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Sixth edition

The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing:

A Guide to Growing More Profitably
About the book readers will learn to make strategic pricing
For almost three decades, The Strategy and decisions that proactively manage customer
Tactics of Pricing has served as the leading perceptions of value, motivate purchasing “The principles of business
authority on strategic pricing. decisions, and shift demand curves. profitability stressed in The Strategy
and Tactics of Pricing make it an
Co-authors Thomas Nagle and Georg Müller This edition features a new discussion
absolute must read for all business
are two of Deloitte’s thought leaders on the on harnessing concepts from behavioral
topic of pricing and revenue management, economics as well as a more streamlined professionals who care about
leveraging decades of experience in advising “value cascade” structure to the topics. creating value and profitability for
high-profile businesses on how to drive organic Readers will also benefit from: their organization. I have personally
growth profitably through strategic revenue
•• Major revisions to almost half of the practiced the knowledge gained
management. In the latest edition, they
reiterate the need for seamless integration
chapters, including an expanded discussion from The Strategy and Tactics
of big data analytics and a revised chapter of Pricing, operating in hyper-
of strategic know-how, technology, and
on “Specialized Strategies,” which addresses
organizational design within a pricing strategy. competitive business environments,
timely technical issues like foreign exchange
risks, reactions to market slumps, and with great success.”
By drawing upon their expertise and the
knowledge across several of Deloitte’s managing transfer prices between
independent profit centers. — Lynn Guinn, Global Strategic Pricing
practices, the authors have redefined the
standard of how to achieve pricing success Leader, Cargill
•• A completely rewritten chapter on “Creating
through the following: a Strategic Pricing Capability,” which shows
readers how to implement the principles of “For over three decades, this book
•• Strategy: Delivering profitable growth via
offer design, better value communications, value-based, strategic pricing successfully has been the most influential and
and revenue model design in their organizations. highly regarded reference for pricing
•• Technology: Building the tools needed to •• In-chapter textboxes, updated to provide professionals. New sections on
inform good pricing decisions walk-through examples of current pricing today’s most pressing business
challenges, revenue models enabled by an
topics make it an indispensable
•• Organization: Designing the capabilities to increasingly digital economy, and advances
operationalize the go-to-market strategy in buyer decision-making, explained tool to improve your company’s
through classic principles that still performance.”
Executive summary apply today.
The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing explains — Kevin Mitchell, President, The
how to manage markets strategically and •• Chapter summaries and visual aids,
which help readers grasp the theoretical Professional Pricing Society, Inc.
grow more profitably. Rather than calculating
prices to cover costs or achieve sales goals, frameworks and actionable principles of
pricing analysis.
Chapter summaries differences in economic value and cost to Chapter 8: Measurement
Chapter 1: Strategic Pricing serve across customers or applications. Companies dedicate significant resources to
The need for innovative pricing strategies has determine the impact of price on demand.
Chapter 5: Price Policy
never been greater. Pricing strategy involves Quantitative estimates of customer price
Expectations drive buyer behavior and
more than picking a number to charge—it sensitivity and willingness to pay can
nowhere more so than their expectations
involves creating “good value” that can be substantially improve both price setting and
around pricing. If customers come to expect
produced and sold profitably. price segmentation.
that some change in their purchasing behavior
Chapter 2: Value Creation will enable them to get the same product or Chapter 9: Financial Analysis of
Many firms fail to capture their fair share service at an even better price, a regular price Pricing Decisions
of value delivered because they do not that they perceived as a good value becomes An effective pricing strategy requires taking
understand how their products and services no longer acceptable. account of, and making tradeoffs between,
create benefits for customers. Strategic pricing internal financial and external
Chapter 6: Price Level
begins with understanding and estimating market constraints.
In most companies, the reality is that the task
“economic value,” or value relative to that of the
of price setting is a complicated process in Chapter 10: Pricing for Special Situations
next best alternative.
which conflicting, function-specific objectives Some infrequent, yet common, strategic pricing
Chapter 3: Value Communication come into play. An effective pricing decision challenges can damage profitability unless
A common myth among marketers is that should involve a blending of, not a compromise recognized and managed appropriately.
customers know the value of the products between, internal financial constraints and
Chapter 11: Building a Pricing Capability
and services they buy. In fact, it is common external market conditions.
To realize the benefits of strategic pricing, most
for customers to undervalue products and
Chapter 7: Price Competition organizations need to build capabilities that
services for which they lack prior experience.
Price competition is a “game,” as defined by result in better, value-based decision making
Chapter 4: Price Structure game theorists, because the ultimate outcome and more consistent execution.
Except for highly competitive commodities, resulting from any move that you make
Chapter 12: Ethics and the Law
charging the same price on every transaction depends upon how your competitors react to
When making pricing decisions, the successful
is rarely the best way to generate revenues. A it. Fortunately, there are competitive strategies
strategist must consider not only what is
far more profitable strategy requires creating that can increase, or at least maintain, the
profitable, but also what will be perceived as
a structure of prices that aligns with the value of markets despite price competition.
ethical and legal by customers and regulators.

About the authors

Thomas Nagle, Ph.D. Georg Müller, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting LLP Deloitte Consulting LLP
tnagle@deloitte.com gemuller@deloitte.com

Tom founded the Strategic Pricing Group in 1987, soon after the A leader of Deloitte’s Pricing and Profitability Management
publication of the first edition of The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing. Practice, Georg helps firms develop and implement top-line margin
improvement strategies across a wide range of sectors. Specific
He has been a professor at the University of Chicago and Boston projects have included new product introductions, managing price
University and has long served on the executive program faculty at wars, designing new and disruptive revenue models, and leading
the University of Chicago and the Management Centre Europe. change management efforts.
A frequent public speaker on pricing and widely quoted in the press, In addition to his work at Deloitte, Georg leads the executive
Tom has served as keynote speaker at Professional Pricing Society, development program for strategic pricing at the University of Chicago.
The Executive Board, and other executive conferences.

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