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User Manual

The 2.4 G Wireless Digital Audio Link uses the latest wireless technology to transmit crystal-clear audio in a digital
format from most audio devices to a speaker. It makes you enjoy the great quality by eliminating the hassle of wire,
and allows you to experience your favorite music anywhere you like.

*** NOTE:
1. This product is designed for the low power audio devices, such as Smartphone, Cellphone,
Tablet PC, MP3 Player etc.
If you use it with the high power audio devices (which need to connect to the power
socket), such as DVD / CD Player, Multi-Media Player, TV Set etc., please turn down the
volume to about 70% or less on the audio device to avoid the sonic boom.
2. Please keep them away from any 2.4G wireless devices, such as wireless router.

Main Features
 Frequency 2400 ~2483.5 MHz
 44.1K Sample Rate, 16Bit, Near CD Sound Quality
 16 Selectable Frequency Channels and Channel Memory Function.
 Avoid Reception Errors by Employed Unique Error Correction Method
 Support 40Bit Data Address Code Pairing .
 Support 1T1R OR 1TNR
 Range up to 150 Feet (Outdoor Open Area)
 Clear Status LED Indicate,Auto Mute and Auto-scan Function
 Portable and Mini Size, Metal Housing Assured Firm and Durable
 Low Power Consumption Design, Powered by Any USB Power Adapters or some Battery Power Banks, Easy
to Use at Any Where You Like

1. Connect the Sender to audio source (Cellphone, DVD Player, TV set etc.) with a 3.5mm audio cable
2. Connect the Receiver to speakers or headphones with another audio cable
3. Connect the Sender/Receiver to power suppliers, turn on them, audio source and speaker
4. Keep the antennas vertical for the better transmission efficiency
5. Play a music on the audio source and turn down the volume on the audio source if necessary
6. Wait about 5 seconds, you could hear the music from the speaker

Characteristic SENDER RECEIVER
Current <=65mA <=35mA
Voltage DC 5V
Frequency Band 2.4GHz
Modulation GFSK
Air Rate 2Mbps
TX Power +10dBm
RX Sensitivity -85 dBm
Frequency Channels 16
Frequency Spacing 5Mhz
Operating Distance Up to 150 Feet, Outdoor open area
Input Level 2Vms
Input Impedance 10K Ohm
Output Level 2Vms
Output Impedance 1K Ohm
Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz( -3dB)
Audio Transmitting Delay <1ms
Sample Rate 44.1KHz, 16Bit
Dynamic Range 92dB
SN Ratio 90dB
Distortion 1.0% @ 1KHz
Separation 80dB

The Sender/Receiver had been paired by the manufacturer, usually you do not need to pair them again.
1. Put the sender and receiver on a table (within 1 meter), turn them off
2. Turn on the receiver, long press the M button until the LED indicator flash quickly
3. Then turn on the sender, long press the M button until the LED indicator flash quickly
4. Wait about 20 seconds, the LED indicators on the receiver and sender all stop flashing, the pairing is finished
5. If the pairing is unsuccessfully, please repeat the steps above.

Trouble Shooting
No Sound
1. Make sure all the cables are well and the connections are correct.
2. Power supply is not enough.
3. Audio source is wrong, the volume is off.

1. Turn down the volume on the audio source.
2. Press the M button on the Sender to change the wireless channel after paired.
3. Shorten the distance between the Sender and Receiver.
4. Keep away from other 2.4GHz wireless signal source, such as a wireless router.
5. Move Sender and Receiver slowly to find the best receiving position for your audio system.

Video Instruction: https://youtu.be/2VhjgJCci1M

Download this user manual: http://www.hopcentury.com/2/UM.pdf