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A Study on Consumer Behavior towards various

brands of Dairy products

with special reference to Sriperumbudur,Kancheepuram District
A first review report

Submitted by: Siva Chithambaram S Roll No: 1722MBA0428 Reg No: 68217200085


 This study will help us to know the consumer behavior towards branded
dairy products such as ghee, paneer, butter,etc.

 This study will help us to understand the need and their demand in the

 It helps to improve the sales with the help of survey.

 It is important to understand to choice of consumer towards dairy products.

1.(Dr.S.Sivasankaran and Dr.R.Sivanesan 2013) determines how far the
consumers are satisfied with the overall performance of the branded milk producers.
Now the dairy industry is facing tremendous competition with many private
companies enter into this field. In order to sustain in the market by giving better
service, a company should always try to find out the satisfaction level of the
consumers and should take all necessary steps and measures to retain the customers.
Today, almost all the people are consuming milk and milk products. Whereas Brand
preferences of the rural and urban consumers are differ. Some buyers are totally brand
loyal, buying only one brand in a product group. Most of the buyers switch over to
other brands.

2.D. (Nidhyananth, S.Sugapriya 2013) depicts that Aavin milk has a good
reputation among the customers so it can be extended supplying product towards the
customer demand for and availability in markets must maintained for the consumer to
stay in the same Aavin brand. HBrand Preference is a compulsory ingredient for
customer satisfaction. Interestingly, the term 'Customer satisfaction' is most important
for any marketing manager who wishes to improve the market share by improving the
brand preference through customer satisfaction. The researcher of this paper focuses
on the brand preference and its linkage to customer satisfaction by considering the
various aspects of Customer Satisfaction of branded Milk in India.

3.(T. Ravi chandran, and G. Arumugasamy 2013) the researcher indicated that
the majority of the milk consumers prefer fresh milk. There is the high demand for
Arokya milk in Nagercoil town and it is a positive sign for Local and National brands.
They can promote their products by effective advertising, improved quality and by
keeping a check on the price. Growing world population base, rise in per capita
income, increase in consumer awareness level regarding nutritional values of dairy
products and, change in consumer dietary patterns are the key drivers regulating the
market growth. In addition, technological advancements and innovations for obtaining
more milk from dairy animals are also estimated to boost market growth.

4.(C. Jothi Mary 2013) said that marketing concept starts with the consumer
needs and behaviour in meeting these needs. Therefore every person depends on
basic needs. The real problem is to learn what a customer takes into consideration
when he chooses a particular brand. Such a study is concerned with consumer
behavior. A consumer is not someone to argue or match with the needs and
satisfaction levels differ from individual to individual and no company can satisfy the
needs of consumers. Consumer oriented thinking helps the marketer to define
consumer needs from the consumer’s point of view. The present study attempts to
bring out the factors leading to the purchase behavior and perception of consumers in
buying Aavin milk.

5.(Deepa ingavale, H.M Thakar 2012) observed that the change in purchase
decisions was due to marketing-related factors such as availability, advertisement,
product quality, and price of the products. Multinational companies have created a
brand preference for branded milk products such as branded butter, paneer, chees,
milk powder and proper market segmentation will help to manufacture these products
as per the requirements of the customers. All Companies are required to build their
brands with the help of packaging, point of purchase advertising, delivery vehicles,
retail outlets, marketing communication and sponsorships etc.

The market is segmented on the basis of type of product. It includes milk,

butter, cheese, casein, ice cream, lactose and yoghurt. Among these products, milk,
cheese and lactose are estimated to hold major share of the market owing to their
rising demand and increased usage rates in all levels of population. Rising
consumption levels of foods such as ice creams and milk shakes are also anticipated
to drive market growth over the forecast period.


 To study the consumer behavior towards selected particular brands of
dairy products.


 To examine the differences in consumer’s behavior with socio and

economic characteristics towards brand selection.

 To identify the brand awareness, problems and level of satisfaction of the

respondents in purchasing of various brands of dairy products.

 To give suitable suggestion to understand the consumer behavior for the

betterment of their business.
Tools : A well structured questionnaire. It will be collected from the


Tools : Books,Journals and Magazines related with various branded of
Dairy products.

Simple percentage,Statistical test such as Chi-square test,Correlation
and LMR method can be used.


 Various brands of Dairy products such as

 The consumer behavior towards various brands were studied using

books,journals and magazines.

 Area for the study were selected,Sriperumbudur.

 Well structured questions to be prepared and consumers interview
schedule to be conducted.

 Data to be prepared using the consumer behavior study.

 More journals and magazines need to be referred for the consumer

behavior and their attitudes towards various brands of dairy products.

 Percentage analysis and statistics report to be prepared.


 Due to limitation of time, only few people would be selected for the

 The Sample size of the study is 100.

 The study is limited upto Sriperumbudur town only.


 The study will clearly point out the consumer behavior towards various
brands of dairy products.

 It helps to improve the sales with the help of the survey.

 The study will gives the actual demand of the consumer towards various
brands of dairy products.

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