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Inventory System on Agricultural Supplies

TIOC (Research Grade 12: Capstone)

I. Trends
People strive to become a successfull business man or woman someday. They dream because they need
a good job that can help to their lives. Some company needs a new gadget or application to help their
business grow. Business means “an organization or economic system where goods and services are
exchanged for one another of for money”. In this problem, the researchers get a client who needs an
upgradable inventory system that can helps to develop their business.

According to M.H. Sani this study examined inventory control models highlighting the fundamental
issues and concerns for shaping agri-business prowess. Inventory control is the centre stage of
entrepreneurial existence, survival, growth and sustainability. Inventory was considered a road map that
gives direction to a new business for making decisions about management of cash, raw materials,
finished goods and receivables. It was revealed that the risks associated with daily business deliveries
are high.

The production cost control measures are the sole responsibility of business managers.

One critical cost of production is investment in raw materials supplies, work-in-process and processed or
finished products that are still waiting in the warehouse.

II. Issues
Based from the result of literature number 1,2,3,9 that the customer needs more system information
because of the lost sales case however literature number 4,5, 7,8,need to increase some time to
improved customer service. Literature number 6 provide subsidy for the supplier in inventory

Based from the result of literature number 11,12,13,15,17,18 that the consume can agree on the same
thing however literature number 14 and 16 has a potential but it needs improvement for the consumer.

III. Objectives
Our objectives for the Agricultural Supplies’ Inventory System are to produce a system that would help
the client in their inventory system. Also to distinguish how the produced inventory system has been
help to the client than having a no having system before. And to know the efficiency of the inventory

IV. Contributions
People know that the agricultural needs are the most needed things and needed in to cultivate such as
soil, crops, and livestocks. The Researchers will manage how to make it simple. Now with the help of
technology people can do things at ease with the inventory system and the Researchers can check if it
was already run out of supply and so the Users/Clients can navigate it easily. This system may see it as a
simple system but in reality it has a great help for those businessman out there.