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1. A figure of speech that is giving life to inanimate object.
2. Prefix that can be used for "away from opposite"
3. Is a statement that has a meaning which is different than its literal meaning.
4. Refers to commercially manufactured materials or any writings that were printed by such devices.
5. A figure of speech involving comparison of one thing with another thing of adjacent kind.
6. Are words formed by putting two or more words together to form a new word anew meaning.
7. Refers to media that do not move or cannot be altered when it was written.
8. Is the overall emotion or feeling expressed in the story or poem.
9. Prefix that is used for "between" or "among".
10. Is the opposite of static media.
11. Joining two or more words together to make one word,
12. Compound words can be written as one word.
13. Words that has same meaning
14. Compound word can be written as two words.
15. Are a type of affix that are placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change the meaning of the word.
16. Compound word can also be written with hyphen.
19. An exaggerated statement not meant to be taken literally.
20. Refers to the writers attitude towards the subject topic.

B. IDENTIFICATION – Determine which figure of speech each sentence belong.

1. He has a heart of gold.

2. Dale’s smile was as bright as the sun shine.
3. Life is a journey; travel it well
4. A wicked whisper came and changed my life.
5. Men's words are bullets that their enemies take up and make use of against them.
6. He roared with the force of a thousand lions.
7. The theater is his home.
8. There had been no rain for months and all the crops were death. Some parts of the farm were
beginning to look like a desert.
9. After a good night sleep, I felt like a million dollars.
10. Everyone wanted Ken on the swim team because he could swim like a fish.

C. IDENTIFICATION - Read the following sentences. Identify and underline the compound word. On the line before
each number, classify the type of compound word that you have identified.

1. I dropped my mail at the post office.

2. The milkman delivers milk to the hospital.
3. I ate too many pancakes this morning.
4. Jordan is chasing dragonflies on the field.
5. Mary was surprised when she opened the jack-in-the-box.


loyal new noisy polite rich avoid safe sad vacant baffle weak collect
Directions- Choose a synonym from the box to replace a word in each sentence. Circle the word in the sentence
and write the replacement word on the line.

1) The guards made sure the plane was secure. ____________________

2) The magician will confuse you with his tricks. ____________________
3) The family wanted to buy a modern home. ____________________
4) It is always nice to be courteous to others. ____________________
5) The abandon house was empty. ____________________