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Job Description

Job Title: Staff Nurse / Clinical Nurse

Division: Slow-stream Rehabilitation Service,
Complex Disability Management and
Neuropalliative Service
Responsible To: Hospital Manager
Accountable To: Hospital Manager
Grade: 5
Location: Blackheath
Hours of Work: Shift patterns
On-Call Requirement: To be confirmed
Disclosure Required: Yes – Enhanced

The Huntercombe Group

Nurturing the world one at a time

The Huntercombe Group is one of the leading specialist care providers in the
UK, providing treatment and care covering Mental Health services for young
people (CAMHS) and adults, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Learning Disabilities
and Children Specialist Services. We have gained a reputation for innovation
and creating the right treatment solutions for patients with particularly
challenging and complex needs. Our philosophy is to ensure that every
individual admitted to our services has the potential to enhance their
prospects for a more fulfilling life.

Job Purpose
 To work according to the NMC Code of Professional Conduct and
relevant professional guidelines as a named nurse or key worker (with
facilitation) for a defined group of patients / residents and take
responsibility for:
o Protecting and supporting the health of individual patients /
o Assessment of care and health education needs
o Development, implementation and evaluation of programmes of
care including discharge planning for each patient
 Under supervision, to gain experience and skills in:
o Clinical practice
o Facilitation and teaching
o Management (as appropriate)
 To work in accordance with THG Nursing Strategy and contribute to
achieving THG strategic objectives
 To take charge of the ward/department/unit in the absence of senior
nursing staff following performance review
 To adopt a flexible approach to hours of duty, in order to meet the
needs of the service over a 24 hour period
Key Accountabilities:

Scope and Authority

 To be an active participant in the multidisciplinary team, formulating
care plans and utilising appropriate assessments.
 In conjunction with other health professionals, assess and manage
risks identified through assessment of patients / residents.
 To regularly review risk factors and work in conjunction with other
health professionals to modify care plans as appropriate
 To act as the primary nurse for inpatient stay
 To ensure that clinical practice is evidenced based and consistent with
relevant NICE guidelines and the organisations policies and
 To undertake clinical supervision to further develop competence and
clinical practice
 To act as a mentor/preceptor to students/support workers as
 To supervise junior staff in carrying out their care plans
 To liaise effectively with all actively involved in the care process,
including carers and relatives, aspiring to provide an effective,
seamless and integrated service to patients / residents.
 To maintain and update relevant knowledge and skills, maintain a
professional portfolio and participate in further training as appropriate,
in order to enhance quality of care for patients / residents and carers.
 To comply with the Huntercombe Group Health and Safety Policies and
Protocols in order to contribute to safe working practices.
 To protect vulnerable adults / children from internal/external factors and
act as a Patient Advocate.

Clinical Practice
 To ensure a comprehensive assessment is completed for the patients /
residents to ensure a comprehensive person centred assessment is
completed for their pathway.
 Ensure that each patient has an individual care plan and risk
assessment, which takes into account the patient (if appropriate) and
their carers views, with regular reviews
 To administer medicine within the guidelines and framework of the
Nursing and Midwifery Council.
 Practice within the defined parameters under the Mental Health Act
 Provide clinical leadership and supervision for the support workers and
 Ensure all clinical documentation is of a high standard and patient
notes are maintained and filed in the appropriate way
 Provide a highly specialised range of clinical interventions and
knowledge of evidence based models of practice relevant to the
patients / residents needs

 Working autonomously with confidence and competence to provide a
highly specialised and safe service to the patient
 To take appropriate action when working with vulnerable adults and
children following guidelines and procedures, liaising with appropriate
agencies as required
 Maintain and contribute to the standards of professional care, ethics,
policies and procedures
 Maintain professional standards of practice at all times

Communication and Relationship Skills

 Provide a high level of Communication with internal and external
 Participates in discussions and debates and staff meetings offering
views, ideas and opinions.
 Participate in the process of positively supporting and inspiring
colleagues within the service to improve standards and quality and to
develop professional practice.
 Communicate all relevant issues pertaining to individuals within our

 Responsibility to maintain continuous professional development in
order to meet requirements of professional registration.
 To work within the boundaries of the NMC Professional Code of
 Adherence to national guidance and best practice evidence on
Infection prevention and Control.
 Compliance with the Huntercombe Group clinical polices and those
 Participation in the Huntercombe Group clinical governance work

Health, Safety and Safeguarding

 Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as an employee, you
must take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and
other persons who may be affected by our acts or omissions at work.
 All members of staff have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare
of vulnerable adults, children and young people in all relevant areas of
their work. This will include timely attendance at relevant training
events compliance with the Huntercombe Safeguarding Procedures.

Equality and Diversity

 Carry out duties and responsibilities with regard to the Huntercombe
Group Equality and Diversity Policy.

Mental Health Act

 Comply with the Mental Health Act related to job role and service

 Adopt a professional approach to customer care at all times
 Take personal responsibility for ensuring that the Huntercombe Group
resources are used efficiently and with minimum wastage
 Comply with policies for personal and patient safety and for prevention
of healthcare-associated infection (HCAI); this includes a requirement
for rigorous and consistent compliance with policies for hand hygiene,
use of personal protective equipment and safe disposals of sharps
 Be aware of and adhere to all Huntercombe Group polices and
procedures, the Health & Safety at Work Act and the Data Protection
 Maintain confidentiality at all times
 Adhere to information governance policy and procedures at all times

This job description is not intended to be exhaustive and it is likely that duties
may be altered from time to time in the light of changing circumstances.

You will be expected to actively participate in annual appraisals and set

objectives in conjunction with your manager. Performance will be monitored
against set objectives.

The Huntercombe Standards
“Believing and achieving together”

Welcome to the Huntercombe Group’s Standards and Behaviours. Our

Standards makes it clear the Behaviours expected of everyone who works for
and on behalf of the Huntercombe Group.

The Huntercombe Group should be seen as a care provider that always does
the right thing. A company that patients, relatives and their carers can trust us
to deliver on our promises and protect their interests. And where people who
work for us feel confident, trusted and respected. In other words, a place
where we are all proud to work.

How can we make this happen?

The answer is by the way we behave each day towards our patients,
our colleagues, and wider community. Our Standards come out of a
strong desire not just to offer the best outcomes to our patients, making them
feel better where possible, but to offer the best quality care and the best
experience possible.

Our Standards exists to help us understand the behaviors that are

expected of us when we deliver care at the Huntercombe Group. We
are completely serious about setting the highest standards of behavior
for all of us. The Standards are not just words on paper – they are the
beginning of a long journey for the Huntercombe Group. Trust, respect,
energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and delivering on our promises,
these will be the foundations of our Company.

We want to make sure the whole of our hospitals are living the same
philosophy by embracing and living our Standards and Behaviors. So
please abide by these at all times.

Values & Behaviour: Managing others with values

Personal & Professional Building reflective and other critical

Development: practices
Communication and Core Good communication and building
Skills: other core skills
Resilience and Wellbeing: Building reflective skills and sharing
with others
Developing Relationships: Building patients’ capabilities and lead


aspects of wider plan

Delivering High Quality Act proactively to ensure high quality
Care: care

Managing Risk and Safety: Provide input on frameworks and


Working Well With Others: Managing others positively; enable
and lead team discussions
Problem Solving: Positively solve problems or issues
that arise with limited guidance
Inspiring and Engaging: Inspiring others and sharing

Continuous Improvement: Lead teams to continually innovate on



Delivering Business Lead contained planning efforts, eg.,

Performance: workforce management, assessments
Joining Huntercombe to Build links with other organisations
Other Organisations:
Service Enhancements: Provide perspectives and ideas

Staff Nurse Professional Standards

It is the expectation of The Huntercombe Group that all Qualified Nursing staff
adhere to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) The Code: Professional
standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives.

It is further expected that these Standards are applied at all times when
delivering care to our patients alongside The Huntercombe Standards.

Person Specification

Post: Staff Nurse Candidate’s Name:

*Essential / Desirable – E/D



Requirements *E/D How Met Not Evidence to support

assessed Met assessment
Knowledge &
Registered Nurse E A
with current
(Mental Health,
Adult, Child)
appropriate to the

Evidence of E A
development ENB
988 or equivalent
practical based
Bsc in Nursing or D A
Studying towards
Skills and
Demonstrable E A/I
experience of
working in mental
Knowledge of E A/I
Mental health Act
Knowledge of E A/I
Mental Capacity
Act (2005)
Experience of E A/I
child and adult
Demonstrable E A/I
experience of
enhancing care

through evidence
based knowledge
Communicates E A/I
effectively verbally
and in writing
Skills in recording E A/I
and presenting
Experience of D
managing change
Supervising junior E A/I
Good Numeracy E T
Experience in E A/I/T
Ability to respond E I
flexibly to the
changing needs of
the patients /
Understanding E A
clinical information
to formulate
Ability to work E I
shifts (including
weekends and
public holidays)
Ability to work as E A/I
part of a team
Ability to work on E I
own initiative
Ability to deal with E A
emotional and
Commitment to E A/I
the well being of
patients / residents
Excellent E I
interpersonal skills
Honest and E R
Commitment to E A/I

maintaining high
standards of care
and support
To maintain E A/I
Respects the E I
privacy and dignity
of individual
Understand the E I
implications of
opportunities in
Ability to manage E I
difficult situations
Ability to cope with E I
exposure to
IT literate E A/I

Our Mission and Values

We Understand
We listen, we learn, we empathise, we respect and we care. Insight is
fundamental to the way in which we shape our services.

We are innovative
We are creatively dynamic and flexible in our service delivery, our research
and learning and in how we go about business. Yet in everything we do we
take a measured approach.

People First
We put those in our care first; they are the heart of everything we do. We also
recognise the commitment of our staff and stakeholders and the need to
continually strengthen relationships with our external partners.

Towards Excellence
We strive for excellence across our whole service: through our clinical
expertise and within our care environments. Through good teamwork, we
always aim higher, are never complacent, and lead by example.

Ours is a name to be trusted. We deliver results through transparent service
delivery and safety is paramount across all aspects of our business.

We offer accessible and tailored care pathways to meet geographical and
specialist needs. We aim to deliver the best possible value-based healthcare
within our customer’s budgets.