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The Witches' Spell Book.

by MrsNox, Mar 3, 2012, 7:31:39 PM

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Short Stories

Description: A story about a little girl captured by an evil witch, who has an
extraordinary Spell Book.

The Witches' Spell Book.

My name is Louhi. I live in a little village where no one ever goes, called
Candlewick. I'm sure you can tell that by name alone we have a long history with
witches and wizards. Not recently, mind you, but I'd been told in school that
hardly a generation had gone by when a wizard or witch hadn't lived in Candlewick
300 years or so ago. But most people you asked around town would tell you they
distrusted witches and wizards profusely.

As for me, I was still quite young, and I'd never met a wizard or witch, but my
mother always told me that not all witches and wizards were evil. My mother was
more objective than some of the townsfolk. She always warned me never to be nasty
to witches. Not only because they could turn me into a frog, but because she said
they were humans who could use magic and that didn't necessarily make them evil. It
wasn't the magic that was evil after all; it was what the individuals did with the

But a short while ago, really when my story begins- it was this past winter when
everything was wet and dreary- we had a serious problem.

On the hill by the village there stood a cottage that looked like a castle. This
multi storey stone building was a curious thing. Instead of being small and stocky
like most cottages, it was tall and narrow. There were two little sticky up
rooftops very close together, one a storey higher than the other, each wearing
pointed red tiled 'hats'. That's what made the building look almost like a castle.

That's where I'd gone in the middle of the night. The adults said little children
like me were being gobbled up by a horrible witch, the first our town had seen in
over 300 years.
Not understanding what she meant, or realising the power of witches, I had decided
to rescue any children left in her gangly abode.

But apparently, witches owned pets too. I met her three pets, giant crows that they
were, on the blackened hill on the way to her house. They were towering and clawed
and when they moved dead feathers fell from their bodies. Their red orb like eyes
stared at me longingly. They were like black vultures.
"Where are the missing children from the village?" I asked shakily, pointing at
them for emphasis.

"Scree-hee-hee! Ooh, a lovely little girl! I am so hungry!" the smallest crow poked
his tongue out, making me step back with fright.

Instantly I was cut off by the largest crow, which landed with a thud behind me.
Now I regretted my choice to come alone. I hadn't even told anyone where I was

"Now, now, let's be patient. Madam said we'd be having a feast tonight! Do you want
to fill up on just one scrawny girl? No!" it snapped at the two smaller crows,
which shrunk down in shame.

"Then, let's take her back- you never know! Might need some special ingredients!"
the middle sized crow chattered happily.

"N-no!" I cried, as they surrounded me and pounced.

They snatched me up in an instant and I fell unconscious. When I woke up, I was
crushed inside a cage placed on the floor under a cabinet. Stored like meat. I
could just about grasp at the dirty bars in front of me. I was a small girl, which
was just as well for the cage was only two and a half feet high, which gave me just
about enough room to crouch uncomfortably.

I managed to pull myself forward and look up at the room above me. What I saw came
as quite a shock. It was a circular room with a cauldron in the middle. No windows
and two doors opposite one another. I could smell the boiling pot and see the broth
brewing at its rim. What I saw next was terrifying. I followed a hunched over
shadow with my eyes, saw two buckled boots and finally there stood the witch, with
her deformed face and covered in black and purple robes, chanting over her
cauldron. She took a pinch of powder from a bronze cup and threw it into the
concoction, laughing as she did so.

It made a sharp "bang!" and simmered down into a green mist that slowly filled the
room. I managed to look around me. There were no bones of little children in sight-
was she really going to eat me? My question was answered immediately as screaming
came from my left. I had to really bend my head, but I just about saw a boy outside
of the cage. He was quite a big child- and he was being held by those dastardly

"Let me go!" he tried to scream, as the witch dipped a little silver cup into the
brew and held it up to his lips.

Frozen with horror, I watched the witch force the potion down the boy's throat. And
then snapped my head back and watched the boy's slightly rounded shadow instead. No
sound came from him now. Instead his shadow began to shrink faster than I could
blink. Then I heard his clothes fall to the stone floor. My mouth hung open as the
witch bent down to pick him up. But he wasn't a "he" any more. He was an "it".

"This will do nicely!" the witch grinned from ear to ear.

I watched as she placed the former boy onto a counter top. He was now a sweet
little apple, deep green and juicy looking. But what horrified me was where the
witch sat this little apple. On the counter top was a basket filled with fruits and
vegetables. The realisation of what they were made my stomach sink. Those were all
the other children from the village, just recently turned into produce.
"This is all I need for now," she decided, turning in my direction.

I shrank back into the cage, but not far enough. A black boot kicked my cage and
caught my mouth. I cried out in pain but was drowned out by her cackle.

"Think yourself lucky! You can live a little longer child," she huffed.

"Why did you turn those children into fruits and vegetables?!" I demanded, suddenly
filled with rage.

"Why you ask? WHY?! Because they're easier to CHOP UP that way!" she was very
amused now. "After a while they'll turn back, but by then they'll be in a million

I heard her take something from the counter top above my cage and carry it over to
the basket of her victims. And when I heard the first chop, I began to cry. The
chopping never ended, her hand smashed down on the produce and cut it to ribbons.
When she turned, she had the fruits and vegetables in a pile on a wooden board. Now
they were in pieces they would never again be children.

She threw them all into the cauldron and began adding other ingredients from other
pots in the room. The walls were full of shelves with jars, pots and boxes resting
on them, and the witch could expertly reach them all by hopping or jumping to them.
Soon the cauldron was ready and the witch began serving her meal to the crows. When
she brought it out, there were no vegetables or fruits. The children had turned
back. It was now a human child stew.

This is when I must have feinted from the smell and noises of the crows gobbling up
their meal.


Thankfully when I awoke, I was alone. The room was pitch-black. I ached all over
from lying down on the floor for so long in such an awkward position. Only one
thought crossed my mind now- ESCAPE.

Outside the weather played to my advantage. The rain was battering against the tall
cottage- and every now and then the thunder clattered. I realised that if I turned
myself round and kicked the cage door as the thunder clattered that I could avoid
being heard. Positioning and moving in such a tight space proved more difficult
than the force needed to bash open that old unstable door. After freeing myself, I
put the door back in its place. The cage was so low that perhaps no one would
notice I was gone until it was too late.

Then I stood in the witches' spell room. Or perhaps this was her kitchen. I
couldn't tell. My mother's warnings about witches being both good and bad were no
help to me now. As far as I was concerned, witches were the most evil things in the

I crept over to the door on the left and tried to open it, but it was locked.
Deciding to take my chances, I tried the door on the right- and it was open. But
the stairs behind it lead up- not down. As snapping noises came from behind me, I
ran up them and closed the door behind me. I pressed my ear against the door and
listened to them.

"Mm, that was lovely," one voice bragged.

"Indeed! Madam knows how to make a good child stew! What do you think we should eat
now?" another asked greedily.
"Well, I suppose there's still the little girl!" another laughed.

My heart stopped in fear. Would they discover I was missing and come after me?

"No!" a loud voice boomed- the largest of the crows clearly showing his dominance

"You should wait for Madam to wake up! Otherwise she will be very cross!"
"Oh yes..." came the small voice.

As I listened to them leave I sighed in relief. I carried on up the stairs as the

sound of arguing crows faded further and further downstairs.


The stairs stopped on the top floor. I could see two doors and a large window
behind the stairs that revealed the rim of the little red rooftop. I looked down at
the drop beneath the window and gulped. I clearly couldn't jump to my safety. I
would have to find some other means of escape.

I opened the right door very quietly and peered inside. My eyes fixed on er at
once. Lying down, with only her black and white stripy socks showing from under her
thick covers, was the sleeping witch. Her snores vibrated through the covers. I
closed the door again quietly and opened the other door on the top floor. This led
to a very curious room.

It was like an Aladdin's Cave, with magical looking objects and walls of books
everywhere. In the middle of the room were a set of steps leading up to a pedestal,
and on the pedestal was an ancient looking book. I approached gingerly. Nothing in
this room looked like it was used for anything good. Not if it was owned by that
horrible witch.

"Heeeelp meeee!" came a whisper from in front of me, sending me back quite a ways.
My eyes darted about the room. Where had that sound come from? "Help!" it came
again, and my pinpoint eyes moved down to stare at the book on the pedestal. It
SAKE, I'M A BOOK IN DISTRESS!" the book yelped.

I leapt over to it instinctively. "Shhh!" I whispered. "The witch is asleep! Don't

wake her up!" I found myself talking to this book.

"Well, EXCUSE me!" the book huffed. "Perhaps if you'd been stuck here for God knows
how many years, forced to help an evil witch, then YOU'D be a bit emotional too!"

"I'm sorry..." I gulped, noticing now that the book glowed with a purple colour.
"But wait- aren't you that witches' spell book?" I asked.

"Indeed I am- but not by CHOICE!" the book replied. "She's the meanest, horriblest
witch in the world!"

"There's no such thing as the word 'horriblest'. I tried to use it once when the
teacher gave us more homework," I sighed.

"Well there's nothing wrong with making up your own words sometimes dear," the book
comforted her. "How do you think spells are made?"

"Thank you... book..." I hesitated.

"Book? BOOK? That's not my name!" the book complained.

"Sorry again. What is your name then?" I asked.

"It's Sageworth Ruminous Technicallla Magic Book IV,"

"Sageworth.... something... something... oh, please could I just call you

Sageworth?" I asked, adding quickly after. "That's the best name of them all,"

"Very well. What's your name?" He asked me, trying not to sound pleased by my

"I'm Louhi," I replied, smiling and wondering if the book could see me. But I
didn't dare to ask.

"Good! Now we've gotten all that out of the way- I'd best ask you what you're doing
here. Please say you're not working for that nasty witch?" Sageworth was

"No- God no! She wants to feed me to her crows! She just fed all these other poor
children to the crows. I couldn't save them..." my head sunk sadly.

"Oh no. Well dear, don't despair! It's not your fault! She's an insult to the grand
title of witch!" he explained.

"But aren't all witches evil?" I asked.

"What? Oh no little lady! Witches started out being very respected by the people of
this country. They were called witches because it meant wise and intelligent one.
They gave advice to great leaders- Kings and Sultans! They used their knowledge of
nature and accomplished astounding things! They healed people and helped grow
crops. Then they got a bad name- all because of a witch of old who started using
her magic for evil. Then people assumed all witches were like that. It's been a
long time since then, and people are starting to trust good witches again, but
unfortunately in that time many other witches have turned bad too. It all depends
on who gets the powers, you see. That's where I come in!" Sageworth explained.
"Want to know more?"

"I do... but I really should be getting out of here. The witch could wake up at any
minute!" I was really quite frightened, even if the old book was very pleasant
"Oh I wouldn't worry about that! She uses a special Lavender and Peppermint spell
on page 257 to help her fall asleep. She's out like a light for hours and hours!"
Sageworth explained.

"Alright..." I nodded.

"Good, now pay attention! Not just anyone can be a witch. First, you have to be
female- or else you become a mage or wizard. Secondly, you have to have a spell
book. That's me. The first witches were hugely talented, and wrote down all their
secrets into books like me. Without books like me, it'd take you until you were old
and grey to learn spells normally. I'm a fourth generation spell book out of the 30
generations there are, so I contain some pretty potent stuff!" Sageworth claimed
proudly. "But some even rarer spell books are first generation. Those old fogeys
have very powerful magic in them indeed. Of course, you can just add information
and pages to me if you wish- I have an unlimited number of pages," Sageworth
stopped suddenly, as if sensing my confusing.

"An unlimited number of pages?" I blinked. "What do you mean by that?"

"Why don't you open me up and have a look?" Sageworth sang temptingly.
I walked up to the pedestal and found it lowered to my height. This made it much
easier to look at Sageworth for the first time. He was a brown leather bound book
with golden corners. The purple energy that surrounded him died down whenever he
was not speaking. I opened the book at a random place and my face fell. I opened
another page a few dozen sheets along. Nothing.

"I don't understand... you're empty!" I gasped.

"Hehe, clever, huh? Now, think of a spell!" Sageworth insisted.

"But I don't know any spells..." I stammered nervously.

"Well, think of something you want!" Sageworth prompted.

"Well, what about a spell to vanquish the witch?" I asked.

"Ooh, powerful stuff needed. Hang on a second..." Sageworth paused, and then to my
surprise his pages started moving all by themselves, as if he were looking through
himself for the right spell. "Transformations... conjuring spells... herbal tea
recipes... ah! Here it is!" he stopped short on one page.

I looked at the page in question curiously. "What is this?" I asked.

"This is the 3 fold spell," Sageworth explained. "The number 3 is very powerful to
witches. The magic they used is designed for good! And thus the old ones decided
that if it was ever used for evil, that magic would return to the witch in some
negative way 3 fold! Unless the witch chooses something to sacrifice in order to
get what she wants- and it has to be something very valuable to her," he added.

"So what do you think the evil witch chose?" I asked.

"Well I can tell you. She chose her grace, her wisdom and her beauty. Three very
valuable things in return for being able to do some pretty evil things. If you ask
me, it wasn't a good trade, but that's the point. It's supposed to stop evil people
using the magic of witches evilly. It's a pretty good system. Wizards and mages
have similar rules in place. Magic users have to want evil so bad they'd make huge
sacrifices for it. If they're willing to do that, nothing you or I could do would
have stopped them," Sageworth was sad now.

"Are you okay, Sageworth?" I checked.

"Hm? Why yes Louhi, very much so! I shant dwell on how my warnings to that evil
witch fell on death ears! I shall move on and adapt. With the 3 fold spell!"
Sageworth refocused himself.

"Okay, so what does it do?" I asked.

"Well isn't it obvious? It looks into a witches' heart and find all the evil things
has done. Then it returns it to her 3 fold. So if she'd kicked someone in the knee
once, she would feel 3 kicks to the knee,"

"And the damage is real?" I asked.

"Very much so," Sageworth confirmed.

"So if she'd chopped living beings into little pieces, even if they were fruit at
the time- she would be stabbed all those times too?" I asked.

"Indeed she would," Sageworth nodded.

"Will the spell still work from far away?" I asked.

"It should do, as long as there's the presence of the person you want to cast the
spell on," Sageworth glowed very brightly now."Oh, I should be enough! That awful
woman uses me every day. There should be more than enough of her aura around me to
cast the spell. Isn't that handy?" he mused.

"It definitely is. Okay, then let's do that spell later," I decided. "We should get
out of here first. You're sure it's alright for me to take you? It's not stealing?"
I asked.

"My girl... if you took me with you, you'd be rescuing me and any of that witches'
future victims!" Sageworth told me.

"Okay then. How do I get out of here?" I asked.

That's when I heard it, a clattering sound. I knew what it was instantly and my
heart leapt into my mouth.

"SCREEE! SHE'S GONE! ESCAPE! ESCAPE! ESCAPE!" came a shouting from below me.

"Oh no!" I panicked. "They found out I was gone! What do I do?!" I cried.

"Don't worry! First, pick me up and head for the window outside! Quickly!"
Sageworth exclaimed.

Obeying, I lifted the heavy tome from his resting place and carried him outside. I
could hear the crows lumbering up the stairs. I was trapped.

"To the window!" Sageworth instructed, and I obeyed again.

"But they'll see me here!" I fretted.

"Shh! Just crouch down and keep quiet!" Sageworth ordered.

When I saw their heads rise from the stairway in front of me I froze. I was sure
they'd turn round to that little gap between the window and the staircase. But they
didn't. They ran straight from the staircase and burst into the witches room.

"Wake the Madam!" they cried as the door swung shut behind them.

"Now!" Sageworth whispered to me. "Open me up!" and I did, as fast as I could.

I didn't have to do anything. The mighty- the brilliant Sageworth flipped open his
pages and rested on something about transformation. He began to glow purple, bright

"What? What is it?" the groggy witch moaned.

"Madam! The child is GONE!" the crow sounded very frightened.

"WHAT?! Did she get by you?" the witch demanded angrily.

"No Madam! No one passed us!" the next crow realised.

"You FOOLS! Then she must be- in my SPELL ROOM!" the witch thundered.

"Please Sageworth!" I begged, as the door swung open.

The witch looked at me with eyes filled with hatred. She pointed a bony finger at
me and screeched in a horribly high voice, "GIVE ME BACK MY SPELL BOOK YOU ROTTEN

"NOW Louhi!" Sageworth instructed. "Put me under your coat and jump out the

"But-!" I cried, as the witch ran forwards screaming 'you treacherous book!'

"Trust me! Please, now!" Sageworth shouted.

I must have been out of my mind, but when faced with a red faced vengeful witch and
an eight floor drop, I chose the drop. I leapt out of the window and felt something
strange. I don't quite remember the experience now, but since then Sageworth has
told me I transformed.


One minute I was screaming looking down at the fast approaching ground, and then I
was fine, sitting on the ground against the front of the witches' cottage. Looking
above me I saw no witch glaring out the window, I heard no crows. And as for my
surroundings, for a moment I had to gather my bearings. There I was, after falling
eight floors, with barely a scratch on me. It was no longer raining and outside it
was bright as day.

I reached into my coat and pulled out Sageworth.

"Sageworth?" I whispered. "Sageworth? Are you okay? SAGEWORTH!" I called loudly.

There came a familiar faint glow. "Shh! Yes... I'm fine. Quick... hide... the

Sageworth could barely speak. Looking behind me I saw that indeed there were a few
I did what I was told and hid behind them. After all, this book had just saved my
Seconds later a crow flew by mere inches from the ground. It was quite a feat to
fly so close to the ground- I would have been impressed by it if it didn't repulse
me. Those crows had eaten several innocent children!

"I know... you're upset... please calm down," Sageworth asked, and at the sound of
his measly voice I did so.

Moments later we heard voices from by the front door.

"Madam will be most displeased with us. We couldn't find that girl or Madam's spell
book!" the smallest crow's voice quivered.

"I- I'm going to blame the two of you!" the middle sized crow decided.

"Coward! You dare blame me and I'll kill you myself!" the largest crow squawked.

Following this stalemate they clambered back into the cottage. I could hear their
heavy bodies and clawed feel scattering across the wooden floors. The door slammed
shut behind them. I waited a few moments until their movements could not be heard;
until I was satisfied they were far away enough not to hear me, before talking to
the spell book Sageworth again.

"What happened?" I asked, still making sure to be quiet.

"Just... let me rest... a while," Sageworth asked. "Oh... so little energy..." he

moped. "Need..."

"How do I get you energy?" I asked eagerly.

"I need... it from my... owner... but... the old witch wouldn't..." he panted.

"What about me?" I asked. "Can you take it from me?"

"If I take... from you... you become a witch..." Sageworth explained.

I thought about this. The only witch I'd ever known killed innocent children; tried
to kill me- and had doubtless done other horrible things in her life. But now I
held Sageworth in my hands, and remembered what he'd told me about witches, I
remembered my mother's words too. It's not the magic that's evil, but the actions
of the one who uses it. Who said I had to be an evil witch? I could be the
greatest, kindest witch that ever lived! And I would help people, defeat evil
witches and wizards and restore the good name of magic everywhere!

"Louhi?" Sageworth strained to say, his pages growing dark.

"Okay Sageworth! Do it!" I agreed.

Slowly and with quite some effort, Sageworth opened himself up, but only his cover.
As he did so, words appeared on the front page that had not been there before. Skim
reading it I knew I had to say the words. They seemed quite complicated to me, but
as I spoke them and held onto the bind of Sageworth tight, their meaning became

"I acknowledge and swear to uphold the laws of the Wiccan Rede:
Bide the Wiccan laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust.
Live and let live—fairly take and fairly give.
Cast the Circle thrice about to keep all evil spirits out.
To bind the spell every time, let the spell be spake in rhyme.
Soft of eye and light of touch—speak ye little, listen much.

Deosil go by the waxing Moon—sing and dance the Wiccan Rune.

Widdershins go when the Moon doth wane, and the werewolf howls by the dread
When the Lady's Moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two.
When the Moon rides ar Her peak, then your heart's desire seek.
Heed the North wind's might gale—lock the door and drop the sail.
When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss thee on the mouth.

When the wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast.
When the West wind blows o'er thee, departed spirits restless be.
Nine woods in the Cauldron go—burn them quick and burn them slow.

Elder be ye Lady's tree—burn it not or cursed ye'll be.

When the Wheel begins to turn, let the Beltane fires burn.

When the Wheel has turned to Yule, light the Log and let Pan rule.
Heed ye flower, bush and tree — by the Lady blessed be.
Where the rippling waters go, cast a stone and truth ye'll know.
When ye are in dire need, hearken not to others' greed.
With the fool no season spend, or be counted as his friend.
Merry meet and merry part — bright the cheeks and warm the heart.
Mind the Threefold Law ye should — three times bad and three times good.
When misfortune is enow, wear the blue star on thy brow.
True in love ever be, unless thy lover's false to thee.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill — an ye harm none, do what ye will,"

As soon as I finished the final verse, I felt a connection form between Sageworth
and I form. I could feel my energy going to him, and yet I felt no worse than I had
done. It was an amazing feeling, like making a thousand new friends all at once. I
would later be told that the connections I felt were all those who had owned him
before. And then I knew that I had nothing to fear, for they had all been wise and
good, and abided by the correct laws. I did not feel the presence of the evil witch
who had imprisoned me. Perhaps she could never have done such a thing as this, and
by forcing Sageworth to do her bidding she had never really been connected to him.

Whatever the case, I was now a young witch. A good witch.

"Ahh! That's better!" Sageworth was now as peppy as ever. "Now what was it you
asked me? Oh yes. Here's what happened. I transformed us into a drop of rainwater.
As a liquid you could not be harmed- you fell safely and were hidden by the other
thousands of raindrops falling around us. Thw dastardly witch never suspected I had
cast such a spell. She might have thought I'm flown us away, or made us invisible.
But NEVER this! The spell would only last a few hours, hence why it's early morning
now. And no one suspected a thing! They must be looking for you EVERYWHERE!" he
beamed proudly.

"That's brilliant Sageworth!" I praised him, highly astounded.

"Well, t'was nothing dear. Oh, alright, casting such a spell by myself was a risky
move, and it's only ever used by spell books as a last resort because it drains out
energy so, but I'm alright now. Well, now you're a witch, why don't we try a few
spells out?" Sageworth grinned.

"Let's start with finishing off that wicked witch and her beastly crows!" I

"Alright, that should be easy enough. They've all gone back inside now. First,
let's trap them inside," Sageworth flipped his pages and landed at a certain spell.
"Read this!"
This would be my first every spell! I was very excited, but worried it would fail.
Feeling a warm glow from the book, no doubt sent by Sageworth to encourage me, I
felt heartened.

"Bind the doors about this place,

Let no key be the right shape,
Windows shut and tight they be,
Let no one enter or escape!"

As the last word left my mouth, something shot up from my heart thorough my body
and out of my right hand, which had pointed to the building by itself. Instantly I
heard many a slamming and locking. Would the occupants of the house have noticed?
Before I could find out, Sageworth's pages flicked open again. It rested on a page
that had no words, but a great fire leapt from it. I could feel myself controlling
this fire, as I wanted to it rose and fell. And holding the book up I willed for it
to leap up into the air and spin around the base building as fast as it could. The
fire spread quickly as the flame I controlled danced upwards.
Now I knew those inside were wary. I heard them banging against the door to escape,
but my magic had forced them shut. I heard them throwing things against the
windows, but my magic saved them from shattering. Soon there was no noise. The
flames burned brightly and I could hear the crows screaming in agony. I almost felt
sorry for them, but I remembered the way they'd gobbled up those poor children, and
I turned my heart away from them. Soon their cries died down and I knew they were
dead. But what of the evil witch?
After a moment of silence, with nothing but the creaking of weakening wood, a
piercing scream filled the air. I looked up to the top window. It was the witch.
Briefly horrified by this sound, I lost concentration and all the windows shattered
at once. Then, reflected in my eyes was a ball of fire hurtling right at me.

I started to run but it followed me- and then crashed to the ground just ahead of
me. Blinking hard, I decided to approach it. The rain was dowsing the fire- and
revealing something beneath it. As I got closer, I recognized the charcoaled form.
It was the evil witch, burnt to a crisp.

"Get back!" Sageworth warned me- too late.

The seemingly defeated pile leapt up and grasped hold of my spell book, yanking it
from my hands and holding it up into the air. "It is MINE!" she cackled. "And now
you'll die!" she announced, pulling at Sageworth's back and front cover. But he did
not open. "What?! How dare you defy me wretched book! Open up before I throw you
into a bucket of water and watch you dissipate!" she commanded.

"No!" Sageworth refused. "I will do your bidding no longer! Louhi is my owner now!"
he struggled tp keep himself shut. "Louhi! Remember the three fold law!" he called,
as if that was supposed to mean something to me.

I watched helplessly as the evil witch and gallant book struggled against one
another. What could I do? My mind raced, I thought about the Wiccan Rede on the
first page, and then I had the shock of my life. The image of Sageworth in my mind
began to change- I was flipping through his pages, somehow connected to him
mentally. Finally, the page rested on '3 fold spell'. This was it- what I needed to
defeat this evil hag once and for all. But wait-! In order for this spell to work,
it appeared I would also have to be subject to its effects. I also needed to know
her name.

I realised that if I called out to him, she would know of my plan and attack me
instead! I knew I was a witch now, but I was still only a little girl! I then had
another idea. If had such a strong connection with him that I could see what was
inside him using my mind surely I could talk to him that way too? I decided to give
it a try. I spoke in my mind, as simply as you do when you are talking to yourself,
and I asked Sageworth what her name was. I kept an image of his open pages in my
mind. Surely enough, letters appeared above the spell. Griselda.

"'Griselda, Griselda, Griselda!" I shouted, and she was so shocked she dropped
Sageworth on the floor.

"Wait!" Sageworth began. "Before it was an option, now you've cast fire on her-!"
he started to cry, but I already knew what would happen, and I knew what I had to
do. I carried on with my spell.

"You hurt me, I hurt you

As you see, as I see
Be a thee,
three by three,
mote it be."
"N-NOOOO!" Griselda screamed, as Sageworth flung open, and a strong purple energy
surrounded us both.

Even now I don't regret what I did. Even as the flames poured down on me and
surrounded me- burning my skin, I don't regret it. Because I could hear Griselda
dying, and I knew justice was being done. When I came to I was being doused with
water- Sageworth was dousing me with water from page 125. I screamed in pain and
went to clutch my right arm, but was stopped by pain shooting through it.

I knew then that I had suffered burns down the right hand side of my arm and the
left hand side of my face. My legs and back were also burned, but for some reason I
didn't feel like my life was in danger. Still, the pain was excruciating.

"It- it hurts..." I whimpered.

"It's alright Louhi, draw strength from me!" Sageworth asked. He had been using
quite a bit of energy to float over to me by himself and use magic on his own
again, but calling up the elements wasn't nearly as exhausting as changing them
into something else, so he seemed to be managing. "You gave your energy to me; I
have enough left for us to get back to the village!"

"What about Griselda?" I asked, as I felt energy fill my body.

I stood up and let Sageworth fall into my hands.

"See for yourself," he glowed knowingly.

Looking to where Griselda had stood I winced uneasily. Clearly I had returned all
she had done to me to her threefold- she had squashed me into a two and a half foot
space. Therefore, Griselda had been squashed into that space herself in seconds,
giving her no time to move. She was crushed and killed instantly. Now she looked
like a large lump of black coal stuck to the ground.

So there you have it. That's how I became a witch and met the witches' spell book
Sageworth. I bet you're wondering now how the townsfolk reacted to me- and if I
ever did become the world's greatest good witch. Perhaps next time I'll tell you
that story. Until then remember: ye harm none, do what ye will!

The End.

The Witches' Spell Book.by MrsNox



Night Time Poems1.

Once at night when I failed to sleep,
I went downstairs for a bit to eat.
I bit off more than I tried to chew-
when through my tongue my tooth went through!
One fateful night by the dim moonlight,
I dragged my dusty carpet to the grass outside.
I stood upon the thread and I tried to ride,
Alas, only the magic carpets fly.
Eyes wide open
something moves
I look down-
you're on my shoes,
battling lace and kicking heel,
I flop down,
“No big deal,”
Disturbing animals- it's 2am!
Will you let me sleep again?
Fighting, screaming, drinking- what?
These pests are human, not a fox!
Waking up is such a chore,
I feel like I should sleep some more,
I think I'll sleep until it's light,
Now close those curtains- nice and tight!

The Egg WatchPokemon resting in your shell,

Reveal yourself- stop putting me through hell,
Wobble and shake that little egg,
Crack and break it with your head,
Pop outside and say hello,
How much further must I go?
Cycling round this bloody tree,
One more time- no two- no three-!
I'm slowly losing the will to live,
I have moo-moo-milk- fresh to give,
But I might need it when this is through
Abusing thick fat and flame body too,
"Oh?" My bike stops in its tracks,
As the egg shell finally cracks,
There is a light- then you are born,
Welcome to the world, little Rhyhorn!

Pokemon Diary: How I met MeowthDear diary,

Hello! It's Noxie!
My beloved Pokemon and I have been through a lot today. Persian reached level 50!
It was so exciting, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic*.
*remember the past happily.
Persian used to be a cat Pokemon called "Meowth". It's been a while since I thought
of her as a "Meowth". I even remember when I first met her in the grass.
One day Dragonair and I were battling in the tall grass for training. Out of the
corner of my eye I spotted a Meowth chasing a Pidgey. Right away I could tell that
her nature was hasty**.
She was so quick, but a little bit impatient. I was impressed that she refused to
give up. I went to my bag and took out a "quick ball". When thrown at the start of
the battle, it has a chance of catching a Pokemon right away. What better ball to
catch a hasty Meowth with than a "quick ball"?
I threw it at her, but she turned to me suddenly and swatted it away. Then she
glared at me hard with her red eyes. Our battle had started. Dragonair re

The Ghost CatI have a cat called Squab,

Her fur is pure white snow,
She was run over and since then,
She's had this eerie glow.
I notice it at night,
When she curls up by my feet,
Her cuddles are now cold,
It's like she's void of heat.
Squab can walk through walls,
And she can float above,
Through the ceiling and on the roof,
Gazing at the moon with love.
Then from on high she's grounded,
Just like that,
She is the finest,

In the morningIn the morning

the seagulls scream
nature's crude hello
In the morning
the sun does gleam
wet eyes are filled with glow
In the morning
when mouths run dry
bare feet drag below
In the morning
I hobble downstairs
as I really have to "go".

SO3: First Impressions.Title: First Impressions.

Series: Star Ocean 3 (TTEOT)
Characters: Albel and Fayt
Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy
Rating: PG
"What was your first impression of me?" Fayt asked one morning, taking Albel by
They were training on the mountains behind the castle in Airyglyph. The ocean
spread out before them to the south, and the mountain towered high above them.
Dragon Brigade soldiers would occasionally fly overhead while doing their own
training. Albel stuck his katana in the dirt and left it there, striding up to his
blue haired companion. They'd been together for ten years now, shared their lives
and fought side by side. After all that time, why was Fayt asking him this now?
"What's this about?" he replied. His voice was hushed but rough around the edges.
Fayt looked aside and folded his arms. "I was just wondering if I've changed in ten
years. I know I've become stronger, but am I any different? What did you think of
me when we first met?" Fayt asked.
Albel ma

Dear fly in the living roomDear fly in the living room:

Leave me be!
Exit out the window-
It's over there- see?
I can't stand you buzzing
or zipping about,
In fact your existence
is something I could do without!
But please don't think that my
prejudice against your kind,
is anything other
than a desired peace of mind.

SO3: Luther's SideTitle: Luther's Side

Series: SO3
Characters: Luther and Azazer
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: PG
Azazer walked into Luther's main office with his reports ready at hand. He stood to
attention by his employer's desk and watched him push and swipe the screen busily.
After a while, Luther sat back in his chair to review his work, and nodded in
satisfaction. Azazer knew that nod, but he also knew Luther. He would revisit this
particular subject various times, tinkering and changing little details until it
was absolutely perfect. Luther demanded perfection from himself and all those
around him.
"I think this is almost ready to insert into the Eternal Sphere," Luther spoke,
though it was unclear whether he was talking to himself or Azazer. He looked up at
his employee. "You're prompt as always. How have things been?" he inquired.
"I believe I'm performing my duties efficiently and effectively," Azazer replied,
his body rigid and his tone formal.
"Azazer. You've been here just lo

Autumn TreeI count them all,

the veins that gleam,
the ageing orange,
from brown to green,
hanging, falling or between,
the branches of the tree.
Biting wind chips body,
course and broken,
old but firm,
sanctuary for the small,
at the feet acorn and fern,
protected by the Oak.



written work by dragongirl117

My Werewolf DefinitionCelestialwolf's Werewolf Definition

1. What is a werewolf?
2. How are they created?
2.1 The Bite
2.2 Birth
3 Anatomy, characteristics, attributes
3.1 Human Form
3.2 Gestalt (True Werewolf) form
3.3 Wolf Form
3.4 All three forms
4 The Shifting Process
5 World and Society
6 Conclusion
7 Werewolf Encyclopedia
8 Other interesting werewolf definitions
What is a werewolf?
A Werewolf is a human capable of assuming the form of a wolf or a combination of
wolf and human (gestalt) at will while enjoying greater physical abilities than
normal human

Pay the Consequence - Fox TF Pay the Consequences

“Common, hurry, hurry, and hurry. Change light, change!” The streetlight turned
green and I floored the gas on my recently customized 00 blazer. The tires
screeched as I speeded through the light. I didn’t hear the guy in the semi blare
his air horn as I sped past him. My system in my car was too loud. My senior
project. I couldn’t believe that cop, giving me a two hundred dollar ticket for
noise ordinance violation. It’s a stupid law. I quickly changed lanes and turned
down 95 street. My speedometer reached seventy Miles per Hour down the old road. I
applied my brakes sharply and turned down the high schools road. I turned into the
OJT parking lot and caught air as I hit the curb at the entrance. I quickly parked
in the teachers parking and turned off the car. I got out and was yanked by the
seat belt. “Dammit!” I yelled. I closed my car door and sprinted for the door. I
had less than thirty seconds the get

Alice's Return to the Oasis Pt 2There’s a saying that about how the tiniest action
on the one side of the world could affect the other side beyond belief.
While this might or might not be the case, sometimes something small, done in the
best of interests can have big good, or bad repercussions.
Alice didn’t know it yet and wouldn’t for a long while but, due to one singlemishap
from a police officer involved with her kidnapping case, a single mistake down
without any thought made it thatshe would one day have to face her true nightmare
once again.
For the town the appearance of a long missing child was one of the biggest things
to happen to it, a young cop gloried in the added attention.
He wasn’t meant to disclose any information about the case to anyone; he hadn’t
meant to, he had thought the reporter only wanted to hear what had happened just
for interest’s sake, it hadn’t helped that the reporter had been a somewhat
attractive woman about his age as well.
It was only when

Tf by FinalSusanoo

Finding Circeby grapehyacinth

I was having second thoughts about taking a cruise with my family.
At forty-five years old, I had planned to be happily married with kids. Instead, I
was divorced, childless, and stuck on a very turbulent boat with my parents,
younger sister, and my sister's complete jerk of a husband.
“One day, we'll have kids and take them on a cruise too!” my sister Marla was
saying as we sat at dinner. We were at one of the ship's many specialty
restaurants, and the wait for the main course was nearing an hour.
“Cruises are freaking expensive,” burst out Chris, Marla's husband.
Everyone blinked at him for a moment. He could always be counted on to contribute
inappropriate comments to any conversation.
“Well, yes, they are,” my mother murmured.
“And that's why we're so thankful you brought us along, Mom,” I said, trying to
sound upbeat. But with me at this point, happiness was all a big show. I'd fallen
into depression years ago when I

The Witch's PetSummary: A man makes the mistake of denying candy to a trick-or-
treater on Halloween. 3 min read.
We are just getting into the swing of things when the doorbell rings. I try to
ignore it, but there it goes again, louder and more insistent, like a clingy
toddler pining for attention.
“I think you’re going to have to get that…” my girlfriend purrs into my ear as I
growl with annoyance. Disentangling my body from hers, I lurch off the couch, pull
up my pants and grope for my shirt in the darkness, nearly knocking over the wine
With a sigh, she turns over to one side and pulls the lusciously plush throw
blanket over her body, enveloping herself inside a cozy cocoon. Her soft, luminous
face flickers in the light from the Ashton Kutcher movie playing silently in the
corner. “This’ll just take a minute.” I mutter, shambling out of the room and down
the hallway.
I open the front door. A girl in a black witch costume is standing outside. Her po

Fantasy by battlecruiser006

Writ in Stone
I shivered as I made my way to the library. It was freezing outside, and the snow
only made things look even more grey and uncomfortable. I wrapped my arms around my
body and tried my best to keep warm. I wasn’t alone in this either, as everyone who
was walking down the sidewalk were fighting the unforgiving cold of winter. I
looked across the street and saw a man and woman walking hand in hand, and I
couldn’t help feeling a big jealous. I had never had a girlfriend before…for some
reason, whenever I asked out a girl at school, they’d turn me down, or worse just
laugh at me. It had come to the point now that I was actually afraid to talk to
girls these days. You can only get rejected so many times.
I came up on the large library and pushed open the glass doors. I was met by the
impressive silence and warmth of the library. The shelves were loaded with books
and the shelves almost seemed to go on forever. I hadn’t come to the library for
anything specific,

Rebirth (Ice Dragon TF)I winced again as I tripped over yet another rock and fell
on my knees. This time, I stayed there for a while, sobbing. Tears dripped down my
mud-stained face and onto my blood-stained pants. I had been in this damn jungle
for four hours now, separated from my camping buddies after I had left them to
satisfy my thirst at the nearby river. Turns out I had a really bad sense of
direction and even worse luck. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere - I wasn't
able to find the way back in the time it had taken me to get to the river in the
first place. "SHIT!" I screamed, slamming my fist into the ground. I retracted my
now bleeding hand, regretting that violent action, too late.
I stood up slowly, on shaking feet, when I heard, once again, the ominous growl of
thunder in the distance. "Dammit, Dammit, Dammit" I muttered to myself over and
over again. Getting caught in the rain wouldn't be a good idea, especially out here
in the wilderness. I panicked (even more), and starting running lik

From the Sea -Sea Serpent TF-From the Sea

(c) drekian2011 || https://drekian.deviantart.com
I lay back on the cool sand and shivered as water washed over my legs. The ocean
felt warm compared to the sand as it had been a cold summer so far. But that didn't
matter. It felt like nothing mattered anymore.
See, a few days ago, my parents had broken to me that we were moving. Like many
families with a moderately low income, they could no longer afford to live in the
nice part of the suburbs and opportunity for work had struck up elsewhere. So
naturally, like any good parents wanting to provide for their kids, they leaped on
the positions which paid better but required moving farther inland. They would be
starting work in two days.
Tonight was my last day here and it really made me sad. Being summer, most of my
friends were out of town so I would not even get to say goodbye before leaving
forever; or, as my parents put it, "leaving temporarily". Both my siste


Lily's Hypnotic Experience - Chapter 1It was dark. The only source of light around
was the busted street lamps that were so dim that Lily couldn't see where she was
going. It was the end of school, Lily was presuming her normal way home by going
through the woods and jumping over her fence behind her house. Lily was an
unpopular, but sweet girl. She could never make any friends due to her shyness and
her lack of opinion. She'd only been in her school for 6 days and already she was
being judged because of the kids' roam of dominance and the way they show it. Being
an innocent, friendly girl, Lily had no chance to stand up for herself, so she's
isolated herself in her own bubble and refused to communicate to the other kids.
As she walked down the familiar route down the street and towards the forest, Lily
remembered when she was smothered with friends that she was never shy with. It was
beautiful, the laughs and the games were all delightful and though the shouting
made her nervous, Lily was just happy to be with friends. Bu

Survival -wolf tf-Survival

The beginning... It's so hard to think, so hard to recall what life was like
before... but, I must remember. I must always remember.
It was Tuesday morning, 7 AM. Way earlier than any normal teenager on summer break
would be up at. But, my parents being my parents, insisted that we get on the road
early so we could get the four hour drive from Banff to Jasper National Park out of
the way. We'd been on the road a few days, staying over night in camp grounds and
cheap motels when it rained, so I was completely stoked on arriving at our
destination and having a few days of downtime in the woods.
The drive was a blur of blasting punk rock on my ipod while staring out the window
and trying to sleep to the rumbling of our ancient ford explorer. Either way, the
thick green forest that blurred by was strangely beautiful. It's not like it was
anything new though. Living in western Canada, I'd kinda gotten to know the forest
quite well, but something about this section of highway

What is Right?What is right?

What is wrong?
Heed ye well
Our warning song.
We’ll grant thy wish
It is our pleasure
But at the cost of
Your greatest treasure.
For every desire
For every action
There is a price
A gross subtraction
Should you wish to take it back
Do not fear, just come to me
Enter our world
Where madness be.
Should you survive
And brave the terror
Then that which you gave
You’ll have forever.
What is right?
What is wrong?
Heed ye well
Our warning song.

Nighthawk (Prologue)
Date: October 8th 2022
Time: 2 hundred hours. EST
Location: Hilton Hotel, Washington D.C
Operation Name: “Deadshot”
Agents Deployed: One.
She was positioned on the parking center highest level one kilometer away from the
hotel of interest. The wind blew from the northwest, and caused some of the strands
of long black hair to drift in front of her eyes, but she didn’t blink. The air
caused her jacket to flutter at the tip ever so slightly, and the zipper flashed in
the light of the lamps below. In her hands was a loaded McMillan TAC 338 sniper
rifle. She got down on one knee and rubbed the barrel. It was a strange habit to
have, but for some reason the touch of the cold steel in her fingers helped her get
a feel for the weapon.
“I’m in position.” She whispered.
“Roger that, Nighthawk.” A voice spoke back into her ear. “Do you have visual of
the targets?”
The one called Nighthawk looked out at the hotel in f

The Tale of Tomaki (Chapter 1)

“Saiyans. The most elite warrior race in the universe. From our very beginnings, we
were born for battle, conquest, and destruction. Our planet, Planet Vegeta, is
where we hail from, and it was there that we were born…as were you, Tomaki.”
“Tomaki, what’re you doing up so early?” I quickly tried to hide the box away. My
hands grabbed furiously for a cloth to shove it under as my tail trembled in
anxiety…a habit I needed to break. A true Saiyan should never show anxiety or
nervousness. She walked downstairs in her nightie and her sleepy blue eyes gazing
at me.
“Nothing, Belle…” I called back, turning innocently to try and hide my twitching,
trembling tail. She gazed at me with a sharp scowl and shook her head.
“You were listening to the recording again, weren’t you?” She asked. I hung my head
a little. She was right of course…Belle always seemed to be right about these
things. She knelt down with

Tale of the Jungle Part 1My name is Marcus and this is my story.
I’ve just turned 18 and things between me and my foster family have taken a bad
turn. You see, there’s this girl called Beryl that my family want me to hook up
with. The problem is she’s needy, selfish and a complete diva.
I’ve confronted my foster parents about her, but unfortunately Beryl was in the
same room at that time and both she and my foster parents didn’t take my opinion
very well.
How bad did it went? Well, Beryl got into a massive strop, demanding that I
apologise for my actions tomorrow morning and stormed off. My foster parents gave
me a massive telling off for speaking my mind, claiming that I’m throwing away a
bright future with Beryl.
If only they knew what she’s really like.
After I told them that I’ll only settle down the right girl, I stormed off into the
jungle (which is where our home in the village is stationed) to clear my head.
I tend to walk about in the jungle quite a bit

Destiny Awaits - Anthro Dragon TF"Airman, you messed up again!"

This familiar cry came once again to Airman Patrick Zuspann. He was always a screw
up, barely passed Air force basic training and technical school. Everything he did,
he always messed up in some way, this time it was really big.
"Do you know how much that pump cost? That is the new P-7583 'Water Hog,' it has a
computerized meter that records how much water it pumps out. It's worth 15,000
dollars," his supervisor said.
"I'm sorry sir. I didn't know there was sewage in that trench. I should have looked
better," Zuspann said.
"Zuspann, I swear one more screw up like this, and I will find some reason to kick
you out," his supervisor said.
"Yes sir," Zuspann said.
"Just go home and try, TRY to not get yourself killed."
"Yes sir," he said.
Zuspann really did try hard to get things right. It was just every time he did
something with his plumbing job, something went wrong. He installed a new water
heater, and the water lines would break. He put in new lines and t

Illusion The first thing Peter noticed when he woke up was that everything had
gone wrong, all at once. He was not in a normal place, and he did not at all feel
normal. He was lying on a simple red cot at one end of a large, circular room of
cracked black bricks. And as he arose and examined his surroundings, three words
immediately popped into his head "evil wizard tower".Because that's what it was, or
at least what it looked like, a perfect archetype. It was as if someone had read a
whole bunch of books on what evil wizard towers were supposed to look like, and
then crammed it all into one room. There were shelves of books with horribly grim
names, like "The Dark Art of Soul-Rending" along with various jars containing the
still-living body parts of numerous creatures, hideous and strange, a table in the
center of the room held a large, bubbling cauldron and a gigantic crystal ball,
held aloft by stone dragon claws, and even a large cage in which a three-eyed crow
flew. Everythin

Discovering FamilySarah sighed and walked down the sidewalk. The sky was overcast
and it was bitter cold. The weatherman had predicted snow later today, and normally
that would lift her spirits…but not today. Today she couldn’t feel anything but
terrible uneasiness and dread. To her left were giant buildings and complexes. They
were dormitories and study centers. All very common sights on a college campus.
Yes, Sarah was walking down the walkway of Alexander University. She looked down at
her little tennis shoes, feeling very intimidated. She didn’t belong here…she was
only 14 years old. But, she was here, and she had come to find her big brother.
“Keep up sweetheart.” Her father said encouragingly. “Your brother is just up the
“Do I really have to stay with him?” Sarah asked.
“I’m afraid so dear. Don’t worry, it’s only for a year. It’ll come and go before
you know it.” He whispered.
“But I don


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