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A Regatta Like No Other

The pan -Indian (yachtsmen from Bombay, Cochin, Goa, Pune,

Hyderabad, Madras ) Customs Cup Regatta, held on 26th January in
commemoration of International Customs Day, was a sailing
extravaganza, a 40 + armada, which earned BCYC glorious goodwill.
It was a grand spectacle of the largest wind sailing fleet ever
gathered, & Espirit de corps among sailors. The event was
sponsored by PSUs ONGC, BPCL, HP Lubricants, NTPC and Bank
of Baroda.

The Customs Cup Regatta-2018, hosted by the Bombay Customs

Yacht Club, was flagged of by Shri Vinod Tawde, Minister of School
Education and Sports, Higher and Technical Education,
Medical Education, Marathi Bhasha and Cultural Affairs amidst
great fanfare. In his august company were the Chief Commissioner
of Customs Shri Rajeev Tandon and the Principal Commissioner of
Customs and Commodore of the BCYC ShriS.K Das under whose
leadership the event was organised.

The Customs Cup Regatta witnessed a turnout of 42 yachts manned

by over 150 participants from elite yacht clubs and yacht-persons
from all over India including Corps of Military Engineers, Army
Yachting Node, Naval Sailing Club, Indian Customs, Royal Bombay
Yacht Club, Bombay Sailing Association, Colaba Sailing Club and
other premier yacht clubs. The turnout included famed sailors who
have contributed immensely to the sport of sailing like Shaurya
Chakra Brigadier C. Bharti, Arjuna and Padma Shri awardee
ShriGulshan Rai and others who circumnavigated the world and
carried India’s good will to distant shores.

The Gateway was a sight to behold on Republic Day decorated

with the ceremonial flags of the yacht club towel come yacht crews
from all over the country. The thousands who thronged the Gateway
promenade were in for a pleasant surprise that afternoon. Their eyes
were fixated on the scores of colourful sail boats cutting through the
water in the distant horizon. All three event venues—Radio Club,
Royal Bombay Yacht Club and the Gateway promenade , were
brimming with eager viewers from all walks of life.. The
Bombay harbour turned into a battleground of sorts with an
armada of various classes of boats like Seabirds, Lightnings, J-24,
large Keel boats competing against each other propelled by only the
wind in their sails. The mood was electrifying to say the least. The
excitement gripped every one of the viewers as much as it did the
participants. The Regatta witnessed a great show of sportsmanship
and camaderie by all the sailors.

Amidst thunderous applause the India Customs Cup was presented

to the winning team of sailors from the Seabird Neil - namely
Prasad Shelar, Prathamesh Bagwe, Suraj Singh and Yugandhara
Patil. The team also took home the Sea bird Line Honours & Philip
Brag (seabird handicap) trophies. The J-24 class and A-class keel
boats winners were Mr Cyrus Herjee, Mr S. Bamboat, Mr Rohan
Khandbi and Mr Upkar Singh. The Lightnings - Handicap Winners
were Mr Koneru Prabhakara Rao,Mr Rohit Prakash Joshi & Mr.
Saravanan R.The Maxi Class winners were Surgeon R Admiral Ravi
Kalra, Commodore Gaurav Gautam, Ms Sangeeta Sharma IRS, Mr
Atul Sharma IRS . The ex-Commodore of BCYC Pr.Commissioner
Shri Bani Bhattacharya, credited with reviving the BCYC, and the
Honourary Sailing Instructor Padma Shree and Arjuna Awardee Shri
Gulshan Rai were felicitated in the awards ceremony for their
matchless contribution to the revival of Bombay Customs Yacht Club.
Others honoured include Mr Rayo Nobel (RBYC)- "the voice of
yachting",Mr. Rajan (Deputy Sailing Manager- RBYC) & Mr Santosh

The Bombay Customs Yacht Club has aligned its objectives with
that of the Customs department, and the demands of a nation with a
vast coastline of 7500 kilometres. Entrusted with the responsibility of
guarding the economic frontiers of the nation, the demands placed
on a Customs officer include possession of a seafaring ability so as
to patrol the nation’s vast and porous coastline. The BCYC has
succeeded in cultivating a seafaring spirit among its young Customs
officers. Armed with the skill earned in sailing only with wind power,
the officers are able to engage in extended sea patrolling missions
that involve staying out in the high seas for days together.

The Bombay Customs Yacht Club pulled of an immaculately

organized event. The young members of the BCYC infected
everyone present with their enthusiasm and love for the sport
of sailing. The electrifying atmosphere tempted every bystander to
hop on to a yacht and set sail towards a distant horizon to a life of
adventure. A seafaring way of life may be a hard life, but not one
without its share of rewards.
Flagging off the event. (L to R) Sh. Vinod Tawde, Chief Guest of the Event, Sh. S K Das,
Principal Commissioner of Customs & Commodore BCYC, Sh. Rajeev Tandon, Chief Commissioner of Customs, Zone-I,
A turn out of 42 yachts manned by over 150 participants from elite yacht clubs and yacht-
persons from all over India
Commodore BCYC Shri SK Das presenting the Indian Customs Cup to the winning crew from Seabird “Neil”-
Shri Prasad Shelar,Shri Prathamesh Bagwe, Shri Suraj Singh and Smt Yugandhara Patil.
Winners of the J24 class and Aclass Keel Boat category Shri Cyrus Herjee, Shri S.
Bhambot and crew with the PrCommissioner AK Jyotishi (second from left)
Lightning( Handicap) Winner – Shri Koneru Prabhakara Rao,Shri Rohit Prakash Joshi,Shri
Saravanan R being felicitated by Member Settlement Commission Shri PK Dash
Maxi Class winners Surgeon R Admiral Ravi Kalra, Commodore
Gaurav Gautam, Ms Sangeeta Sharma IRS, Mr Atul Sharma IRS
being felicitated by Member Settlement Commission Shri Piyush
Felicitation of the Only Lady Helm Ms Preeti Ramani by the Commodore BCYC Shri SK

`The lady crew from the Customs team- Mrs Preeti Chaudhary IRS, Ms Vineeta Sinha, Ms
Money Jain

(IInsert Picutre of the lady team below..)

Felicitation of the Ex-Commodore BCYC Shri Bani Bhattacharya (L) by the Commodore
BCYC Shri SK Das(R)
Curtains Down – The Customs Sailing Team and Organising Committee