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Sage Steele ​ ​ ​(678) 557-9318

2343 Briarcliff Rd. NE, Apt. A sage.steele95@gmail.com

Atlanta, GA 30329

A recent undergraduate​ with a ​3.6 GPA​ and excellent skills in coordination, communication,
and research now seeking an opportunity to participate in your graduate school program, and
apply my knowledge in…
● Kennesaw State University​, Kennesaw, GA - Graduated July 2019
○ Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies
○ Concentration in ​linguistics​ and ​Asian studies
○ Dean’s List ​in Spring 2016, Spring 2017, and Fall 2017; ​President’s List ​for Fall 2015
and Spring 2018​ ​and a R
​ ainbow Scholar Award recipient​ in Spring 2019
○ Participated in the ​Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program​ in Fall 2018
Coordination Skills
● As a working student, was challenged to maintain my grades while working up to 45 hours a
week. To balance this, I created a clear schedule for work and school, and learned to
communicate more clearly with my professors and supervisors.
○ Results:
■ Maintained a ​3.6 GPA ​while working full-time and attending college full-time
■ Known by professors for my ​work ethic​, ​determination​, and ​writing skills
■ Received recognition through the ​Dean’s List​ and ​President’s List​, as well as
the ​Rainbow Scholar Award
Communication Skills
● As a student, I was often expected to work on group projects that required coordination and
communication with my group members. For long-term projects, I learned to coordinate meeting
times and clearly lay out individual expectations for each group member.
○ Results:
■ Earned A’s in ​100% of group presentations
■ Known among classmates and professors as a ​good collaborator
Research Skills
● During my time at Kennesaw State University, I conducted a variety of research projects on the
realm of linguistics under the guidance of both linguistics professors and Asian studies
○ Results:
■ Completed research projects on ​linguistic imperialism in Ireland​, ​language
processing differences between Mandarin Chinese and English language
speakers​, and ​teaching methods focused on decreasing linguistic