 1:13:05

6. sequence - Second Culmination 0:17:45
48 Returning back. Betrayal. DEJA VU moment TRAP. Mouse dies first. 1:13:05 1:16:37 0:03:32 1:16:37
49 Humans hide behind the wall 1:16:37 1:17:48 0:01:11 1:17:48
50 Morpheus fights Agent 1:17:48 1:19:52 0:02:04 1:19:52
51 Cypher betrays his friends. And kills Tank 1:19:52 1:22:01 0:02:09 1:22:01
52 Cypher and Trinity Question of faith. Is Neo The Trinity belives in Neo 1:22:01 1:25:19 0:03:18 1:25:19
53 Tank kills Cyper Buring in the flames (of hell) 1:25:19 1:25:59 0:00:40 1:25:59
54 Agents torture Morpheus EVOLUTION. Machines are just a 1:25:59 1:27:56 0:01:57 1:27:56
logical next step.
55 Neo must make the decision 1:27:56 1:29:22 0:01:26 1:29:22
56 PLOT POINT #2: Neo decides to sacrifice Neo sais that Oracle told 1:29:22 1:30:50 0:01:28 1:30:50
himself in order to save the Morpheus that he is not the One.

ACT III 0:39:56

7. sequence - The False resolution 0:16:25
57 Trinity goes with Neo into the Matrix 1:30:50 1:31:19 0:00:29 1:31:19
58 Torture continues. Humans are the virus of 1:31:19 1:32:28 0:01:09 1:32:28
the Earth. The cancer.
59 Loeading the weapons 1:32:28 1:33:14 0:00:46 1:33:14
60 Agent is about to crack Morpheus 1:33:14 1:34:54 0:01:40 1:34:54
61 Neo and Trinity enter the building. Shooting Graphical connection 1:34:54 1:38:22 0:03:28 1:38:22
62 Up with the elevator 1:38:22 1:39:59 0:01:37 1:39:59
63 Fighting on the top of the roof Neo's powers BULLET TIME 1:39:59 1:41:33 0:01:34 1:41:33
64 Flying with the helicopter. Saving Morpheus Morpheus! Wake up! Cut from face to face 1:41:33 1:45:55 0:04:22 1:45:55
65 Neo saves Trinity Neo is the One! Knowing the bath and 1:45:55 1:47:15 0:01:20 1:47:15
walking the bath is
different things...
8. sequence - The True Resolution 0:14:50
66 Agents arrive to the roof and plan to attack 1:47:15 1:47:48 0:00:33 1:47:48
67 In Train station. Trinity tells that the Exept the last prophecy... 1:47:48 1:49:00 0:01:12 1:49:00
prophecies by the Oracle have always
become fulfilled.
68 Neo and Agent fight MY NAME IS NEO! Breaking of the 180degree 1:49:00 1:53:15 0:04:15 1:53:15
rule. Jumping over the axis.
69 Machines attack the ship / Neo runns PARALLEL EDITING 1:53:15 1:57:07 0:03:52 1:57:07
towards the exit
70 In room 303 Agent shoots the Neo. Neo Good bye Mr. Anderson! Is Neo really dead? 1:57:07 1:58:15 0:01:08 1:58:15
71 Machines enter the ship / Trinity kisses Neo Oracle said that Trinity falls in Trinity's love saved 1:58:15 1:59:05 0:00:50 1:59:05
love with a dead man and saves Neo...
72 CLIMAX (Second Culmination): Resurection Neo stops the bullets 1:59:05 2:01:05 0:02:00 2:01:05
of the One

73 Neo fights the Agents and exits the Matrix. 2:01:05 2:02:05 0:01:00 2:02:05
Neo kisses Trinity
74 Epilogue – Neo voice on the phone. Flyies 2:02:05 2:03:44 0:01:39 2:03:44
to the sky

75 Ending credits 2:03:44 2:10:46 0:07:02 2:10:46

Acts and Sequences
„The Matrix“ Act and Sequence Breakdown


Prologue 0:06:17
1. sequence - Status Quo 0:13:42
2. sequence - Raise of Problem 0:13:01


3. sequence - Raising Action 0:10:18
5. sequence
sequence -- First Culmination
Emotionally slower 0:19:34
episode 0:10:13
6. sequence - Second Culmination 0:17:45


7. sequence - The False resolution 0:16:25
8. sequence - The True Resolution 0:14:50
Epilogue 0:01:39
Ending Credits 0:07:02

TOTAL 2:10:46 2:10:46

Page 5
HERO's Journey

Hero's Journey

Stage in the Hero’s Journey

Act I
1. The Ordinary World

2. The Call To Adventure

3. The Refusal of the Call

4. The Meeting With the Mentor

5. Crossing the First Threshold

Act II
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies

7. Approach to the Inmost Cave

8. The Supreme Ordeal

9. The Reward


Page 6
HERO's Journey
10. The Road Back

11. The Resurrection

12. The Return with the Elixir

Worksheet based on:

Analyzing animated films with The Hero’s Journey.
The Hero’s Journey was developed by Chris Vogler, based on the work of Joseph Campbell.

Stuart Voytilla, Myth and the Movies: Discovering the Mythic Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films, Michael Wies

Vogler, Christopher. The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. 3rd ed. Michale Wise Production, 2007.

Archetypes in Film





The Shadow

Page 7
HERO's Journey


Treshold Guardians


Neo is at home when his Friends kick at the door looking for a tape. While he is in the nightclub
some resistence from Agent Smith, takes Neo to meet Morpheus. Morpheus tells Neo about M
he begins to like it there, because the learns kung-fu. Morpheous warns Neo about Agents. The
find out his own way. He si guided toward rescuing Morpheus. The Agents attack and beat Neo
and bocomes a new person and eliminates teh Agents. Finally, Neo beats the system and gets t


Page 8
HERO's Journey


The hero’s normal world before the story begins. The hero, uneasy, uncomfortable or
unaware, is introduced sympathetically so the audience can identify with the
situation or dilemma. The hero is shown against a background of environment,
heredity, and pe

The hero is presented with a problem, challenge or adventure to undertake.

Something shakes up the situation, either from external pressures or from something
rising up from deep within, so the hero must face the beginnings of change.

The hero refuses the challenge or journey, usually out of fear. The hero feels the fear
of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure, however briefly.
Alternately, another character may express the uncertainty and danger ahead.

The hero meets a mentor to gain confidence, advice or training to face the
adventure. The hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who gives him
or her training, equipment, or advice that will help on the journey. Or the hero
reaches within to

The hero crosses the gateway that separates the ordinary world from the special
world. At the end of Act One, the hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World and
entering a new region or condition with unfamiliar rules and values.

The hero faces tests, meets allies, confronts enemies & learn the rules of the Special
World. The hero is tested and sorts out allegiances in the Special World.

The hero has hit setbacks during tests & may need to reorganize his helpers or
rekindle morale with mentor’s rally cry. Stakes heightened. The hero and newfound
allies prepare for the major challenge in the Special world.

The biggest life or death crisis – the hero faces his greatest fear & only through
“death” can the hero be “reborn” experiencing even greater powers to see the
journey to the end. Near the middle of the story, the hero enters a central space in
the Specia

The hero has survived death, overcome his greatest fear and now earns the reward
he sought. The hero takes possession of the treasure won by facing death. There
may be celebration, but there is also danger of losing the treasure again.

Page 9
HERO's Journey
The hero must recommit to completing the journey & travel the road back to the
Ordinary World. The dramatic question is asked again. About three-fourths of the
way through the story, the hero is driven to complete the adventure, leaving the
Special World

Hero faces most dangerous meeting with death – this shows the hero can apply all
the wisdom he’s brought back to the Ordinary World. At the climax, the hero is
severely tested once more on the threshold of home. He or she is purified by a last

The hero returns from the journey with the “elixir”, so everyone in the world can use
to heal physical or emotional wounds. The hero returns home or continues the
journey, bearing some element of the treasure that has the power to transform the
world as t

ms with The Hero’s Journey.

developed by Chris Vogler, based on the work of Joseph Campbell.

nd the Movies: Discovering the Mythic Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films, Michael Wiese Productions, 1999

e Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. 3rd ed. Michale Wise Production, 2007.


Usually the main character – a person who needs to learn something in the story.

Issues challenges and announces coming of significant change – gets the story rolling.

A wise person or animal who provides guidance to the hero – usually giving him
magical gifts or advice for the journey ahead.

Represents our darkest desire, untapped resources, or rejected qualities (Darth


Page 10
HERO's Journey
A character who “changes appearance” to disrupt the adventure.

The “wise-fool” – someone who uses tricks and jokes to guide the hero

Protects the special world and its secrets from the hero – provides tests for hero to
prove worth.

Characters who help the hero through the change. Sidekicks, buddies, girlfriends who
advise the hero through the transitions of life.

n his Friends kick at the door looking for a tape. While he is in the nightclub, he meets Trinity who, after
m Agent Smith, takes Neo to meet Morpheus. Morpheus tells Neo about Matrix and takes him there. Soon
here, because the learns kung-fu. Morpheous warns Neo about Agents. The Oracle suggests that Neo mus
y. He si guided toward rescuing Morpheus. The Agents attack and beat Neo up. After thet kill Neo, Neos ris
person and eliminates teh Agents. Finally, Neo beats the system and gets to fly.


Page 11
HERO's Journey

Film Component

Neo at home.

Meeting with Trinity.

Nero fears to glimb out of the skyscraper and gets


Meeting with Morpheus.

Getting out of the Matrix into the Real World.

Learning about the new situation, training and


Going to meet the Oracle. Betraying by Cypher.

Ne decides to go back to Matric to save


Neo saves Morpehus and Trinity realizes that he is

the One.

Page 12
HERO's Journey
Going back from the Matrix. Agent Smith kills Neo.

Trinity believes that Neo is the One. Neo


Neo is The One and can overcome the boundaries

of the Matrix. He is ready to fight the machines.

s, Michael Wiese Productions, 1999

oduction, 2007.

Primary function Film Component

to serve and sacrifice Thomas Anderson - Neo

to warn and challenge Trinity

to guide Morpheus

to destroy Agents

Page 13
HERO's Journey
to question and deceive Cypher

to disrupt Mouse

to test Agents

to help

the nightclub, he meets Trinity who, after

Neo about Matrix and takes him there. Soon
ut Agents. The Oracle suggests that Neo must
and beat Neo up. After thet kill Neo, Neos rises
em and gets to fly.

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