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SCHOOL 2019-2020

A Research

Presented to the Faculty of

Highway Hills Integrated School Senior High School Department

Mandaluyong, Philippines

In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Subject

Practical Research 2


Jessa M. Esperas

Levy Monge Jr.

Justin Paul Leopando

Mica Dumilon

Introduction and Background of the Study

A Mobile Game is a game played on feature phone, smartphone/tablet,

smartwatch, PDA, portable, media player or graphing calculator. The earliest

known game on a mobile phone was a Tetris variant Hagenuk MT-2000 device

from 1994. Mobile games are the most trendy entertainment in modern societies

and they target a diversity of people in different ages. It is a leisure activity that has

become an ever-increasing part of many young people’s day-today lives (Griffiths,


Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena, mobile game

developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology. The game has

become popular in Southeast Asia and will be a medal event at the 2019 Southeast

Asian Games. This game is world of exciting for children to teenagers, even no

wonder and denied, adults also play this game application. Starting from Clash Of

Clan, Clash Royale, Fifa Mobile to the latest and trending topic in the game world

is Mobile Legends game.

In today’s generation, modern technology is continue developing too fast and

because of it new things were created and make the life of everybody’s easier,

comfortable and handy most of the time. Mobile games which is the mobile legends

bang bang created because of technology, that’s why students forget the

responsibilities as a student because of being addict into it. Some of students

playing mobile legends develop some bad habits, they tend to lose interest in other

important things which is related is school activities.

Playing mobile legends occurs, students gave more attention in playing than doing

their school responsibilities, they can’t study well that’s why they failed on their

grades, some are getting sick because most of their time spent in playing and

choose to skip their eating on time. They also don’t have enough money to spent

for their projects and other school works because they already spent it in buying

their load to their mobile phones for them to have data so they can play mobile


Thus, this study focuses on how mobile games which is the mobile legends affects

the academic performance of the students and identify the possible effects of

playing mobile legends for grade 12 students in Highway Hills Integrated School


Statement of the problem

This research aims to identify the cause and effects of playing mobile games and

its relationship to the academic performance of Grade 12 students in Highway Hills

Integrated School.

AwwSpecifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What are the reasons why students play mobile games?

2. What are the effect of playing mobile games to the academic performance

of Grade 12 students in Highway Hills Integrated School?

3. Is there significant difference between the academic performance of the

students who play mobile games and the academic performance of

students who do not play?

Scope and Delimitation

The main purpose of this study is to provide information about the effects of playing

mobile games specifically the mobile legends and how it will affect the academic

performances of the students. This study consider the students personal

information such as their name (optional), section and age.

The researchers limited the study to 80 secondary students enrolled in Highway

Hills Integrated School in the first semester of school year 2019-2020. Each of the

respondents was given a questionnaire to answer. The students selected came

from (10) ten different sections to prevent bias and get objective perceptions.

Significance of the Study

This study will help the students to have an insight on the impact of online games

towards their academic performances.

The researchers expressed the value and importance of the research study and

this is where the significant contribution of the result.

This study will be beneficial to the following:

School and Administrators. This study helps school and the administrators to be

aware and informed about the reasons why students play mobile legends and its

possible effect towards their academic performance, to find an answer or a solution

on how it will solved. This study also helps the school and the Administrators to

minimize the students who are playing mobile legends for having a good

performances of the students.

Teachers. This study will benefit the teachers because it will provide additional

knowledge on what strategy they will use to educate students in Highway Hills

Integrated School about the well-known effects of mobile gaming specifically the

mobile legends to students academic performances.

Students. This research or study will help students to improve their self discipline

and to be guided about their habit of playing mobile legends, because of its

negative outcomes. They will learn to prevent their bad habit of playing and how

they can improve their discipline as students to make their academic performance


Researchers. This study will also benefit the future researchers. It provides

information that will help future researchers for their study about the effects of

mobile games specifically the mobile legends. This will serve as their basis and

background about their research.

Conceptual Framework

The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of playing mobile legends to

the academic performance of students in Highway Hills Integrated School. The

researchers included a conceptual framework for the students to fully understand

the importance of conducting this research.


• Reasons why The researchers Determine the effects
students play mobile conduct an interview of mobile games
legends (mobile legends) to
The researchers sort
the academic
• Effects of mobile and gathered data by
performance of Grade
legends towards means of
12 students in
academic questionnaire
Highway Hills
performance of
Integrated School and
the possible solution
• Difference between to the problem.
the academic
performance of
students play and do
not play..

The figure above shows how the research flows. It is divided into three were the

input, process, and output is stated. In the input frame the researchers determine

the reasons why students play mobile legends, what are the effects of mobile

legends towards the academic performance of the students and the difference

between the academic performance of students play mobile legends and the

academic performance of students who do not play. In the output frame the

researchers determine the effects of mobile games (mobile legends) to the

academic performance of Grade 12 students in Highway Hills Integrated School

and the possible solution to the negative effects of the problem.

Theoretical Framework

According to Molcho (1988), gaming has provided evidence that instructional

games can promote retention and the ability to transfer knowledge to new

domains. Instructional games are attractive to learners because they offer a simple

and creative means of providing high-level motivation, clear and consistent goals,

and sustained interactivity. Gaming as an instructional variable may be analyzed

as methods of rehearsal by facilitating the organization and retention of content

(Dwyer & Dwyer, 1985).

The theory of intrinsic motivation is by far the dominant source of support for

instructional gaming. Research has provided evidence that instructional gaming

has the intrinsic ability to develop the learners' confidence in determining their own

destiny. This theory suggests that intrinsic motivation in an instructional gaming

context is comprised of an optimal relationship between fantasy, challenge,

curiosity, and control (Malone, 1981).

Review of Related Literature

This chapter includes ideas, opinions, research findings, generalizations,publishe

d or unpublished theories and discussions on related literature andstudies both fo

reign and local, which provides relevant facts about the effects ofonline gaming t

owards the academic performance of the students. That helpsin familiarizing infor

mation that are relevant and similar to the present study.

Related Literature Foreign

Dockrill (2012) stated that students who regularly spend time playing

online games are developing analytical and problem

solving skills that can alsohelp them in their schoolwork. He also said that when y

ou play online games you’re solving puzzles to move to the next level and that in

volves using some ofthe general knowledge and skills in maths, reading, and sci

ence that you’ve

been taught during the day.Computer games have become one of the most impo

rtant entertainmenttools for children, teenagers and even adults all around the gl

obe. Allowingaccess to the virtual world with unlimited possibilities, computer ga

mescompulsively attract many people. In fact, they have become an integral part

ofhuman society. In other words, by providing virtual fun and entertainingenviron

ments (Demirbileka & lema Tamer, 2010), and having characteristics

such as being interesting and exciting, computer games stimulate motivationand

create a sense of enjoyment of learning. They not only have become one ofthe m

ost significant recreations for all age groups, but also they have potentialsto be u
sed for educational purposes as a new strategy (Prensky, 2003; Tuzaun& et al.,

2009; Grimley & et al., 2011). Therefore, video games can no longer beseen as

mere entertainment tools. Today the positive effects of video games areemphasi

zed more than ever. As Games have become a tool to communicate,teach, and i

nfluence attitudes and behavior, numerous studies have suggestedthat they have

positive effects on problem solving, achievement as well ascreating interest and

commitment in learning (Tuzaun & et al., 2009; Kim,Park, & baek, 2009).In an ex

periment by Williams (2006), school performance increased afterthe participants

dramatically decreased (limited time spent using technology to30 minutes per da

y) their usage of all technology, including video games.Finally, Jaruratanasirikul,

et.al, (2009) found that the excessive playing ofvideo games (five hours or more

per session) resulted in school grades thatwere below a 3.00 average, and that ti

me spent playing was a predictor ofacademic performance. They also suggested

that video games indirectly lead todecreased performance through promoting viol

ence. Finally, they noted thatplaying video games took time away from school act

ivities, homework, socialinteraction, etc.However, there is also plenty of research

to suggest that interactive videogames can actually lead to increased academic p

erformance (Anand, 2007).

Smyth (2007) suggested that complex games may lead to academicsuccess by e

ngaging players in problem solving, critical thinking, andcreativity.Anand (2007) a

lso found that males were more prone to these resultsthan females, because mal

es tend to play video games more. The penetration ofvideo games into the Unite

d States alone is huge, with at least 90% of homeshaving children that have play
ed (rented or owned) video games. This is arecord level that continues to increas

e. 55% of console players and 66% ofonline players are over 18. The college de

mographic seems to be the majorgroup of gamers simply because they have a la

ck of parental supervision andthey have more flexible schedules, allowing for mor

e play time. The studies and literature concerning the effects of online games to t

heacademic performance of the students are contradictory because some of the

msuggest that online games may lead to negative effects while others said that it

gives positive benefits The relationship between the usage of computer gamesan

d academic performance has no definitive answer to the question of whethercom

puter games disrupt academic performance.


Vinluan (2016) stated that computer gaming is one of the fast-

developingsectors of this generation of computer technology. Computer games o

ffer theirpatrons with a new dimension of virtual entertainment. The youth especi

ally,college students are the usual patrons of computer games. According to NIK

OMedia Research (2017), the projected number of online gamers in the

Philippines rose from 21 million in 2012 to 28.72 million in 2014. Meanwhile,statis

tics from Juha Sompinmaki of Tech in Asia show that about 409, of thegaming po

pulation of the Philippines is aged 18-

24 years old.Furthermore, many multiplayer games such as DOTA or Defense of

theAncients and LOL or League of Legends involve cooperation with other online

players in order o win. These games encourage players to make the most oftheir

individual skills to contribute to the team.

Related Studies

Online gaming has emerged as a popular and successful source ofentertainment

and play for people of all ages, especially for the students. Itrefers to the games

that are played over some forms of computer network,typically on the internet. Th

ese games are played online, in which you canconnect with multiple players. It is

normally platform independent, relying onthe web browser and appropriate plug-

in. (Robinson, 2016)Skoric et al (2009) found that while game addiction leads to

negativeacademic performance, moderate engagement in gaming can lead to im

provedperformance in an academic setting. They found a positive correlation bet

weengame play and English test scores, which suggests that gaming can actuall

ylead to better test scores.Studies of Abdolkhaleghi et al. (2006); Ramezankhani

et al. (2008); Roeand Muijs (2000); and Russell (2006) also showed that rate of p

laying computergames has negative correlation with student achievement; while

other research.