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• Identify & define important vocabulary related to the skill/strategy

• Show students the concept – don’t tell them what to do
• Use lots of visuals, anchor charts, etc.
• Think aloud for the students as you model the strategy from beginning
to end
• Ask DOK level one questions, very basic
• Try NOT to use text – take out the step of comprehension and focus
just on the strategy

• What are the pieces of the strategy/skill?
• What questions do you need to ask yourself to complete the strategy?
• What steps or sequences do you use when following the skill or
• Pick the skill/strategy completely apart

• See strong and weak examples of the skill/strategy in action
• Which steps being done are correct or incorrect?
• What changes need to be made?
• How could you improve the skill/strategy being shown?
• Are there any steps missing to the skill/strategy?
• This step allows practice without true application of the skill

• Partially completed skill or strategy – analyze it to see what is left to
• Use sentence frames to help students learn to justify their answer
• Allows students to practice without the full pressure of application
• Get one/Give one

• Fully complete the skill/strategy without any support
• Can be done independently or in collaborative groups
Expose Analyze Evaluate Prepare Apply

Define the Determine Write out

Identify the
‘somebody, whether a Write out an
Summarize wanted, but, so,
SWBST pieces in a
summary is
sections of a entire summary
given summary summary
then’ pieces strong or weak

Define terms ‘main Introduce Determine if a

Identify the main
idea’ and ‘details’ & statement is a Identify the main
Main Idea use images to strategies to ‘main idea’ or a idea only
idea and 3
relate the two find main idea supporting details

Use traditional Give 2 out of 5

Determine which Given the events,
literature to events to Write out the
Plot introduce
events in a text reconstruct the
reconstruct the plot of a story
are needed plot
vocabulary plot

Define ‘cause’ &

Cause & Use key words to Label cause & Given the cause, Find cause and
‘effect’ & use
find examples of effect correctly find the effect & effect examples
images to show
Effect examples
cause & effect & incorrectly vice versa from whole text

Decide which piece Determine if a

Determine if an Make multiple
of an inference is statement is Infer traits of
Inferences from text and literal or
inference is
inferences in a
from schema accurate or not given text

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Expose Analyze Evaluate Prepare Apply

Match a theme
Determine if the Identify theme Identify theme
Focus on defining to a given piece of
Theme different themes evidence (not in
theme matches a of a text given of text and
given text bank of answers justify

Define the types of Analyze a photo Identify POV of a

Point of Identify pronouns
point of view & act and write text and justify Identify POV and
to help determine
out different sentences in given with given justify
View scenarios different POV’s POV sentence frames

Match key words,

Use key words to Determine if the Identify text Identify text
Text graphic
identify text text structure structure and
organizers, and
structure of a being identified is justify with given
structure and
Structure definitions of text
sentence correct sentence frame justify

Sequencing events Write out 5

Determine if a Given events (not Put given events
of a text using events of a text
Sequencing story is in story), place in of a text into
photos/ in sequential
sequenced or not sequential order sequential order
illustrations order

Given the
Do you agree or Provide evidence Analyze all
Define vocabulary evidence, what
disagree about a from the text to aspects of a
Character & sort examples does it show statement written support areas of character and
of each about the about a character characterization provide evidence
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